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  1. If you can't house them, just clear them off the streets. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/outrage-anti-homeless-spikes-spotted-outside-3658055 This is the level of housing exploitation the UK has sunk to, mainly in London of course. The council shut this one down, but how many of them still remain? Thousands I bet. http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/tiny-flat-taken-off-the-market-by-islington-council-9497765.html
  2. Yeah that did occur to me too. I hope we can get the place with no agents involved, because dealing with them brings me a fraction closer to a breakdown
  3. So this video is just some loaded knob showing off his flashy house? Good luck with the heating bills, including heating the pool. I also note his flashy rear balcony looks right down over his neighbours gardens. How nice for their privacy. I bet they love their new resident. /rant
  4. As much as Iran gets bad press and many of their laws are inhuman, I must admit occasionally they get it right
  5. My wife and I are seriously considering buying a small place in the UK (west london). I waited a looong time for this "epic crash" and now believe the establishment will only allow a slow motion crash over a decade at least (and that's optimistic). But that's not the point I want to make..... no one knows for sure which way the market will go. Having contacted some agents and got some research done on what our cash can buy us... some things have become clear. And they're not encouraging for people looking for a home. Firstly, it appears to be a sellers market in the extreme. But this isn't only due to many buyers looking for a place to live obviously. The main competition we've observed in the small home market are investors. Lots of them. We are fortunate in being cash buyers. And so it seems are most investors. So the advantage of being able to move quick is not an advantage. In fact for most buyers with a mortgage, it's got to be a terrible struggle to compete. Secondly our big lesson has been agents favour investors over first time buyers etc. But this isn't only due to investors flashing wads of liquid cash. I guess the reason is agents look at investors as good future prospects for business. An agent might get work managing the property for the landlord, or the investor might buy more properties in future. This is a dire situation for people searching for a home to live in. Investors are blatantly given preferential treatment in the market. One of the first questions each agent has put to us is "are you an investor or home buyer?" And here's another scenario along the same lines. We came across a pair of maisonettes on the same plot. We only wanted one to live in, but oddly the seller and agent didn't appear interested in our cash. We actually put an offer in over the asking price. And still no interest. The reason turned out to be that the freeholder selling wanted someone to buy both not just one maisonette. This would make financial matter easier i.e. one contact for charging ground rent, annual charges etc. Now obviously people looking for a home aren't wanting to buy two maisonettes. They want one. And so in this scenario once again the home buyer loses out to the investor. All this has been a depressing education. I'm not up to speed with UK law to assist home buyers in preference to investors (is there any?). I was in the states for about 2 years, and certainly over there home buyers are given advantages over investors in a few ways (HUD homes etc). So at least in the USA it's recognised as moral to favour people who need somewhere to actually live over business and profit. And the USA is supposedly more right wing and capitalist than the UK!! In the UK it seems no one fights the corner for people looking for basic shelter at all. Unless there is some legislation you can tell me about? Anyway, in our case we may have an out waiting for us. We joked about how nice it would be to cut out the agents altogether, and soon after a manager of mine hooked us up with a colleague about to sell his maisonette privately. So if suitable we may not deal with the slime at all
  6. No doubt there's a financial reason for it. I'm sure the owners gain otherwise they wouldn't do it. Unfortunately this trend does not benefit Britain or British people, so I hope something will be done about it. Though I won't hold my breath...
  7. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/02/world/europe/a-slice-of-london-so-exclusive-even-the-owners-are-visitors.html?pagewanted=1&_r=1&
  8. Incorrect, assuming you're not being sarcastic. The properties pictured are clearly falling apart. And it does make me feel a tad angry seeing inhabitable spaces left to ruin when people need good homes to live in!
  9. https://au.finance.yahoo.com/news/rapid-house-price-rises-past-040710104.html Oh yeah, sorry.... this is from Oz not the UK. Apparently those in power over there understand the silliness of crazy house prices.
  10. Just another BBC fairytale designed to keep you entertained and the young hopeful for a better future that will never come. This trashy looking mobile home is nothing new and does nothing to solve the high land value underneath it. Next.
  11. http://www.therichest.com/luxury/celebrity-home/billionaire-properties-no-one-would-live-in/ Isn't it heart warming to see our Govt. do so much to tackle these housing issues? *Just remove if a repost*
  12. You can express your opinion and so can anyone else. But most people don't like being labelled a "fascist" though. Don't tempt them to use all these new PC anti-hate laws & have the police give you a visit for offending them
  13. You can copy the entire quote from multiple reply pages, paste it in several times, and delete the parts not required in each quote* *if you can be bothered
  14. I don't think any serious comparison to Hitler can be made here. It's ludicrous frankly, and alarmist in a very politically correct way. The loss of free speech we now suffer in the Western world isn't thanks to some right wing loon. It's thanks to extreme left wing dogma. And I find it quite sinister.
  15. Well, Hitler wanted to invade the world. Whereas these days it seems the world wants to invade Britain
  16. Huff post http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/04/22/ukip-nigel-farage-poster-racist_n_5189691.html?utm_hp_ref=uk And Gapes in the NS http://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2014/04/why-i-say-ukip-posters-are-racist
  17. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2609583/New-Ukip-posters-focus-immigration-branded-racist-political-opponents.html So how are these posters racist in any shape or form? No race or even religion is mentioned. The issue highlighted is a very real problem for resident Brits i.e. foreign labour accepting far lower wages and driving salaries down.
  18. Nice to see stories like this hitting the mainstream media Mirror
  19. So when is all this going to happen? It's difficult to imagine Scotland shuffling off to go it's own way. It's pretty cold out there without daddy's (London) money Unless of course they get independence and continue to be bank rolled by London And when is this referendum on Europe going to happen that Cameron has promised? It's even more difficult to imagine this taking place. Am I dreaming? Could the UK actually leave the European union?
  20. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/10564713/Two-new-garden-cities-for-southern-England-in-secret-Tory-plan.html Well this is intriguing. Two new cities, instead of more building on existing peripheries. Whether it's a good idea or not is debatable. There are plenty of affordable houses in various Northern towns right now. But people don't want to live in them due to lack of jobs and other reasons. Will new cities fare that much better?
  21. I'm surprised that article hasn't received more attention on this site? It really has massive implications for people who don't own property but have some savings set aside for a deposit. Seriously, take note now folks. Nothing has actually been done to deal with the countries debt. But it will come. This won't come as a shock to old time regulars here, but maybe some are being taken in by the green shoot hyperbole in the press these days. The IMF is spelling it out for anyone unclear on the issue, especially since you'll never hear it from a politician.
  22. I'm guessing this is very typical BBC property porn, stringing along those who will never afford a home to ramp up their ratings. It's about building a dream home rather than simply somewhere to live. And while they do this, house price rises are shamelessly portrayed as "great news" & a sign of economic recovery When in fact rising prices and bubble economics are a sign of disaster. 100K including the land? Dream on.
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