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  1. They don't need to - if you claim it is the same as any other legal tender to avoid the market value tax, they can just take it off you under some pretense and hand you back pound coins.
  2. +1 Some very stupid comments on this thread. OT Anyone know if he's had a chat with the Eds yet?
  3. "Can I go to the toilet?" asked Daniel-San. "You can. If you believe you can." Said Mr Miyagi. (Excerpt from Karate kid 15, Mr Miyagi Takes the Piss.)
  4. AH true. But only you think it's worth shooting the elderly and kidnapping children about. Please stop.
  5. I'm absolutely sure I could do it. Not the issue being talked about, not the questions asked. Not what was asked. Please answer the questions.
  6. No, really the EU is already bankrupt. Once the gravy train stops (and it will, resource constraints cannot be beaten with rhetoric) it's over. Countries don't exist, mate. Neither does the EU. Once the cheques bounce, the illusion will be dispelled.
  7. If it makes sense for people, they'll do it anyway. Don't need some random unelected thief to tell them. I also don't know if you noticed, but theres this thing called computing that makes conversion a piece of piss as well, so it's hardly a problem worth putting grandmothers in prison over - which is what you want to do!
  8. Problem - the EU will be bust in short order and most of the political class will probably be wiped out in in fighting or at the hands of baying mobs. If you mean the EU as an area without laws or any coherent social structure, then yes that's on the cards. if you mean some sort of universal governing body you are on crack.
  9. Spo if you have a large amount of people with nothing, they can all just imagine themselves a new future? Any time that's ever happened in reality? And everyone can do this, hmm? You don't see the flaw in trying to build an economy for the vast majority of people based on the idea of serving a handful? let me ask this, then as well - Has there ever been a time in history when it worked like you outline, and what was the average life like if you weren't one of the handful orf wealthy or a naturally skilled artisan who could pull value out of thin air with no capital or access to resources?
  10. The basic idea here being that people without anything can en masse create goods and services that people who already have lots will want. Anyone else see the glaring flaw?
  11. Nah, it will be complete impossible to recreate the fiat systems post collapse. Everyone will know the scam and whoever suggests it again will be at best ignored and at worst strung up. Give it a few generations for people to forget and maybe there could be a recreation of it, but not for a long time. Without the money ponzi system, the states will have to revert back to wat they can steal on a day to day basis - historically this has meant 5-10% of gdp is where the state tops out at. Which means the states (inc the EU) have to shrink by 30-50% in size to be viable.
  12. Even if! You can tell people don't want to pay for the EU because you have to threaten to put them in prison before they will. There is no economic benefit to being in the EU, anyway.
  13. Your preferences on this don't matter. The western states are bankrupt and going to collapse. the EU will vanish for the same reason.
  14. But if you let people not pay them, they won't. Unlike buying chocolate bars, people dont want to buy the EU.
  15. Backwards though isn't it? The only reason they have a job is because of consumer demand. The guy "at the top" just has the rarest and least replacable skill set in servicing that demand.
  16. Hmm but in practicla terms, it's nearer 100% of taxpayers who don't want the EU. We know this because if you let them stop paying their EU taxes, they would do.
  17. The answer to "why does this work?" is different to "does this work?" I am asking you (and bugs in general) why gold works. no one knows! Value cannot be stored. Shitty thinking, bad argument, useless information. What demand? As far as I can see supply exceed actual demand (that is demand for gold in and of itself) by factors measurable in the thousands of per cent. You mean paper/PC number money, right? Newsflash - gold has only done well when it has also been a fiat money. Value cannot be stored. Gold hasn't been money at all for 6,000 years, in fact it only was for fairly brief periods before the systems that were trying to run it abandoned it because it was shite. Every time gold gets picked, paper arrives milliseconds afterwards because gold is piss poor at it's job. So what? What does this prove? Central banks aren't market institutions responding to consumers and actual demand. They are statist whorehouses who just do stuff at random and who regularly and spectacularly ****** up. Why on earth would a room full of failures who can't even see a housing bubble so obvious martians know about it be any guide as to what people want to trade in? And he's right. The reason the state is interested in gold is because it doesn't like the competition or the idea of restriction - but this doesn't mean there is any sanity or reality in the gold market. The enemy of my enemy isn't automatically my friend. I'm not sure swapping from lefty statist monkeys who think they own everything to a bunch of right wings nutters who think that objects contain their thoughts is much of an improvement as far as who runs society is concerned, tbh.
  18. No, I don't. I asked for the demand led basis for it being a "monetary metal". And so far you guys are coming up with bupkis. You point to history, you make egregious errors about how value is created, formed (including the laughable notion that value can be stored in objects, ffs - this is a religious idea so old it classifies as paganism!) but nowhere do I see any justification whatsoever for tghe idea that gold can be universally demanded for itself. And again, I said this is fine - if that's what you are doing, say so. But bitch please, don't start waffling on about intrinsic qualities or other guff when you have no idea what you are talking about. "I have no idea what's going on, i'm scared for the future and jim sinclair and a history book have persuaded me to lump all my eggs in one golden basket/Christ I hope it turns out ok, because it's pure speculation on my part." is a perfectly fine investment strategy. I don't mind it at all. I'm in the same boat. But lets face it, f you had (for example) £50k to lump into an investment of your choice and it was gold or the people who make cornflakes why would you ever pick gold? What actual demand is there for it? I can see it for cornflakes (tasty, people gotta eat) but wheres golds natural demand (it's erm shiny and erm heavy - can you take it off my hands for a profit please?) it's all bubble stuff and always has been. Just face up to it and be honest about it is all I am saying.
  19. Trickle down works within a framework where people are coerced into accepting someone elses value system. yes, it "works" if you ignore that they are forced to be there. Which is another way of saying it doesn't work! Stupid example time - if I force everyone to eat strawberries, I can "trickle down" strawberries to people to increase their share of strawberries. Yes, it increases their share of strawberries but as they didn't want them in the first place it's all been for naught. I made a rational argument, you accepted it but then wanted to also ignore it. That is, having abandoned rationality yourself, you got the correct emotional response. i.e. you went apathetic so I responded with disdainful anger, which is the emotion that causes apathy when it cannot be escaped. Enjoy.
  20. No, I was on here saying there'd be hyperinflation and gold would do very well. (because the world is full of people that cannot think. I don't want you to be one of them.) Right, but none of this answers my qeustion - why do people run to a substance that no one wants to cure the problem of providing value to others? That's like saying housing wasn't a bubble because the price of caravans didn' go up as much. Whether something is a bubble or not is measured against it's price versus fundamentals. Golds fundamentals are jewelry, some electronics and some other industrial application. Does the PoG justify itself measured against those fundamentals? And if you think so - can you show your working? The answer to the question "does gold justify it's price measured against actual demand?" is "does it ******!" I can safely say this because all the hardened gold bugs refuse to even entertain the question, let alone answer it. I've sort of need gold twice to get hitched, but even then it was some wacky quasi religious ceremony thing that wasn't my demand at all. No one I know has ever woken up and thought to themselves "you know what I could do with right now? A hunk of vaguely shiny metal to stare at." Golds a pure speculative play based on some very bad thinking and some very foolish bubble mania type thoughts. And yes, it will work. you might nto care beyond that, but don't fool yourself about what you are getting into.
  21. Yeah, so if we ignore the fact that's trickle down is ******** because of the fundamentals, it works? Do me a favour. Christ.
  22. Uh uh. Tell you what, make a list of the top 5 points that will directly respond to my questions. market demand - where from demographics of buyers etc
  23. This is an excellent post and I thank you for it, btw.
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