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  1. 15 mminutes is that nice length of time that people find hard to keep track of. Half an hour you'd check your watch for, 5 minutes is taking the piss. !5 minutes is the perfect quibble length of time, where people will argue the time when cornered and not the principle of some twit demanding money off them at gunpoint.
  2. Don't worry, soon there will be a nice chip in your car that can track where you are at all times and how long you are there for. Paperien Bank details, bitte.
  3. Heres mine - political powers opposition means gold is at best useless and at worst a liability when it comes to investment.
  4. The people who manipulate the gold market via the CB's don't give a toss about IR's or anything else. They can keep messing with the price of absolutely anything until the CB's themselves collapse.
  5. I've read the thread because i've been here since the start of it and I have this thing called "a memory." Nope. To correct it for those who are reading it and have two braincells to rub together who you might lead down a dark alley because you appear to have knowledge when what you have is nonsense. I also enjoy deconstructing ********. It's fun for me. Give me something like "gold is money and nothing else" and I am happy as anything taking it apart.
  6. Everything you've ever written on the thread has been wrong. You believe in the binding of history, chartism, intrinsic value and a whole load of other stuff that's not been considered true by anyone with more than a passing interest in economics for at least 90 years. I mock you for it. My suggestion? Stop posting stuff that's wrong.
  7. You are right! The tax on an item in no way alters it's market. The government can solve all of it's debts worries simply by putting a 15 billion% VAT on silver sales and everything will be just fine. If only we'd had your penetrating economic analysis earlier, we could have avoided all this unemployment, banker bailouts and depressed economy. Get this man a nobel prize, stat.
  8. Unlike your ideological gold postion, which is a waste of time and money.
  9. No, it isn't. no, it isn't. it's based on a fantasist misty eyed world view, largely insanely right wing and mostly out of touch with historical reality. it hasn't been misrecorded, you are just ignoring the actual recording. minus a government forcing people to use gold, they don't. In a planet of 6-7billion even a hundred million is ****** all. The actual amount of gold traders isn't any where near that, I doubt it's in the hundreds of k. I'm not in fact suggesting it's different this time at all. I'm suggesting it's the same this time. People never used gold before, there is no reason to think they are about to start doing so now.
  10. I didn't offer any view, I merely dismissed someone elses due to it's complete lack of any rational, logical, factual or empirical basis. You've got nothing and hope* gold will help you. That's fine. Admit it and move on. *just hope, nothing else.
  11. No, completely accurate. Charts don't work (fact) no one can predict the future (fact) the gold rampers are right when they are right in the same way stopped clocks are right. Mostly they are completely wrong in both prediction and method. You not liking it isn't a logical argument, nor a rational path to follow. You've got nothing logical, rational or factual backing your claims, admit it asnd move on.
  12. They are wrong. All markets are rigged, their analysis completely ignores (or gets wrong) the manipulation of the gold market. it also ignores the complete lack of organic demand for their favoured metal and relies on chartist procedures that are logically, empirically and scientifically proven wrong.. Stopped clocks who can't even tell the time is more like it.
  13. How so? KWN et al gold rampers are at best stopped clocks.
  14. Why would he have to pay to use the worlds natural resources?
  15. It's not a problem as long as the man with no value is allowed to use the vast array of natural resources the world contains.
  16. When you think that a hundred years ago the PTB could persuade pretty nearly everyone to gather up and go and get themselves bombed to ****** in some foreign field and now struggle to be vaguely inhumane to poor peoples landlords it's hard not to take it all as a sign of progress.
  17. Lets have a big hand for comment of the week.
  18. Yeah, never, ever, ever stop posting for ages and then come back. Oh, ******.
  19. Injin

    Tony Benn - Why?

    Swivel eyed loon, but genuine.
  20. Given banking fraud has been proven on here by a handful of wacky internet ne'er do wells only about 8 billion times, it's not catching them that is the issue. The issue is a lack of wanting to prosecute them even though even your average 5 year old knows they are all thieves.
  21. Farage played a good move there, he invited Salmond to go full bore nationalist. This lets Farage himself go full bore nationalist in response. Salmond obliged. They both get to preach to the choir. The whole thing was a set up, obviously.
  22. Why are you asking me why I bother to post the truth, when the other guys is posting things which are wrong?
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