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  1. Yes, exactly - the skill that they want her to learn isn't to eat shit, the skill they want her to learn is to say that it's actually tasty.
  2. Ok s you expect someone to go through all the rigmarole of signing on and being sent to things like workfare but refuse the tiny bit of JSA at the end (once the landlord and local council have been paid out in full) on some spurious moral grounds? Are you taking the piss or something?
  3. Council tax, for a start. As for not being expected to provide food for others, that'd be fine - if people were allowed to grow their own and use the land that's all around them. They aren't. Freedoms the thing.
  4. Without the forced element, there is no universal definition of wealth to be redistributed, sceppy. Think about it this way. Today you go and dig yourself a well. I sit here picking my nose. If we are forced together in a group, then we need to redistribute wealth towards me so that we have more equal well distribution. You can share in my bogies, obviously. If you recognise that we aren't a group at all, you have a well and I have a series of bogies in a handkerchief and there is no problem with this whatsoever.
  5. If you've got no money you have to claim benefits to be able meet your tax bill. If you don't meet your tax bill you go to prison. Therefore people are indeed forced to claim benefits.
  6. What skills do ou think she learned at poundland that a ) she didn't already have and b ) couldn't be learned in an hour or so
  7. Erm the judges are only applying higher law made by previous politicians. Not in favour of this system personally, but lets have it right.
  8. I do hope someone works out they can try to claim NMW from the companies who took advantage of this farce.
  9. Obviously the suckers in the game are goldbugs, with the scared coming after them and then the inside guys in the government are at the top of the heap and decide pretty much everything that goes on. The key part of any strategy is to not be a goldbug or scared, if you can't be an insider. I didn't put down as one of the categories "people who are in the gold market rationally, accepting it's all a ********" because so far, it's apparently just me.
  10. yeah I changed my mind. If you see a flaw in my analysis, please let me know what it is. otherwise, piss up a rope.
  11. Right, so anyway. Strategy. Given that there is very little organic demand for gold, and given that demand for gold is from three main sources, any strategy to do with gold buying has to take those factors into account in order to be effective. They are 1) Mythology. People who believe in complete nonsense such as "gold is money" and so on and so forth. The bugs. These people already have their bwliefs and their gold, won't be shifted from them but also don't make up all that much of the gold market. Irrelevent to strategy, more or less (though at the end of a gold bubble, these will be the greatest fools to be found if you want to get out). Bugs got wacked in the 80's and will get wacked again and again, but that's the price of an easy to discern commodity fetish in a world of infinite opportunities. 2) Central banks, academics and the like. People who are aware of history, agree with the rational principle that history isn't binding on the present or future, but who are of the mind that the state or some other such instituation needs to take care of sorting out what money is for society. These are the guys who will supress the POG, confiscate it or make it illegal. They are also the guys who run everything. Their "demand" for gold will wax and wane depending on how much control they can acquire over social functions and what they want to achieve with that control. For example - gold was supposed to go on a moonshot but actually fell several times over the last few years. Until they lose control over the printing press and CB's they can play games with gold infinitely. The main source of upward pressure on the POG from these guys would be if they went back to a gold standard (not likely). As a rule they will suppress the POG in order to keep their own game safe where and when they can and they have (n extremis) armies to do achieve that goal. 3) Investors who are in the throes of some passion dur to events or market disturbance - fear, exuberance, whatever. These are the most flexible bit of the gold market and they will come and go according to how scary or safe the general economic environment is (or appears to be). Credible announcements from authorities will act to calm these people and will drop the POG. Blunders (or apparent blunders) will cause the POG to go up. This is the bit where the POG can rise and rise - extreme fears will dislocate markets, extreme political or social dislocation will have an effect on the POG. however, there ar efew such events comig up which are not already priced in by those in the know. Demographic timebomb? You can read about it on HPC - and anything you can read about on HPC the smarter end of the market almost certainly knows about. So, there we have it. Gold strategy is all about either waiting for the statists to remake a gold standard, finding another goldbug to profit from or waiting for extreme events to destroy the economy and leave gold looking relatively better than other options (but you'll still be ******ed because the economy around you will be ******ed). Good luck timing that shit properly. I think i covered the major plays there. Enjoy.
