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  1. Coercion has to be a phenomenon over and above nature, nature being the background and default state of everything. It is free from coercion. Coercion is force applied over and above natures demands. Unless you know a way to change nature, you have to take nature as a given before you do anything else. No sensible rational person says that gravity is oppressing people without a helicoptor. it's not a fiction. If the guy with the bread has no weaponry, it's coercion free. Might nor be fair, might not be even, but it is free from coercion. The neo liberals are not free marketeers. The neo liberals are statist assholes who add coercion to the mix so any trade winds up in their favour. Neo liberals are authoritarian marxist communists with an accountant, in fact.
  2. Ok, he lieks gold, doesn't know why it trades the way it does, it used to be worth ****** all, now it isn't and he doesn't know why. Wall St Journal quote, which doesn't mean anything, claims that the PTB are anti gold (fair enough) and pro paper (no they aren't, they are pro force) and he says people hold gold because they want volcano insurance (also fair enough.) Claims gold was the worlds monetary asset of choice (nope) says some people like gold, some distrust politicians (no shit, really?) he carries on in the vein for quite some time and he's got nothing. the PTB don't like gold, they like paper. he doesn't even understand what the problem is. His solution*, naturally, is gold. Useless. Congratulations, Errol you have found False Dichotomy Mans true indentity. Any clue on the location of his underground secret lair? Basically the guy goes through every single logical error i've corrected for you already and doubles down. Gold is money, store of value etc etc the usual goldbug shit that is purely and simply wrong. *Dollars to doughnuts he started with his olution and then worked backwards.
  3. First, whoever the guy is is irrelevent. So, you can stop posting your "famous person buys gold" crap, now you know that. Second, you've sent me to a website with about 4 billion articles on it. Do you want me to do a thesis on this guy or have you got something specific for me to go at?
  4. I antagosnise the other posters because the truth pisses them off. They have no idea what they are doing and even a few short lines of text reveals this. It's not their fault they can't think. It IS their fault they don't listen when logical errors are pointed out.
  5. I always say something useful, and terse. Mostly the issue is I am speaking sense and everyone else is listening in idiot.
  6. Don't forget make holding gold illegal in the western hemisphere!
  7. Supermarkets don't have to be there. hows your tax billm, btw? is that coming down at all? If you say so!
  8. They will close the NHS and the state pension scheme first.
  9. They'll keep going until they are taking food directly from peoples mouths, if they are allowed to. The only limit on the rentiers is peoples ability to put up with shit, and we are a long way off reaching the point where people start to seriously argue the toss.
  10. If not shill then idiot. Question resolved! That was easy.
  11. The skim won't be reduced. What will happen instead is that some people will go homeless, or in extremis, killed off.
  12. He's basically saying that we are just as rich now as when we were cavemen. As I said before, he completely ignores the interaction with the real world. Guys either a shill or a ******wit. Avoid.
  13. The thing is that there is no "our."
  14. All property IS in the hands of the rich, you just get usage rights.
  15. (Copyright Jim Sinclair 1973. All rights reserved.)
  16. Shilling, really. I don't think a fraction of a %age increase would be considred by anyone even remotely objective to be massive. I also don't think it's thaty unusual for a government to support it's domestic production of something by buying into it, either. Seeing what you want to see.
  17. The problem with the analysis (and scepticus too) is that it assumes that human interactions are a fixed loop that only occur with each other. But economics is about human interaction with the wider environment as well. it's all very well saying that we can try system x or system y but what's the effect of said systems when it comes to getting coal out of the ground?
  18. oh right, so theres no evidence of increased demand then. is that what you wanted to say? Kinda irrelevent then, isn't it?
  19. Why have you assumed that getting shlter automatically requires a mortgage or large payment? For most of history stuff just got built and then people lived in it. Real estate oens't generaly coincide with property rights. One fo the reasons it's called real estate is because its largely unreal, based on entirely arbitary and imaginary land division. It still is. Most of what we currently do is backed by violence, save a few small pockets of voluntary interaction ( the actually productive bits) Money velocity? lol Not that shit again.
  20. Which means that someone else is selling gold. Who are they, and why so they think gold is worthless now?
  21. paying the state is going to turn out to not have been essential. Hope this helps.
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