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  1. They could overcome the problem of vouchers being sold for cash by putting names on them and requiring ID when used as has been mentioned. Also they could increase spending a bit by issuing the vouchers in denominations of say £20 and instructing retailers not to issue change (in the same way that luncheon vouchers work) this would mean that if I went to the supermarket and my shopping came to £30 I have the choice of using 2 vouchers and getting no change (losing £10 of vouchers) or adding a tenner of cash to one voucher. This would create some additional spending over and above the issued vouchers, especially if they had a short expiry date.
  2. This is for a single person I assume? Do you have a link to how they calculate maximum HB entitlement and is the system the same across all councils?
  3. The release date is given on this site http://www.fxstreet.com/fundamental/economic-calendar/ as July 1 at 06:00, although a few days ago they did have them listed as being released on 25/6 but did not specify a time.
  4. Here you go http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/spl/hi/in_d...s/html/29uh.stm
  5. Not sure about Scotland but in England and Wales it varies from area to area and can also differ between councils. My home comes under Maidstone council and the max discount is 38k A few miles away in Tonbridge and Malling the max is 16k.
  6. They had a couple on BBC breakfast this morning, think they are the same couple on panorama tonight. Dermot asked the guy "so what is your household income? If you don't mind me asking" After a couple of seconds consideration of the question he replied " what do you mean per annum or a year?"
  7. Do they give you clubcard points aswell? Every little helps!
  8. 29 renting a council house with the 'right to buy' and waiting for HPC. Parents in there 70's living in 6 bed house they bought in 1960's for about a score.
  9. Thanks Sonic, I have very little to lose and much to gain by reading and to some extent at least understanding the opinions and debates amoung the many members of this forum. I have for some years felt that house prices are hugely inflated and have often pondered the question of how so many people are still able to buy a house and to afford the mortgage repayments. Through reading this forum the mist is beginning to clear.
  10. Hello, I have looked at this website a few times over the past year or so but have decided to become a member and spend much more time on here as I feel there is at long last a turning point in house prices. I am currently renting a council house (now owned by a housing trust) and have the preserved right to buy. Despite being entitled to a £38,000 discount on the market price my 3 bed mid terrace in Kent is still out of reach for me but hopefully not for too much longer. I spent virtually all day yesterday reading through some of the opinions and debates on the forum and am finding it fasinating. Not being particually educated especially in financial matters and lingo I would be most grateful if someone could explain what the bull / bear thing means? Also is there a more comprehensive list than that of the fist post of the abbreviations used on these forums?. Many thanks.
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