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  1. It does make you unhealthy to be fair. Hence the description 'unhealthy' foods.
  2. Oh that's ********, riding a bicycle would be 5x faster than walking even at a comfortable pace. So that cuts his journey down to a comfortable 40 minutes. Even in ripoff Britain you can get a second hand bicycle for 100 pounds. Besides he clearly needs to learn how to play the system. If he was a single parent with 2-3 children he could be on 30k/ year NET income including housing benefit et al... or I guess 26k now there's the new cap out.. which is still well over 30k gross salary. 30k is much higher than most people could dream of earning.
  3. Or maybe it's people who are really genuinely concerned about the poverty of the low wage British economy where young people are screwed and only those with many years experience in certain well paid fields can get a good salary.
  4. A large supply of cheap rental accomodation due to a large supply of accomodation and no housing benefit which is just a tool to push up rental prices. Think about it, if the government weren't so interested in pushing up rental costs then why would they give this money directly to pay the rent? The Australian system is to pay a higher direct benefit allowance and not have any housing benefit. Their rental prices even though with a direct comparison are slightly higher, if you take into consideration that wages are generally higher (and quality of life) in Australia then rents are actually cheaper there.
  5. Yes. I propose we just replace everyones bank balance with Tesco vouchers. After all Tesco has everything you need including petrol to fill up. Other things like rent and bills can be paid from a salary. We don't really need savings anyway. Also if we spend all our money at Tesco it takes away the complication of multiple suppliers as we can get all our things at one place. The first thing I'm going to buy with my Tesco vouchers is a monopoly board.
  6. Seems the commercial banks KNEW interest rates would drop hence selling such a service. Stinks of corruption to me. Basically interest rates go up = banks lose, down= banks win Now why would a bank make such a one way bet unless it knew of the outcome? With seemingly billions at stake.
  7. We don't have much of an economy, we just sell a few tertiary services to eachother and also act as a tax haven for rich people and banks.
  8. I think the EA posted this because they are telling the seller to f off because their house is so bad and assumedly the seller refused to refurb it. And I assume the seller demanded they put his house up for sale and this was the glorious result!
  9. This is the future, only people who become savvy capitalists and businessmen will succeed in the 21st century.
  10. If you think it's not going to change put your money where your mouth is... put your STR fund into farmland. Even 10% per year would give you a living salary for no work. edit: I found the website in question which sells entitlements. Apparantly the deadline for buying entitlements is April 2012 so after then it will become an order of magntitude more difficult to buy them and certainly won't be available at low quantities ie just being able to buy one entitlement or a handful. You know what.. doesn't matter what market you talk about at the end of the day it's CAPITAL that buys a return. This is why I am much more frugal with my money than I used to be because for every pound I save I can probably earn 30% a year from it from business investments.
  11. haha the fact they aired this means the farming subsidy for inactive farmers is going to end Politics step one = get public support, step two = change laws. They do it for almost every major policy change. In this case they are definitely doing the right thing, but they often are not. For example banning fox hunting. As far as I know foxes were and still are a major problem for farmers. They hunt kangaroos and rabbits in Australia, is that wrong? Because they are pests.
  12. This post is ********, we can't all be lawyers, managers, engineers and bankers. Most jobs have always been in the manual labour sector even before the industrial revolution most people worked on farms, then most people worked in factories. Most of these jobs have gone abroad because our living costs are too high, and there simply are not enough service sector jobs for everyone looking for a job. We need our manufacturing sector back and the only way to do that is lower living costs by curtailing the planning permission laws to be much less strict. Looking for a job in Britain is not a level playing field, people are much better off trying to do online marketing because then they lose this disadvantage.
  13. And picked the best one too, I saw an article on the BBC website a while back saying 90% of newly created jobs over the last 10 years went to immigrants. That's an unbeleivable statistic and shocking if true.
  14. I'd be interested to know what the numbers ARE actually like for BTL in our high cost economies. I have a feeling they are very much in the landlord's favour as renters pay off the capital on the mortgage then landlords top it off with presumably interest payments? Obviously depending on the rent vs mortgage but assuming the price is reasonable and not inflated. I'm not saying I support it, but that maybe this is an immoral practice that people are basically taking advantage of the artificial supply shortage and landlording it over their fellow man.
