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  1. Kidnapping is not a proportinal response to littering. It's just not. Sorry.
  2. That thinking about things is the best thing ever compared to randomly accepting guff? Damn straight I am. D: Yep, I know this. Why? And being subject to the irrational whims of people who think metals are magical isn' beyond your control? Already said so.
  3. Superb. Have you thought about getting a good looking guard dog?
  4. The question was "why do/would people want gold?" The question wasn't "who wants gold?" if you'd like to answer why anyone would want to have some gold, please do so. But lets have no more time wasting answering the question you wish you'd been asked, please. Again, I have already agreed that people will indeed trade with you in gold (without knowing why.) Stop raising it as an issue, i've already conceded the point. But, in your turn please have the honesty to admit you haven't got the slightest idea what you are doing or why anyone would want gold. It's a lot better all round than intoning the ghost of jp morgan, avoiding the simplest of questions or whatnot.
  5. First, determine who you want to be aligned with (and why). Then find out what they want and why they want it, then have a coherent plan for providing it to them on a long term basis. I've already agreed with this point of view and also pointed out it's worthless in this discussion, which is about formulating strategy. Why bring it up again?
  6. Stuck all your money into something you don't understand, haven't you? Silly billy.
  7. Yes, it's you doing an out of context quote to try and ad hominem rather than answer a few simple questions. Really does say it all. You haven't got a clue what you are doing.
  8. I'm not presenting an argument, I am asking for your argument. I'm asking for the goldbugs argument for gold. I seem to be doing very well at shpowing the goldbug position to be completely without merit, to be inherently a bubble. How is it devoid of real world exerpience? I am ASKING for the real world experience that would lead to gold being demanded by anyone. You can't provide it and instead want to make the fact you can't somehow my fault by attacking "thinking" lol. And this is a straight up attack on me. Do you have any reasons for holding gold or not? I'm guessing you don'#t because you are so keen and it'd be so easy to give them to me if you did. I already said "I dont know what i am doing, gold is pure speculation for me" is fine and dandy as far as i am concerned. I'm just not going to let you get away with saying you know what you are doing. because you obviously haven't got a ******ing scooby.
  9. You should. Shouldn't you? Or would you put all your net worth into some tech comapny you didn't understand anything about because lots of other people (who also had shares in it) were saying it's the best thing ever? Would you open a business with no idea who your customers were, what they wanted or how to provide it? You didn't answer the question. (Because you cannot, I know.) because they all all alternative investments to gold and all of them are massively better from the point of view of being understandable. Even those most in favour of gold are (on the whole) dismissive, arrogant cranks and weirdos who can't answer straight questions. It's like a series of abusive time share salesmen in metallic form. It doesn't do anything for me. Or anyone else from what I can gather. Happy to be corrected, so far the pro gold lot have got nothing rational going for them. I'm also quite happy to use the fact that some people can't (won't?) think to help myself but i'd rather people put their thinking caps on than make a profit, tbh.
  10. Again, at no point have I said ou can't do this sort of thing with gold. I've even said that having gold will work to give you something to trade with others later on, and is a very good hedge against collapse. I'll add once again if that's the extent of your understanding(and you are honest about it) we don't have a discussion. I'm not trying to dissuade you from such a course of action - i'm trying to answer more fundamentla questions to that nan informed strategy can be forumlated. For instance - when do you get out of gold? According to the bugs, never because it's the one true money and all that shit. But who wants gaudy paperweights forver? Gold sucks dick compared to an x box or a couple of crates of ale.
  11. Just seen your edit - I understand that there is demand from tesco in the sense that they will swap cash for it - but what is the actual thing demanded from gold itself. What property, good or service does gold provide to the buyer? I buy cornflakes, I can eat them. I buy a car, I can drive it. I buy shares in a company which provides things for other people, we can make a profit. All of these have a tracable, easy to understand demand at the end of the chain. I buy gold and I get a shiny paperweight? Seems a bit pricey. What does it do? What need does it serve? What promise does it fulfil? Wheres the enjoyment?
  12. Thats swapping your gold (which you can't spend in tescos) for cash (which you can) but I accept your link with kindness.
  13. The value of everything is subjective. The usual way gold gets confiscated is by devaluing the currency, sticking taxes up to the moon and then opening a handing in office for conversion, btw.
