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  1. it will take some time to find a place. but its important to set the tone with these offers, even if they are all rejected.
  2. interesting thought. Could there be an exodus of Mainland Chinese alligned real estate investments?
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52842303 As per title... Curious as to why the otherwise rabidly xenophobic government want to bring over a large number of real-estate obsessed and moneyed HK Chinese. Perhaps enroll them onto universities too to replace the mainland Chinese who may well stay away?
  4. krusty is bearish. https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/property/1281758/property-uk-market-news-prices-value-kirstie-allsopp its the end of days.
  5. GMO veggies as a source of zoonotic viruses? interesting.
  6. apologies. i didn't mean apple's implementation per se... but eddystone and altbeacons both do give you all those functions... the only reason you don't have it with apple is because they're not letting us have it (its physically capable of it). in fact you can take any bluetooth transmitter and it can work on all the three standards simultaneously... apple area just being obtuse.
  7. the beacons have "special access" and can continue pinging periodically. because of the way the messages work they can also reach very long ranges with simple bluetooth... (1-2km range is not unknown... including signal strength and direction info).
  8. you are correct. The apple only works full time with their own beacon tech (being apple).. but I did hear that recently they're working alongside google to stop being their usual asshole selves. Its funny that beacon tech is pretty unknown even though it actually reveals so much about people as they go about...
  9. beacons are accurate to a few cm and even have direction ability in the latest antenas.
  10. you can do that on an android phone that's rooted... of course the app can check for root and simply not work (like many banking apps do already).
  11. actually that's not strictly true. Because both apple and google made a "beacon" technology that works pretty constantly in the background of their phones (and has been for about 5 years, so covers most smartphones out and about).
  12. each bluetooth device has a "public" and a "private" name. the private one is a unique identifier.
  13. flats in my postcode down £98K in 12 months. Yea we're talking leafy north london hills, but still. this is devastating to the smug yuppies who were lapping up overpriced new build flats around here.
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