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    Natural Language Processing and AI

    In London I see dozens and dozens of startups every year (me and my brother have a startup - but a proper one... hence VCs don't invest in us). Sadly 90% seem to be utter drivel. But they somehow get Angel/VC funding and even 2nd round funding and keep the merry go round going. Loads of it reminds me of late 90s websites that disappeared in the dotcom crash. Mostly they are not actually driven by scientists/engineers but mostly by marketeers "pseudo-artists" (tim nice but dim types who found maths too hard) and plain old "bullshiters". I highly recommend reading the book "b u l l s h i t Jobs" to try and get some semblance of why the world is the way it is!
  2. I suspect if we have a hard brexit (which seems likely) the pound will go down another 20% vs major currencies... making UK real estate cheap for foreign investors. As long as foreign money keeps flowing into London / Manchester... that provides liquidity for people who are sellinng up and moving to cheaper parts of the country, keeping the entire ponzi "afloat" at least nominally. Of course if one priced UK housing in Dollars then the rises and falls would look very different to how we look at it in sterling. In 2008 the £1 = $2 in 2019 I expect it to be £1 = $1.1 That alone is a 45% off the 2008 house prices. Nationwisde it shows that UK house prices are expensive, but not massively so for foreign speculators. this is not advice.
  3. I'd rather not! its next door to us. but the flats are on the market for between 800K to 1.5M (no help to buy here). The key here is that the first two blocks were sold out before completion and as soon as the scaffold went down there were tenants living in it... whereas the third one has been lying empty (save for one flat) for over 6 months now and most unsold... I think in the next 2 years the main opportunity will be in the purchase of new builds from liquidators of bust developers.
  4. an anecdote. three new build luxury apartment complexes finished around our street (expensive north london suburb). The first two completed just about 2016-2017 and were completely sold out (mostly to "investors" some of whom let it out. and some kept them empty). The third building... only 3 out of 12 were sold. And even those are on a "deposit" basis... Building has been ready for 6 months now and there's only one flat out of 12 being lived in and 8 up for sale on right move!
  5. theoretically you can install an adblue system in euro-5 diesels... however its not economical for small cars, only for more expensive trucks.
  6. in other news. Garlic is on the menu for Buy To Let vampires.
  7. its in line 20 of the code in randomise
  8. hayder

    What If The 99% Refuse To Work & Consume?

    which is why the government and large companies are working furiously to take low paid humans out of the loop in all critical jobs. - one day the low paid will strike. but by then they will be expendable.
  9. hayder

    What If The 99% Refuse To Work & Consume?

    all you'd need is: -Farmers -Lorry Drivers -Air Traffic Controllers -Port Vessel Traffic Controllers -Water Treatment Plant Control Technicians -Rubbish Collection workers To strike in unison.
  10. help to buy doesn't go on the government's debt pile as far as I know. what better way to get rid of housing benefit, boost builders shares and maintain house prices? get all the benefit claimants into a help to buy even they can afford! is it insane? idiotic? Yes. But that never ever stopped them in the past.
  11. Government accepts public ownership registers for UK overseas territories in major U-turn Sir Alan Duncan now turns to beneficial ownership in his speech. He says he tried to address this by tabling his own amendment. This would have taken measures to get crown dependencies to establish public registers of beneficial ownership, short of legislation. He says he thinks there would have been a majority for his amendment. But it was not selected, he says. He says the government proposal would have avoided the prospect of there being a constitutional clash between London and the overseas territories. Turning to the Hodge amendment, he says the concern is that it would compel the UK to legislate if the overseas territories act by the end of 2020. He says these territories have registers that are available to the law enforcement agencies. The arguments are finally balanced, he says. The government recognises the need to tackle fraud. But the economic impact on the overseas territories will be signficant. They have their own legislatures. They are not represented in this parliament. Legislating on their behalf would disenfranchise them, he says. He says the UK does not want to legislate directly for them. But the government has listend to the views of MPs. It is the majority view in this HOuse that the overseas territories should have public registers of beneficial ownership. So the government will not vote against the Hodge amendment, he says. Government backs down and agrees to legislate for public ownership registers in UK overseas territories.
  12. Government accepts public ownership registers for UK overseas territories in major U-turn!!! This is potentially big.
  13. you may well be right that prices will continue on the trajectory of the last 22 years. What will that mean for the rest of the economy and for Britain's international competitiveness? To have housing so horrendously overpriced that our ability to make and sell products and services are hampered by a "90% premium" over and above cost of business? Its like someone with a growing cancer saying he'll avoid losing weight by eating more. If you're right. The financial calamity that will hit the UK afterwards will break the country apart. It'll take the country half a century to recover and the young would emigrate en masse (a scenario similar to Eastern and Southern Europe). Careful what you wish for.
  14. https://www.theyworkforyou.com/regmem/?p=11640 House in Essex, from which rental income is received. since first registration in 2005. So at least 13+ years as a BTLer
  15. You're right in the sense that the madness has gone on for far longer than ANYONE here could envisage. And certainly we were all wrong in underestimating both the populations' rigid obsession with maintaining the housing ponzi as well as the government's short termist desire to throw all measures to keep that population placated. Can they maintain that for the next 7 years? Yes. Help to buy at 80% up to £3M Include resales in Help to Buy Load em up.

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