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  1. The more stupid the person, the less insight they have into themselves and the less predictable their own behaviour will be.
  2. Now, what happens if they still need to get help from the state but their NI contributions have all been used up in the meantime? In a world where they are workfare placements for the non contributory benefit claimant?
  3. And NLP, yes. I don't use it on here much. Deliberately as terse as possible to remove such effects.
  4. I rather like thinking and debating. Obviously that's not as easy as not thinking, believing in nonsense and posting pictures of rockets, but here we are.
  5. I'm glad you agree I proved it. Not interested in that. Accuracy of prediction is very useful. However, doesn't change the past. i.e. gold could stop being a bubble tomorrow morning (perhaps a meteor drops some sort of self esteem partciel over the population and they start to measure against their own preferences instead of against silly myths or something) but it would still always have been one up until that point. Your values aren't binding on anyone else. No one elses are binding upon you, either. Think about it a bit. And no, finding a numerical market value in the future is very simple for oneself, more difficult but still sortof possible for those you know very well and completely impossible for strangers. What canh be determined is the amount of those strangers who are operating from their own intent. After that, not possible. i.e. gold is a bubble, who knows what the manic will get up to?
  6. Only once the cheques bounce and then only in the direction of getting the cheques cashed. Yep, they will.
  7. I was amused at your attempted dismissal. It's also not exactly a secret, there is a radio show out there somewhere with me on it from waaay back that a few on here know about. Hypnotist.
  8. Given i proved the exact same case on here just using logic, it's not exactly a high barrier to climb over.
  9. He also says the price has feck all to do with natural demand. So he agrees with me - it's a bubble.
  10. Sooooo erm, the previous thing you linked is wrong then? oh edit - you are being ingeniously disengneous again. That's an article about new supply versus usage demand. Naughty, naughty, naughty. How many jewelers have we got on this thread? Errol is a PC manufacturer is he? edit again - it gets evern better! "we can conclude that the supply and demand fundamentals as represented above do not determine the gold price"
  11. No. If you understood the reasnoning behind me saying there is no demand (which I am sure you do) then you know this isn't a response to that thesis. The reason you raise it is advocacy, not truth seeking. Meaningless.
  12. Absolutely, given there is no actual demand it'll have to be ramped up.
  13. Or, ofc if you want to bulk buy the ingredients to make a lot of pizzas. In any event, even if they could, it wouldn't matter - the populations themselves will happily go along with it all.
  14. Yeah, that's what I said, more or less. Not so - the bulk of the information is internal to the brain (the operation of the mind) Choice. Rabbits and other animals can't choose, men can. Which must fail to describe accurately what's going on. Not internally, once fed the brain does it's valuing all on it's own. Maps not being territories and all that. See eckart tolle for details about the real cost of high value living.
  15. Perfectly possible to have the net and stop the passage of goods through a border. Might even make it easier, in fact. And the fact that it won't work is irrelevent, really. Always has been. What matters is the psychological impact.
  16. Inequality only exists if you accept the value system. A man who doesn't like jam in no way feels deprived if he hasn't got any. However, this is a forced system, whereby the man is forced to acquire jam and feels deprived when he doesn't have any (because someone else arranges things so he will be deprived of the things he really wants if he doesn't acquire and hand over jam to the jam lovers.) Remove the force and you also remove the inequality.
  17. Ooh a sceepy post, how wonderful. Not really all that important, given most human valuation (i.e. the bit that makes economics work) is done using the brain, which needs feck all power and is completely unconstrained by physical laws as long as it's hosting body is alive. Yep, they do. The only reason socialism fails is it doesn't get the results desired in reality. (Because of the lack of choice) however, people who are free to choose don't notice. The inequality is doe to the choices of some humans to act on other humans in a hierarchical and negative way. They don't actually have to, it's not a law of nature. More closely linked to a cancer, really. Again, the financial system is a human design with very little connection to reality (if you stop beliving in it.) it takes the same brain power to imagine in a wonderful way as it does to imagine in a poor one. So, erm. Nope.
  18. Wishful thinking, really. When the shit hits the fam in earnest it'll be statism all the way. Good luck doing the globalisation schtick once the borders go back up. Next up once benefit slaves don't work is price controls.
  19. I used to be a mad amateur one if that helps. Will I be selling my gold? Nah, but i'm done with it where it is. Lot of effort to go to for a moral equivalency no one cares about but me. Plus you know, rockets, moon etc
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