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  1. Back in 2013 there was a lot of publicity around the London Legacy Development Committee asking for expressions of interest in purchasing self-build plots in the Olympic Park. They were pushing community, co-operative ideas of self-build with communities working together to share knowlege and skills. http://www.theguardian.com/society/2013/apr/11/self-builders-olympic-park-housing I'd love to self-build and I'd love to stay in London, but these two things are nigh on impossible to do with current prices. So I completed submitted an expression of interest, giving lots of info about myself, my skills, my time commitment. And I waited and waited and waited to hear. Two years later: nothing. So I submitted a FoI request to find out what had happened to the project, and this is the response I received. My requests are in bold, the answers below. 1) The number of expressions of interest from potential self-builders submitted following the consultation that took place in April 2013 regarding the possibility of releasing land in the Olympic Park for Londoners to ensure, according to a statement from Dennis Hone, chief executive of the LLDC, to ensure "a diverse range of housing that attracts everyone" is built on the land. The Legacy Corporation undertook a demand survey for custom build between 12 March and 19 April 2013, which comprised an online survey for anyone interested in custom build. A total of 520 responses were received. 2) Detailed information on the outcome of the consultation and the current plans for the land which had been earmarked for potential self-build. The demand survey provided information on the level of interest if there was an opportunity for custom build. The survey also provided information about respondents including demographics, location, household size, tenure and their priorities. The potential for custom build was discussed with shortlisted bidders during the procurement of a development partner for the East Wick and Sweetwater neighbourhoods; however, the selected bidder’s scheme does not include proposals for custom build. I would have thought thay 520 reponses would constitute "sufficient interest" given there are "only" 8000 homes being built, but clearly the land went to the highest bidder. Disappointing, given the noises the government were making at the time about boosting the self-build sector.
  2. Ticket sales must be down - Money Saving Expert gave away 20,000 tickets via their email a couple of weeks ago. If people are reluctant to shell out £13 for a ticket, I doubt that the average spend will be £1,398....
  3. Does seem rather a lot, considering there are only 42,000 GPs in the UK. What do politicians do, exactly?
  4. I've put the offer in writing and will check with the EA next week that it's been passed on. I haven't instucted a solicitor yet, so will take burnt before's advice on that one. Then I guess it's down to a (chilled) mexican stand-off (for a maximum of 28 days). Lots of useful advice and combined knowlege, folks - without turning too MSE, thanks muchly. HUGZ
  5. It is a fairly big local, but not nationwide, chain. Does this normally make a difference?
  6. I'm not sure there's fraud going on. It's just something doesn't smell quite right (and I'm not just talking about the bucket of builder's pee we found in a cupboard during the viewing...) Thanks for the info, though.
  7. I knew that you had to complete with 28 days at auction, but wasn't aware that this also applied to repos sold by EAs - very useful, thanks! Our offer was at the top of a stamp duty bracket, which is why I assume everybody else, if there are other offers, has offered the same amount.
  8. So in the case of repossession, is the vendor the bank as they hold the first charge? I'm trying to work out whether it's sensible idea to send a copy of my offer to the vendor, or whether that's just a waste of time?
  9. Even with a repossession? They had that stylish yellow "do not use" tape round all the plumbing. I suspect the EA's trying to flog it to a mate, but then I tend to be cynical about estate agents.
  10. I've been keeping an eye on a repossesed property round my neck of the woods - advertised at 2003 price, would suit me well and I know I'm probably going to take a minor hit, but I can handle that. I've been calling the agent on a weekly basis for the last 6 weeks to find out what's happening with it - the first guy I spoke to told me it was going to complete the following week. Seven days elapsed and it's still on the website, so I called again, and apparently there are a few hitches but the sale is definitely still going through. 2 weeks later, the house is still advertised on their site. I call again and speak to a different bloke, am told it's definitely on the market and when would I like to view? Post-viewing, I put an offer in at £15k under the already reduced advertised price, upon which am told there are "4 or 5 offers on the table, all at the same amount as yours, but we are taking bids". I'm not prepared to up the offer, but we are FTBs, have a healthy deposit, have an agreement in principle and are able to complete in 8 weeks. I stick all of this down in writing, and pass it on, but am a little concerned about the different stories emerging out of the estate agents office (healthy or unhealthy scepticism?) Off I go to the Land Registry - £3 and I have the title deeds, which list the lending bank, who are now presumably the owners (the original owner is still listed on the deeds). As I suspect my offer won't be passed on, and indeed, suspect the EA of some dodgy dealing, is it worth me contacting the bank to pass on the offer directly, and if so, who do I speak to in which department? Any help greatly appreciated.
  11. I went to a viewing this morning where the EA showed other sets of people round, on a house that's been on the market for a few months and not shifted. It's now being flogged at auction with a guide price 30% off peak. Perhaps a similar viewing?
  12. From "Staff in the NHS 2004: An overview of staff numbers in the NHS" - can't find an updated one You can see some areas ripe for retrenchment, can't you?
  13. Donated. 12 months hosting by tea-time?
  14. Has anyone else noticed they have a buyers premium of 10%? http://www.auctiontoday.co.uk/faqs.php#q13
  15. I know nothing about the Ashford property market, but a cursory search on rightmove reveals several 2/3 bed terraces now being advertised around £120k (33 2/3 beds priced at between £100-125k on today). Quite a shortfall from the £180k they are hoping for. I accept the location might be different but would imagine, with 910 properties, their portforlio is spread across the town and not restricted to a certain area. That valuation must be very upsetting for them. Or do you think they believe their property is 'different'? After all, they must have been maintaining each and every house they own to a high standard, right?
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