  14. yes, and many are apparently without a map or a value system to guide them. Which seems to be to want to claim some people have been prudent in the face of the evidence. Wonderfully put! And very honest. I just wish the JP morgan quoting, chart monitoring, history intoning believers in magic would be so brave. As few as possible. Trying to get myself seriously into debt atm.
  15. Quite right. I'm looking for a rational reason for the gold enthusiaism and still no one can provide me anything other than bromides and myth. That's when they have the courage to even take the question on. I'd love to know how you formulate a strategy when you don't even know the basis for market demand. Couldn't even run a fishmongers that way.
  16. Land is very sketchy, merely being a reflection of political will and changable overnight with no warning. Seems stable, actually very black swan prone. At least gold is available in discrete items. They both are. You have shown this duality before as have others, best expressed as - if not fiat then gold. Which to my mind (which loves choices) is a bit like saying "if no chips for tea then soil." While stood in tescos.
  17. No one wants ten pound notes, but they are forced to acquire them to pay for taxes, licences and fines. I can easily discern where the demand for them comes from. Not so with gold. And again, if you are more than happy to just use gold without caring why it works, whether there is any sound basis for it or anything this is fine by me. Doesn't make for much of a discussion about strategy, but fine by me. "****** knows, i am desperate and trying anything and gold it is" is a fair strategy in straightened times. At least it is absent the quasi mystical horseshit that usually goes along with the position.
  18. It's wonderful to have a colourful character in direct opposition to the soporafic nonsense the MSM wafts out 24/7 so max is great from that POV. On stefan - he's a fantastic salesman for philosophy. None of the ideas are his and he never attributes where he got them from. Even his most controversial idea - leaving the family if they are no good for you is ripped straight from harry brownes how I found freedom. He pleads poverty but is making out like a bandit. For both of them, take the info, leave the guy well alone. Future predications aren't worth a great deal in any event.
  19. Everything gold has, other things also have - Except the crucial one which is demand. There isn't any. No one wants any gold just for the gold, everyone (bar a hatful of jewelers etc) has only any interest in it because they think someone else is. How is this not always a bubble? I can see it working with the madness of crowds etc, but why abandon rationality for the sake of a bit of profit?
  20. no, they don't. Simple experiment, go to the supermarket and try and pay in gold. Obviously not, as that isn't how value works. Sure, this is fine, but most things you can see a reason why people would have value for them. The reasoning why apples are valuable is easy to discern. or gold, not so much. Ok. But again, why are they valuable? What can you do with numbers on a screen? Why would anyone invest in something with no discernible reason to have it for anyone over something else which does? I mean youdon't try and sell rocks as breakfast food, you sell bacon butties. Why have a money system where the basic unit no one gives a toss about?
  21. Interest rates are always negative in real terms. They were when the POG dropped like a stone and stagnated for 2 and a half decades, there is no correlation. RK has a fine point about Max not getting everything right, and another good one about who he works for. As for your knowledge on gold etc you haven't answered my question on that and haven't demonstrated any knowledge of anything other then JP morgan quotes. hey ho.
  22. Yes, exactly. I don't see it as a major leap forward for whpo decides the economic direction of society to move from crazy lefty statist control freaks to a bunch of right wing nutters who think that objects are magical and history is binding upon the future. Absolutely. See, I can get right behind this sort of post - honest, thoughtful and well reasoned. You aren't just going GOLD IS MONAY HERP DERP and posting pictures of rockets. At some point in the future, everything is genuinely going to go to shit in a very major way. At that point, people will be looking for answers - my preferences is they are provided by rational, thoughtful people and not those who think that metals can contain opinions. Quite so. but my point was I understand cornflakes and the risks involved*, whereas I can see no reason whatsoever for mass maket demand for gold. (And crucially it's most fervent advocates either cannot or will not provide me one.) Spot on. Certainly very close to my strategy, informed with a large helping of "who knows what the future holds?" I have a personal preference for personal development, because in the end if it comes right down to it, it's all you really have. *or at least i think I do. Cheers, Taleb. ;p
  23. because being able to think is worth more than all the riches in the world. Wrong. The problem with everything I say is it makes you feel uncomfortable because it reveals you can't think for shit. Yes, because the taxman routinely invades MP's houses at 3 am. learn to think, you'll feel better for it than all the gold in the world can achieve.
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