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  1. Even if you can't persuade HMRC that it is your home , you will pay no CGT anyway. You say you bought for £298,500 in 2005 .You can add purchase costs onto this eg the survey fee , stamp duty (3% ?), Solicitors costs etc so say another £10k making a base cost of £308,500. If you sell for £320,000 then you can deduct selling fees eg Foxtons fee (2% + VAT ?) Solicitors fees etc so say £8.5k meaning a net sale price of £311,500. Your gain is £311,500 - £308,500 = £3k. Your annual CGT exemption is £10k so no tax to pay. Simples
  2. Talk about kicking a man whilst he is down - now even his horses are being criticised http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/sport/racing/article7031046.ece Horses , houses , all the same to Fergus
  3. Prices do seem to be in some areas but the killer for the Land Registry is that transaction volumes are down over 40% yoy. Less people are needed and it then makes sense to merge regional offices to save fixed overheads.
  4. I agree - I smell a lot of bullsh!t in the air. Not many posters on this thread gloating about their financial brilliance either which speaks for itself.
  5. Just like Final Salary index linked pensions in the public sector. How much will they cost over the next few decades ?
  6. Can you set out the numbers to show how you are £200k up ?
  7. I was watching the Scunthorpe v Man City game this afternoon and in 1 advert break there were 3 state sponsored adverts promoting the Labour Party 1. The youguv ad 2. The drive 5 miles less per week ad 3. The crime advert displaying household goods for burglars How much did that cost I wonder ? It makes me very angry to see this blatant Party politics by the labour government :angry::angry:
  8. Look at this place in Dalkey a southern suburb of Dublin http://www.myhome.ie...y-dublin/138147 €410,000 which price when converted to £s is £529 per sq ft FFS What a ugly looking place too.
  9. That's £10m every week spent on government propoganda FFS.
  10. Not strictly true.This page explains that the guarantee is still in force and any change is subject to 3 months notice (unless you have a fixed term account) so plenty of time to remove savings down to the £50k limit. http://www.northernr...ings_customers/
  11. Watch the full video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiZjsrwQ6vw
  12. Or this one http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-23623354.html?maxPrice=400000&radius=3.0&pageNumber=1&fromSummary=true&backToListURL=%2Fproperty-for-sale%2Ffind.html%3FsearchType%3DSALE%26locationIdentifier%3DREGION%255E871%26insId%3D2%26radius%3D3.0%26displayPropertyType%3D%26minBedrooms%3D%26maxBedrooms%3D%26minPrice%3D%26maxPrice%3D400000%26retirement%3D%26partBuyPartRent%3D%26maxDaysSinceAdded%3D%26_includeSSTC%3Don%26x%3D51%26y%3D1%26sortByPriceDescending%3D%26primaryDisplayPropertyType%3D%26secondaryDisplayPropertyType%3D%26oldDisplayPropertyType%3D%26oldPrimaryDisplayPropertyType%3D%26newHome%3D%26auction%3Dfalse reduced from £540,000 to £399,000 in 20 days ie £7050 per day - now that's what I call HPC !
  13. Don't tell me you sold to rent in 2005 and missed out on 2 years HPI too ! Since then you have been waiting for the 50% price crash predicted on here and that hasn't happened either .
  14. If you read the DM article and the responses from Fergus it appears he accepts that 1 months mortgage payment cheque for £350k was "in the post" and that this was due to Mortgage Express . The recent post says that he has £30m of mortgages with Mortgage Express. £350k x 12 months = £4.2m per annum in mortgage payments. I thought that their strategy was to have interest only mortgages and if this is true then at that rate they must be paying interest @ 14% (£30m x 14% = £4.2m pa) or am I missing something ? The plot thickens
  15. They don't even agree to leave the bathroom fittings or fitted kitchen either FFS ! Since when was a bathroom "furniture" ?
  16. + 1 I agree with the decision completely. Manage your finances better and you won't have to pay any bank charges. If you live beyond your means then expect to pay to borrow someone else's money if you cant be arsed to arrange an authorised overdraft beforehand.
  17. Look what they were saying in December 2006 http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2006/dec/16/business.houseprices By my calculation spending £10m on 40 houses means an average price of £250k and with say an 85% mortgage on each , then the Bank is owed £8.5m on those 40 houses alone. A 15% reduction in value means no equity left .
  18. You're gonna be asleep for many more years yet as that ain't never gonna happen
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