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  1. The only good reason to come back is to make a mint on the next housing market bubble Thats what I plan to do, as soon as I graduate I'm off to China to teach English as opposed to an IT career in the UK (low pay, bad hours etc). I think RealistBear was spot on with his prediction and I have no doubt that the public will be completely ignorant as to what caused the housing market to crash so come next time we will have a boom just as big followed by an accurate crash prediction from RealistBear if he is still around! Only problem is trying to earn money fast enough to afford a down payment before the optimum time to buy which will be the middle of this coming crash I predict this crash will be very long and drawn out coupled with an economic recession because of stubborn property sellers which means halfway through the crash could be in 3-5 years time. Though I'm no expert. Is that the "Lets speculate on the housing market" game? Sorry to rich for me..
  2. This is basically what I told my family. I've told my parents and grandparents that their house prices will fall by as much as 50% at some point over the next 2 years but it fell on deaf ears. Here is something my mum said which sums up the the financial intelligence of the sheeple and their view of the world (rose tinted spectacles) : "The government won't let it happen"
  3. I agree that most IT graduates are idiots. I'm at a half-decent university (not a top one though) and most of the IT students I know don't even do their own IT projects outside education. I ofcourse do my own projects as do a couple of students I know but most don't even do any kind of IT as a hobby except maybe building their own computer which isn't really a skill anyway. The annoying thing is because the other students are all rubbish, employers would assume I'm of similar value to them and so salaries across the board are lower to reflect this. All the half-decent IT jobs need a few years experience so I'd have to get a low paid monkey IT job like 2nd line support first and because of all this outsourcing thats pushing salaries even lower. The grade you come out of university with isn't usually an accurate reflection either as it usually values theory knowledge and documentation skills a lot more than practical IT skills. They have to change the education system in IT to reward better practical ability over ability to write reports. Well it's a good job I've already decided to move abroad to teach English a while ago, I didn't need more evidence that following an IT career and staying in this country is suicide but now I have more! I may still do an IT job abroad instead of teaching English, that's if I can't monetize my IT skills through my own entrepreneurship first
  4. Just goes to show that a lot of the earlier speculators to the housing market aren't stupid at all and realise there is going to be a crash soon. But many many more don't have a clue and think prices will keep going up, my parents for one
  5. Makes sense if the directors own large numbers of shares and want their pension payout before leaving the sinking rock
  6. Well if I put a label on your family members titled "Saberu's family" then that makes them my family
  7. Greed is a consequence though not a cause. Remember that it's not just demand that is elastic, supply is too. The fact is that various factors have caused supply to dwindle which has forced up prices therefore causing people to be more greedy which just excacebates the existing problem but the root cause is still lack of supply! And if you realise that then you will realise this housing bubble isn't caused by greedy people but by a corrupt government not making the neccessary changes to increase supply and then the banks taking advantage of that by encouraging the housing bubble (but again it's a consequence). The banks only look at the bottom line (profit) so they aren't really to blame they are just follow the nature of business, the nature of capitalism. The blame lies soley on government. But if you realise that our governments get voted in by the very same people who want house prices to increase/ the economy to grow then it does come back to greed, but not primarily for the reason you stated. The problem is even though theres been a lot of economic growth it's not been healthy growth like the type you can see in asia now. Healthy growth means wages going up, not stagnating as they are here now. Supposedly there is more BTL's abroad than here in the UK and theres no reason why everyone shouldn't be allowed their own home if the supply is available, ignoring ******** environmental arguments.
  8. Exactly, all the people saying theres no space are BSing theres loooads of space. It's just that a lot of people have vested interests against more supply. Theres so many factors conspiring to make HPI it's really sickening. No offense to everyone but I'll be laughing when I've moved away in a couple of years and the UK is suffering it's worst recession in history
  9. All you people telling us youngsters to protest are forgetting that most (or a significant proportion) of the sheep are homeowners themselves and would criticize any protests as it goes against their wishes of a sustained housing bubble. Hell even my family (parents, grandparents etc) don't care about the housing crisis or even ackknowledge it. I'm planning to move abroad to teach English in Thailand or China once I finish my degree (which I decided on doing 2 years ago) due to the unaffordability of accomodation and other things like social problems of our country, though Thailand also has a Western spurred housing bubble so China might be a better option. I won't be paying back my student loan either, I'm sticking 2 fingers up to this country. The way I see it is that this economics lesson won't be learned for decades and it will only be in the history books of the future that they will be talking about the corruption of HPI fully and truthfully. Which means I could buy a property in China and see that soar in price as China becomes Westernised. I think it's going to take a revolution in the way economies are managed to stop HPI. I've been lurking on this forum on and off for a couple of years and I've seen a huge sentiment change in a lot of the posters that were sitting on the fence or being bullish are now realising the truth of the situation. The sad fact is a lot of people my age don't even know anything about the housing market or why house prices are high, and the ones who do are missguided, the business and finance students I've spoken to have all told me that there is no problem and house prices will either slow down or just stagnate for a while no doubt because thats what their parents and teachers told them.
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