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  1. I did not pick the avatar it was put there by the admin of the site, ho hum What I am aware of is that there are some people on here that profess to be bears but, I am certain of the fact that they are ramping their positions in the market, they are using the bearish sentiments of the majority of people on here to make money by leaking unfounded rumours and false stories. Now does anyone thinks that is right?
  2. Well I prefer to live in reality, it's far less disappointing. You see I have seen it all before from the millennium bug to peak oil, the language is always the same, it generally equates to the end is nigh, it never is something always turns up to save the day, or the day was never under threat I am no bull, I have been a bear for a long time, it's just that I do not buy the crazy doom laden predictions made by many,lets look at why some people would be predicting runs on certain banks or posting unfounded rumours shall we, I think you will find who has the vested interest. A slow down i
  3. I am not a bull , the crazy lending could not go on, that is for sure, but there will be no crash, people should stop fooling themselves on this issue, slow down yes but no crash, I tend to think there will be a return of normality
  4. Or bears doing the same? Which has been happening on here on a daily basis for the last few years, How many times has the crash been called on here? And how many times has it happened. A slow down yes, stagnation yes, a crash no, economic collapse no.
  5. In time I guess you will be right but it's guessing the time and the severity that's where many people on here go wrong, they constantly call the market, and then predict the collapse of the system (not everyone I know). When all this blows over, they will be crying conspiracy when the future does not match their predictions. and the vast amount of people who have come on here over the last few days will leave with the impression that the place is inhabited by the tin foil hat brigade, which is a shame as I find most of the posters on here to be rational.
  6. What you mean to say is "you hope", stagnation is the most likely outcome of all this, lets face it the market has been called at least once a day on here for the past few years and no one has got it right up to now have they
  7. I am waiting for them to inform me? All I can think about is my provider uses different IP addresses and some are shared with others in the same town, but who cares
  8. That's cool, come back when you call it right
  9. I think being labled as a troll has made me a bit feisty I agree with you, however they are not going through the floor as predicted by some on here, and there are not any more bank runs (yet) I am a bear but I tend to be a bit more realistic about situations, and don't let dooms day fantasies get in the way, there appears to be a strand on here that tries to make reality fit, some of them I suspect are using this forum to ramp there own positions in the market.
  10. Didn't you just know this was going to happen, the news goes the other way from where the uber bears were expecting, and all of a sudden it's a conspiracy Get over it, a massive collapse was called and it aint going to happen, a slow down or even stagnation but a massive crash no way
  11. Does this mean that the tin foil hat brigade are going to be predicting the apocalypse is now postponed, but it will be back tomorrow
  12. At last a bit of sanity on here, I think the uber bears need to take some more medication!
  13. Nightmare on Bear Street the banks are doing very well the market appears to be calming down. Makes one think that some of the people posting on here about A & L etc might have had other motives than scare the pants of people Forums can be very dangerous things, :angry:
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