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  1. Lets just hope our buyer does not find this forum and get the jitters.Having said this they have bought well. By the way what is a bull.I am registered as a bear but it was auto selected ?
  2. I must admit although there have been some excellent responses this one had the most effect and was definitely the funniest
  3. Thanks for some excellent responses people. FYi our buyers are FTB and we have had formal confirmation that they have a mortgage in place.So from your responses we should definitely take the money and run even if we feel we could probably get a bit more for our house if we re-marketed. My wife and I being honest are a little nevous about renting because of the time aspect due to being off the mortgage treadmill. Im thinking though,renting aside this puts us in quite a good position as buyers.We have one property in mind which is in the perfect location for us.The owner paid £125,000 for it in Jan of this year and is now asking £158,000.We think the property is owned by a developer who in fairness has put in a new kitchen and tidied it up with new double glazing etc.We are considering a cheeky offer below £150k.
  4. First of all hello and apologies if \i have posted this in the wrong area. My wife and I put our house up for sale with the intention of buying a new home.Unfortunately due to reasons I wont go into & through no fault of our own the new home sale has fallen through.We priced our home competitively due to the fact that we were intending to buy at a low cost which would give us money in the bank we therefore did not need to hang on for top money and we wanted to move fast.Our house sold in the first week for about £8 -10k less than market value.Now the sale of the new home has fallen through we are faced with either: Pulling out of the sale and causing the buyers (who are lovely people) untold stress and expense and us having to pay the estate agents their fee. Put the house back up for sale at a higher price hoping that it might sell for more so that we can afford to move to the area we need to move to,or does not sell after 16wks so that we dont have to find the estate agents fee`s. Sell at the price offered and rent for 12mths and shove the equity which is about £50k into an interest account. Bite the bullet and try to buy what we can with what we have just got for our home but maybe not quite in the area required.Unless we increase the mortgage a little. Any financial guru`s on here who can offer some advice ?
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