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  1. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-31431962.html Oh. That's not too bad for 70k. Oh, hang on. What's that arrow? Is that a door I see? This is the entrance! Oh my giddy Aunt!
  2. Just found the other thread, so thanks for pointing that out. Appreciated.
  3. A bit of advice is appreciated. I've been living outside the UK for quite a while now, so my credit history/landlord references etc here are non-existent. I have a few quid in the bank and was considering offering to pay a full 12 months rent up front on a place I am looking to rent to: 1) Maybe encourage a hefty discount in the rent. 2) Provide security to the landlord. Question. Obviously I would need to be confident about the financial position of the landlord. What questions should I ask? What pitfalls are there with this tactic? What rights do I have if the landlord is behind with his/her mortagage and the flat is subject to a repo for example. Any tips? Thanks in advance.
  4. How much is an average water bill? Having not lived in England for years I have no clue.
  5. Maybe some of you can help me with some advice. I want to transfer my STR which is at the moment in a Swedish bank in Swedish kronor, to a sterling denominated bank account. Any advice as to how I can get the best possible exchange rate when I do this? Any advice as to which bank to ultimately transfer the funds to? Obviously I can instruct my bank to do this directly, but I assume I will be getting a bad exchange rate. Any advice appreciated.
  6. He's warming up. Total explosive rant: t-minus 30 seconds...
  7. Featuring Financial Planner. Let's hope he goes off like a rocket as usual, the nutter.
  8. Oooh. Cracking balcony at least.
  9. Bought for 200k, expected 50% profit in 12 months. Reality: Can't sell it for 90k.
  10. quite a rant "a crash of biblical proportions"
  11. As a far as I heard Cameron just listed what he and the Lib Dems agreed on. He didn't offer PR, only a parliamentary committee to look into it. Broon offered a referendum as an opening gambit. He made the right noises but didn't say, or offer anything of value.
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