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  1. The only prepping worth doing is moving to a neutral country far away from any potential combatant states that's self sufficient in food water and energy. Anything in Central and Southern America, Africa, Middle east, Central Asia, South Asia should be fine. Avoid europe, north america, north east Asia and Australia. Everything else is pointless to be honest.
  2. yet another anecdote... north london again. haven't filled up for ages. car was down to 1/4 tank so went out this morning to fill up. As far as I could tell there was no petrol station with fuel between Friern Barnet and Finsbury Park (I only visited about 8 forecourts). none had any fuel. This is a pretty big chunk of North London I covered. I think I'll evacuate the wife and kids to Europe. I fear a knock on effect on the broader supply chain... I suspect all the petrol is being diverted to the logistics companies to keep them ticking along... but there does seem to be a genuine shortage...
  3. I gnash my teeth every time some tech illiterate karen on the local area FB page complains "wifi is not working" (comes up at least 3-4 times a week, in between moaning about planning for new housing). sometimes I wish the internet would have remained accessible only to people who understand AT commands.
  4. In some of the better schools they teach intensive mandarin (with very strict teachers brought from china). Of course this also includes study trips to China and a promise that the prc will cover their tertiary education fees if they do A level mandarin and do well. Naturally available for schools like Highgate, henrietta Barnet and fortismere... not scumbag comps. There's no classism in modern Britain apparently.
  5. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-12-04/u-k-grants-hongkongers-five-passports-a-minute-as-exodus-looms
  6. I think the aid budget should definitely be cut (in fact most of it really went on paying for luvvies to travel around the world and take selfies with poor third world people for self aggrandisement). On the other hand, we should increase the prominence of the UKEF (UK Export Finance) https://www.great.gov.uk/project-finance/ We should be aggressively targeting developing world infrastructure, industrial and agribusiness with UKEF funded projects. That will actually give these countries tangible returns, give a real boost to the UK's international standing and not simply act as a ******** job and travel expense account for luvvies, civil servants and "charity workers".
  7. that's because we should have Finnish style fines linked to your wealth. That'll both raise more revenue, as well as moderate the behaviour of the obscenely wealthy.
  8. what about designing fembots that do steal from punters?
  9. the trend is in place now. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/75034284#/ £4222/m2 though this is a poor house and close to north circular... (with weird one way only access). This is prime slumlord territory... and even they're not biting.
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