  15. Unless you have a job you really love then the smart thing to do would be to keep your savings abroad in a currency which isn't being debased then quit your job, claim housing benefit/ benefits. Result is government pay for your house, and pay you enough money to have a good lifestyle which you can then secretly top off with ATM withdrawals from your overseas account. Your living standards would signficantly increase because you would still be making good money but have all the time in the world to spend with family and friends.
  16. Oz is my backup plan. If my business isn't successful I will go to Oz and join the army. Including all the benefits it gives like subsidy towards your rent (they pay like 60% of it) I worked out I could be on the equivalent of around 50,000 pounds/ year NET salary, in the UK you would need to be earning 73,000 before tax to be on that. It's a 4 year minimum service so I'd probably try and save around 100,000 pounds over 4 years which is enough money to make any business successful unless you are stupid. My friend said only super tough guys can handle the army so if that's true and I end up dropping out then I'll just sprog some kids and live off the benefits. But I have a feeling he's talking bull.
  17. Only those with children are rewarded in Britain and Australia, the two nationalities I happen to have. After all it's the only way people can afford the shocking living costs in these countries. Anyone living in the aforementioned countries not having children is being screwed over. My solution as someone not wanting children was to move abroad where living costs are cheaper. I'm not saying people without children should be rewarded, but rather no one should. Then living costs might come down and tax on the low paid could come down too, considering there are hidden taxes on the employer's side when taking on an employee, something like 11% NI? Then the real tax on the employee is huge right now it's just hidden from plain sight.
  18. EURO you are the world's oldest man, you should be in the guinness book of records. I wouldn't be surprised if you are in fact a vampire.
  19. Good point. In the US and UK if you aren't claiming unemployment benefit you are not officially unemployed and therefore off the numbers.
  20. This is true. These jobs are not economical at minimum wage.. It's most likely blog commenting. However it's a very unfair advantage given to this company to have British people with perfect grammar/ spelling doing this job on taxpayers money to pay for the prisons. Whilst not as boring as peeling potatoes I'm sure doing blog comments 8 hours/ day would be worse than working in a factory because it's a very mundane task that also requires thinking through the mundane details so I'm sure it's a hellish job to do. I'd rather work in a factory than do that job.
  21. This company are scum, this is no better than slave labour. At least they are highlighting the obvious problem, the jobs given to these prisoners aren't economical at minimum wage so clearly living costs need to be brought down in the UK to the same levels they have in China and India so we can compete. Because there are millions more jobs gone overseas which should have stayed here. 120 pounds/ month is less than minimum wage for most places in China. Just to put into perspective how little they are paying.
  22. There's a lot of jealousy on this thread. As someone who is not in line to receive any inheritance in future I don't condone that jealousy. 325k is not a lot of money, and usually it would be split between all the children as per my example of three children with 100k each. There seems to be a prevalent attitude these days of 'every man for himself' and many parents feel no moral duty to their children to leave them something. My grandparents on my mother side were upper middle class and often went on many cruises every year when they retired which is fair enough and they deserve it for working so hard. But my mother who is just working class and failed her exams 5 times earns a meagre living yet she is in line to inherit a third of her parents property. She told me that when she gets it she will spend it all on cruises so she can live like they did then purposely die penniless. Inheritance is a double edged sword, it only takes one person in the family line to squander it and the family line are back to starting from nothing. When the smart thing to do would be to keep passing some of that wealth down the generations. Another aspect of this is that my grandparents and my parents generation are both around the boomers era before property prices got silly so they had a lot more chances than my generation have. I don't hold out any hope of receiving inheritance but I have promised myself I will only have children if I can afford to give them a good lifestyle unlike the living to work one most people have.
  23. Wow the situation is a lot worse than I thought. I assumed workfare was just for a month in which case at least it would be a hassle for companies to constantly recruit people but this is a permanent position for JSA. This means JSA is OFFICIALLY the new minimum wage, around 1.80 an hour is that? That's disgusting even by Chinese standards, because they don't have the inflated living costs we do.
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