  12. That's good, because I gave objective ones. The objective view is a series of facts and you are bound by them, like it or not. My subjective view is that I should align my subjective view as closely with the facts as possible. Facts don't require agreement. They are facts. You can ignore them all day long, they will remain facts. I have. I've also outlined the universal principles for you whcih ouverturn your argument. Accept them already so we can move on.
  13. You theory means that every good ever traded is money. Which makes it utterly ******ing useless as a definitional. by all means crack on. Used condoms are money.
  14. Security. If we had better security for renters (as they do elsewhere in europe) it wouldn't be such a big deal. You don't want to be moving house because some LL has decided to move you out because he thinks your new kid will wreck his wallpaper or something equally numb when you are 8 months pregnant. just my 2 cents, could be wrong as always.
  15. Yes but activity isn't the same as the economy. We do not agree on what a tenner is, and no two humans ever can. That's why we need an economy in the first place. If information transmission as you suggest was possible, trade would be pointless overgead. In fact, trade tells us prices, which are shadowy, incomplete glimpses into the minds of others. Why would I be disappointed? I've never said people have to give up violence. They do if they want to achieve their aims, obviously. But they dont have to achieve their aims, they can keep on failing if they want. Hierarchy also isnt intrinsically linked to violence. The best tennis player in the world isn't better than the others because he can smash their faces in, he's better at tennis. A hierarchy is there but violence isnt. Where you have coercion, you destroy the price signal. Where the price signal is destroyed, you malinvest. It really is that simple. To go back to the earlier point - GDP activity also includes lots of things which are coerced, which destroy the economy, so it's not a great measure of usage of resources. You can apply entropy and all the rest to it, but without the discernment of which actions comprise the economy (voluntary ones) and which don't (coerced ones) you won't get anything like a decent picture of the whole. Add to this that things like land boundaries and other earlier systems that finance rests upon are both arbitary and free to imagine (though not to operate on) and it gets far to messy to fast to start treating it all like an equation. The bulk of your variables are hidden, for a start. just sayin'
  16. No, I have absolutely no intention of influencing the gold market, or any chance of doing so. I think you've misunderstood what I have written, ironically enough. I jhave no desire to propogate my beliefs though NLP. If I did my efforts would look radically different. What i am doing is putting your IQ up a few points.
  17. If your version of market meant anything, then HPC wouldn't exist. Oh it works great - all I want to do is hand out thinking tools. I make up new words and phrases all the time - printy printy is one of mine for example.
  18. No the market definitely does differentiate between the two demands. That's the point of me posting here.
  19. No, because money refers to the most commonly traded and desired item within an economy. Two people don't comprise the whole economy, they are just two people.
  20. The financial system is a closed system but it's also not related to the real economy particlarly. Most of it largely takes place inside the minds of people - and as I already pointed out, all dreams have the same resource cost. What he FS is doing is iincreasing in it';s size and scope constantly in the real world to make up for it's previous failures - that is more and more human behaviour is being coerced into joining in with the aims of the FS in order to make previous versions of the FS promises actually occur. Into basic human terms, the FS is a bullsh1tter who has violent friends who can strongarm others into making like the bullsh1t was real. This leads to more bullsh1t and more strongarm. Like I said, forget entropy and trying to treat it like it's tied to the laws of nature in anyway other than the thresholds for human psychological change or physical resistance.
  21. it's not just that it's manipulated - it's that it's false from the get go. All that stuff goes on top, I agree. I just did that with comprehensive reasoning shown. It's a fairly accurate rule of thumb to say that what governments are doing is what people do not want to happen. Not really relevent to my points, but I have no real disagreement with what you say. Of course if I am right and gold isn't really money, the east can be beaten simply by making a free market in the west. Not at all probable, I know. But, one last time - being put in a position where you have to do things you know for a fact to be just plain dumb in self defense sucks. The only redemption is in self honesty. And not, for example, pictures of rocketships. ;p
  22. The market ONLY cares about the reason for the demand. If I force you to buy gold, yes the price will go up or down, and from that POV you are right. However, the reason why free markets (free from force and fraud) are so wonderful is that if you are giving honest signals, then you get what you actually want and need and people are doing the jobs that will be available long term - allowing them to plan for the future with greater accuracy. That is - because gold largely isn't wanted for the gold itself the whole price above and beyond that organic demand is simply a sad collection of evidence of wasted human effort. But hey, what can we do but make the best of it and possibly mourn. I see no reason to abandon reason while we do so.
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