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    Hi Count. The market is now clearly ******ed, supply is 20% less than what it would have been this time last year. A number of flippers are trying it on at prices where you would have to be retarded to even contemplate buying. This one completed in Jan this year for £141K, which was 10% less than the already reduced asking price. It had been on the market for 6 months before going SSTC. Little work done to it I think, yet already back on for £185K: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-34395237.html ******ing disgusting.
  2. Billy Ray Valentine


    It looks to me that some agents are pricing things similar to what equivalent houses would have been almost a year ago, but other agents have been smoking some serious shit and are pricing some dire stuff at 10-20% higher than it would have fetched back in the summer, and it was back then that from what I could see things had ground to a halt. Where these kind of asking prices are coming from ****** only knows, but thankfully little seems to be being 'snapped up' at these prices.
  3. Billy Ray Valentine


    ]I think it may have been posted in this thread, but haven't the time to search for it. At the lower end, supply seems to be crashing to me. At £200K or less within a 5 mile radius there are currently less than 600 houses for sale. on Rightmove. Take away the places on with multiple agents, then even less. Almost 100 of these houses are bungalows. So I'd say there are no more than 450 houses for sale in this search currently. That's incredibly low supply! For any time of year, let alone at the time when things are supposed to be getting busier. In October/November supply at this end was more like 750+. A large part of this 450 number is made up of no chain sales also, so the number of people moving/selling through choice and not enforced circumstance (death, divorce etc.) is extremely small. IMO the market is now zombified. Few people can afford to be FTB's, and people on the 'ladder' simply cannot afford to 'move up' to a bigger/nicer place. Where do we go from here?
  4. Billy Ray Valentine

    The London Property Market Built On Laundered Money

    I've wondered recently if there isn't a bit of money laundering going on with certain houses in Northants. There seem to be a few that sold in the second half of last year and are back on the market within a few months of completing, some with asking prices little higher than what they bought for. They can't all have discovered they have such terrible neighbours surely??
  5. Billy Ray Valentine

    Nationwide Hpi Down 0.1% In Feb

    I wonder if they were in a rush to bring in the MMR to counteract the crazy HPI that had occurred in the aftermath of the introduction of HTB, which they had introduced in the hope of stimulating greater transactions but had underestimated the effect it would have on price rises.
  6. Billy Ray Valentine

    Nationwide Hpi Down 0.1% In Feb

    I think they knew the game was up pre-HTB, which is why they introduced it in the first place. Not to garner massive price increases, but to temporarily prevent an acceleration in the gradual falls that were happening at the time. FTB can't afford a £160K house in early 2013, HTB gave them an interest free loan for 5 years of £32K. Similar FTB in early 2015 now paying £200K for the same house but with a £40K interest free loan for 5 years. So the FTB now is paying what the FTB was paying for the same house before HTB but with a £40K loan on top. How are price rises based on the HTB scheme even remotely sustainable?
  7. Billy Ray Valentine

    Political Parties 'wake Up' To Housing Crisis

    Perhaps take a dump on the polling booth. That would spoil everyone's vote!
  8. Billy Ray Valentine

    Is Prime London Crashing? - Merged Threads

    Buy a house and get on with your life. Where have I heard that before? Personally I don't know how long I spend on this site but I doubt it's more than 2-3 hours per week. I'm not so sure that that time spent making money would make that much difference to me as regards house affordability any more than never buying an Ipad would do. Who knows though you may be right regarding prime London but things seem to be happening pretty quickly now, it will all be much clearer by the summer I think. I still think with the way things are developing it would be madness to buy now.
  9. Nice headline to send me to sleep with a smile on my face.
  10. Billy Ray Valentine

    Money & Happiness

    This has always been one of my philosophies. If more people thought like this it would put a lot of multinationals out of business.
  11. Billy Ray Valentine

    Money & Happiness

    That's made me glad I'm still single!
  12. Billy Ray Valentine


    Same here. If all of the greater fools haven't already been sucked into this sucker then we must be pretty close.
  13. Billy Ray Valentine


    Hello all, Just seen this and had to post it. On for £174'995, which is a reduced price. I noticed it was on with four different agents which is why I even bothered to look at it out of interest: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-33590328.html it last sold in JULY for £125K: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detailMatching.html?prop=33590328&sale=51549827&country=england The greed in this one is seriously fugged up. The crash has got to be so ******ing close now.
  14. Billy Ray Valentine

    Toby Anstis And His Btl Portfolio

    If you continue down your line of thinking then you're basically going to end up taking away accountability for the actions of everyone that ever existed.

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