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  1. Rail fares have gone up massively, and the companies have received huge subsidies from the taxpayer. And managed to kill a few passengers in rail crashes.
  2. Except that none of this NHS reform rubbish appeared in their manifesto or was mentioned during their campaign, in fact they were saying pretty much the opposite. So no one voted for this.
  3. Parasitical private healthcare companies looking for a payday.
  4. There are videos on You Tube showing that e-mails on Yahoo mail and posts on Facebook containing the words occupywallstreet are mysteriously blocked.
  5. When will some people on here stop with this nonsense about New Labour being 'socialists'. They're neo-liberals, as are the Tories.
  6. From the Telegraph article above: To arrive at its conclusion that household consumption will by then be rising fairly robustly, the OBR makes a couple of very questionable assumptions – that to maintain spending and living standards, UK households will both reduce their savings rate and increase their borrowings. Given that UK households are already the most indebted in the world, that's quite an ask. Dig down into the detail of the OBR forecasts and things look pretty frightening. Overall household debt rises from £1.62 trillion last year to £2.13 trillion in 2015, or from 160pc of income to an astonishing 175pc. In other words, consumption growth, a key part of the OBR's overall forecast for growth, is only maintained by taking on more debt. And this comes from the Office for Budget Responsibility... The Telegraph itself also showing responsibility.... As if all this were not sufficiently toxic a mix of anti-growth ingredients, the UK Government has thrown in a further dose of poison by determining to "do something about the banks". The radical structural reform being considered by the Independent Commission on Banking hangs like a pall over the entire sector at a time when the economy desperately needs to move on and begin the process of fuelling some decent private sector demand. Even accepting that the ICB is right in its prescriptions for preventing future financial crises – and that's a big if - this is not the time to be pursuing the holy grail of risk free banking. Now obviously, banking reform is necessary and not unique to Britain. The squeals coming out of New York over the Dobbs-Frank bill are just as loud as those we hear from the City. Yet in the US, there is a sense in which they've managed to put the banking crisis behind them. The public money has been repaid, dividends resumed, and the banking system has been substantially healed. In the UK, by contrast, everything is on hold while the ICB ponders how best to return finance to the stone age Yes, the banking crisis is behind us, let's not "risk" putting any limits on banks casino betting operations.
  7. The global economy has now been completely re-engineered so that as little money as possible goes into the pockets of ordinary workers, who will actually spend it, while most goes into the coffers of the rich who will use it for speculation. Unless this is addressed, which it won't be because elites don't want it, businesses will find it ever more difficult to find customers. More credit won't help.
  8. It does indeed appear to be in Hackney. http://www.streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?x=534062&y=184619&z=0&sv=E8+3AG&st=2&pc=E8+3AG&mapp=map.srf&searchp=ids.srf
  9. The Graeme Park estate is an absolute hellhole, the only place that far North that has its own streetgang. The whole surrounding area is ugly and desolate.
  10. Pompous and arrogant young banker on another forum I frequent has mentioned teaching in a private school (he's Oxbridge) as his plan if his banking job is kaput. I think it's a plan a lot of them have.
  11. Is my maths crap? I'm a single FTB on 30K, and I thought the most I could afford on 3.5X is 105K. I have a 10K deposit saved.
  12. On a video collectors forum I occasionally look at, one collector is having to sell some of his collection because his overdraft limit has been reduced by £700, effective immediately.
  13. I've been reading the Ticker forum over the last few days after someone on here referred to it. Fascinating reading. Posters and bloggers over there are all fully paid up advocates of free market capitalism and they're utterly furious about the Fed bail out. Post after post talking about socialism for the rich, the end of America as we know it, massive wealth transfer/theft. They are livid, all calling their congressman daily, organising petitions.
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