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  1. If you've already got a variable websaver you can still apply for the 3 month 7% fixed account online - it worked for me and presumably will work until midnight. The rate is due to change tomorrow and in light of today's news this will be going down significantly I would imagine
  2. Hello everyone. Thought you may enjoy this "new" house that's just come on to the market - you will notice that the whole house is 11ft wide, the reception room looks more like a hallway and the garden is reminiscent of a size zero model. However it does have beautiful laminate flooring, so is clearly worth every penny of the £349,950 that the shysters shrewd developers are looking for. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-659...=1&tr_t=buy
  3. Hello chaps, another Finchley boy here. I posted this on another thread a few weeks ago: 100 Flat 701 Kingsway, Barnet, London, Greater London, N12 0EQ £250,000 Flat Leashold Build status not stated 27-Sep-2005 100 Flat 701 Kingsway, Barnet, London, Greater London, N12 0EN £249,950 Flat Leashold Build status not stated 01-Jul-2004 Good to see house prices are still rising at Tally Ho (a massive £50 in just over a year, great flip!) - bit of a loss when you take account of the moving/transaction costs however. I expect we will see some worse examples in the coming months.
  4. I understand Davina McColl has been give a new chat show, I'd certainly like to "get on" Davina if that's ok with everyone else...?
  5. I'm a bit confused...I've always heard that house prices only ever go up, so why on earth do they need this promotion? This speaks volumes about the confidence of both developers and buyers in the overbought market for new builds. Another step in the right direction, we're getting there.....
  6. Hopefully this is an interesting observation, if slightly of-topic (but it is Saturday night and the Viognier has been flowing well tonight). My other half has been in Cumbria this week visiting her father, and took his car for a hand wash/internal valet job. In North London we would pay less than £10 for this, courtesy of hard working and well-intentioned Eastern European fellow citizens, who generally rent a corner of a Homebase carpark or similar. In the supposed low cost North of England, the cheapest she could find was £25. im(v)ho, immigration is not just a moral issue, but an econom
  7. Yes, of course they should pay tax if they are trading - the tax legislation is very clear on this. I'm not naive enough to imagine that many of them do, but comfort myself that most of them are thick enough that they have left sufficient trails once the tax authorities decide to follow up a lucrative source of revenue (plus fines and interest of course)....
  8. Not yet - Finchley at the mo, but looking to move to a village in St Albans area in the next year or so. Won't be Bricket Wood though, somewhere a bit further out into the country otherwise it won't be much different from living in outer London. Any suggestions? I like Wheathampstead and Redbourn, but being small places not much ever seems to come onto the market. A bit concerned about the impact of the proposed airport extension as well. Being realistic, we may have to look further east around WGC for something affordable, or at least better value. Prices in the areas we've been looking
  9. mjd As usual your efforts are very much appreciated. I particularly enjoyed property number 046200251 which having been on the market since before you started this excellent analysis in July 05 at 665k, has just been reduced to - wait for it - 660k. That should do the trick - wouldn't want to be giving it away now would we. A nice enough 4 bed detached, but alarmingly close to the M25, M1 and A405 St Albans orbital. Oh, sorry, I'm being a doom-monger, I mean it was exceptionally conveniently located for access to the motorway network (not just a few yards from one of the busiest motor
  10. Obviously a shame for all the highly qualified staff who work there, but I'm rather glad and hope my local BeWise shuts down. Even an empty unit on out local High Road would be a distinct improvement
  11. Maybe Mrs Blair/Ms Booth is suffering from a nasty case of voids (voids, I said....tut tut)
  12. And those of us who are good with words (someone, surely) can expand the definition for the greater good of the online community. Now there's a thought (but not one for this time on a Sat night)
  13. Well spotted Karen! Very clever BTL landlord if he can rent out houses with the windows boarded up for ooh, a whopping 5%. gross yield. Really these chaps are so bloody clever, I just wish I'd listened harder at school, who knows perhaps I could be a bankrupt BTL landlord with a "portfolio" up my ****.... Edited: amazing how one's spelling lapses after a cheeky bottle of Bordeaux Blanc of a Saturday night!
  14. Oh what fun! I cheated twice over by removing the play tick before I even started. Got ranked as number 1 with a time of "N/A" so I rather cheekily entered my name as "Halifax HPI lies all lies" which just fitted neatly in the little box. Sadly it seems to have disappeared now. I'm not too upset, and for the record I don't suspect there is any conspiracy. HPC now have 4 of the top 10 - well done boys and girls!
  15. Rather than a knee jerk "AWOOGA" which would be my first on this site in over a year, I will be gentlemanly and wish you all the best with your sale. Be sure to post back on here and share the good news once you have got your 170k.
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