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  1. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-31431962.html Oh. That's not too bad for 70k. Oh, hang on. What's that arrow? Is that a door I see? This is the entrance! Oh my giddy Aunt!
  2. Just found the other thread, so thanks for pointing that out. Appreciated.
  3. A bit of advice is appreciated. I've been living outside the UK for quite a while now, so my credit history/landlord references etc here are non-existent. I have a few quid in the bank and was considering offering to pay a full 12 months rent up front on a place I am looking to rent to: 1) Maybe encourage a hefty discount in the rent. 2) Provide security to the landlord. Question. Obviously I would need to be confident about the financial position of the landlord. What questions should I ask? What pitfalls are there with this tactic? What rights do I have if the landlord is behind with his/her mortagage and the flat is subject to a repo for example. Any tips? Thanks in advance.
  4. How much is an average water bill? Having not lived in England for years I have no clue.
  5. Maybe some of you can help me with some advice. I want to transfer my STR which is at the moment in a Swedish bank in Swedish kronor, to a sterling denominated bank account. Any advice as to how I can get the best possible exchange rate when I do this? Any advice as to which bank to ultimately transfer the funds to? Obviously I can instruct my bank to do this directly, but I assume I will be getting a bad exchange rate. Any advice appreciated.
  6. He's warming up. Total explosive rant: t-minus 30 seconds...
  7. Featuring Financial Planner. Let's hope he goes off like a rocket as usual, the nutter.
  8. Oooh. Cracking balcony at least.
  9. Bought for 200k, expected 50% profit in 12 months. Reality: Can't sell it for 90k.
  10. quite a rant "a crash of biblical proportions"
  11. As a far as I heard Cameron just listed what he and the Lib Dems agreed on. He didn't offer PR, only a parliamentary committee to look into it. Broon offered a referendum as an opening gambit. He made the right noises but didn't say, or offer anything of value.
  12. Bloody 'ell, are you lot still here? All time low against the Swedish Kronor today. Plans seem to be working out nicely. See you all again in another six months.
  13. Here we go boys and girls. Insert captions. Tin foil party hat for the winner.
  14. Krusty interrupts......"Thank god our education system isn't burdened with an additional......" additional what? the panel looks silently waiting for the conclusion and it never comes
  15. "you you you, err err ,,,,,,........okay, but, err, yep, sort of......I didn't go to university" No shit Kirsty
  16. Krustie on afghanistan hahahahahahahahah This is embarrassing!!!!!!!!!
  17. Just a simple unemployment % for different towns, cities. Nothing too in depth.
  18. Thanks for your help. Having trouble tracking down data for city by city unmeployment. Any ideas?
  19. Can anyone help with a link to data on regional unemployment figures? I've tried googling and a few other sites, but can't seem to find what I want. Not being lazy, just genuinely can't track it down. Help appreciated.
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