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  1. May I ask what kind of business he has in the UK? Shame he doesn't do online business then he could live anywhere. I have a feeling he's an Ebay seller as that would explain why he has to live in the UK to do it. And it's one of the few businesses you can start up young without needing 100,000s of pounds.
  2. Until we have a free market in land (specifically planning regulation loosening) then we can't have a free market in wages. Otherwise we will soon be in a situation where people on the new market set minimum wage are living on the streets while their unemployed benefit seeking brethren are still earning over 20k/ year in benefits from having children.
  3. Not sure if this helps but when I was living with my parents I would do the dish washing, hang out/ take in clothes from the washing line, hoover/ tidy the house and mow the lawn. But I know for a fact my parents went easy on me compared to many and if you are a step father rather than his real father you could probably bust his balls if you wanted. As you aren't his real parent I think at the very least he should pay for his own food, which isn't hard if he eats cheap. But if you expect him to eat with you 'as a family' then you shouldn't expect him to pay towards food as that would seem like you are treating him as your real child and if he is paying for his own food he should really be able to have some choice about what he eats. Or you could be a really nice guy and not give him too hard of a time as long as he is properly looking for a job. Then when he finds a job, you can get some rent off him or let him move out. If you are expecting him to work 16 hours/ week around the house for you and counting the hours then that does seem like you are busting his balls and treating him like a stranger who has to earn his keep through hard work. I imagine a decent amount of housework would already come to a couple of hours a day anyway.
  4. Good post. I've worked as a teacher including at a school where the rules were 'there are no rules' which just made it impossible to discipline the students because they didn't have to study if they didn't want to. I doubt there are many 'bad' teachers out there. Probably 30% are great, 60% good and 10% or so could be considered poor. That ratio seems to be what I remember from being back at school. There is currently a massive problem across the whole of society where a huge number of parents have not instilled proper discipline and respect in their children. You end up with a situation where the naughty children who challenge the teacher end up being the popular ones who everyone else follows. And because teachers are simply not allowed to discipline students in many schools then there is sometimes no recourse and you end up with a bad class through no fault of your own. I've taught the same material to different classes of students and had completely different results, where one class would love the material and work hard and another would just ignore it completely. Sometimes all it takes is one rebellious student who doesn't want to work and if they are the leader of their little clique of classmates then all their classmates stop working too except perhaps one or two good students. As a teacher there is nothing more belittling than having naughty students then being told by your manager that it's your responsibility to make them work but at the same time being told you are not allowed to do anything to discipline them into working. I think some naughty students are just looking for direction, I think deep down they want teachers to curtail their behaviour and make them work hard. They are looking for the adult role models they are missing at home. I have a lot of respect for teachers in the UK, it is such a tiring job because of the emotional stress of having to deal with confrontational students. You have to put in a lot of energy, you have to talk very loudly and enthusiastically in class and this is the BASE LINE amount of effort required just to teach a class before taking into consideration dealing with naughty students then there's all the out of class prep work and marking. As a teacher if you don't put that energy level into teaching your class, the students will notice. Kids have a lot of energy themselves and so they only respond to people who are also full of energy. If you don't put the energy in then the students will not like you and if they don't like you then you are out of a job. People with boring personalities cannot be teachers because of this reason. As a teacher if you treat your role like a job, and not as your passion then you are on the fast track to failure because with that attitude you will not be doing good classes. I think teachers in Britain also have a lot of extra responsibilities outside of just teaching and prep work, there are lot of babysitting tasks. I hope some of the naysayers on this thread who criticize teachers and act like it's an easy job will have a better attitude once they have read my post.
  5. I love the way it talks about a possible fall in rents as a bad thing, it shows everything which is wrong with our country. Almost everyone seems to agree rising rents are a good thing. Maybe most people aspire to be BTLlrs.
  6. You can rent a half decent small apartment in China for 1.4k a year. Oh you meant council tax didn't you? And here as me thinking you meant rental cost Sucks for you Brits, I like being an expat. I don't know what the fuss over the NHS is, I had a semi-serious health condition and got it treated for just 300 pounds here. Healthcare isn't a ripoff in most countries, just in the US which is a health insurance cartel.
  7. Why is it that Australia has well paid factory jobs and we don't? Oh yeah that's right, they don't have uncontrolled immigration.
  8. The irony of this is Moody's is a very corrupt rating agency probably getting bribes from governments and banks alike. Sure they will downgrade countries but the downgrade will be less severe than it should be if a backhander bribe occurs or even not downgrade at all. But they still have a lot more trust than others, and the Moody's boss is taking the micky by saying governments could start their own as it takes a long time to become trustworthy. And then just a few years to lose that trust akin to Moody's in recent years.
  9. I'm one of those evil smokers. I usually pay between 1 pound to 1.50 for my packs of 20 foreign brand cigs here in China. They are usually either illegal imports or I buy them from Hong Kong. Better than China mainland brands. I'm paying probably 25% of the price in Britain. I'd never pay more, that's a suckers game. I only smoke 10 a day which is 15 packs a month but in Britain that would cost almost 100 pounds/ month. Anyone paying 100/ month on cigs in Britain, I suggest you save the money instead by cutting down to perhaps 1-2 smokes a day. Just isn't worth it. I'm going to say something contreversial. As a smoker since last year I feel like smoking has improved my life. It helps me relax and deal with the stresses of everyday life so that I can work more effectively. I also feel like the amount I smoke is not signficant enough to severely impact my health. I plan to keep smoking until I can remove enough stress/ pressure from my life that I can be completely calm and relaxed. When that point comes in perhaps a few years time, then I will give up smoking. But I will be the first one to say if I smoked for a signficant period of time like 10 years, I'll definitely be looking at long term damage to my health but still nowhere near the 2 packs/ day for life brigade. There are a lot of light smokers out there like me that either smoke 5-10/ day or even just on weekends. But they are chastised as being just as 'evil' as heavy smokers. Us light smokers are still considered to be signing our death certificate by the small amount we smoke. Let's not forget some people smoke 60 a day. And 40-60/ day used to be considered the norm for the large majority of smokers. I'm planning to cut down to 5 a day soon anyway.
  10. The point about rent allowance is that it stops housing benefit being the market maker by setting the price of rental at the lower end of the market. For example why does an apartment cost 500 pounds/ month to rent in many parts of the country where a 2 bedroom house is just 800/ month? There should be a significant difference between the two. Why does it cost 400 pounds/ month plus bills to rent a single bedroom ie be a lodger in some parts of the country outside London? I have no doubt in my mind there is a significant number of benefit claimants using up perhaps half of the rental market at this end thus pushing prices higher as the government pays whatever the 'going' rate is and landlords are always pushing that rate up as high as they can with rental rises each year. Minimum wage is not livable in the south of England, whereas it's reasonably comfortable in the north or even Birmingham where you can rent an apartment for 300 pounds per month but may not be able to find a job at all. A lot of young people on minimum wage in the south are only still managing to have a life due to being able to live at home with their parents and paying under market rate in rent as usually they will eat for free at home then pay a rent to their parents to cover all of rent/ bills and food. Other people on minimum wage in the south are doing well only due to having children because of the tax credit system. People on benefits are living better than single people on minimum wage without chidren who can't live with their parents, is this fair? The cause is housing benefit pushing up rental prices.
  11. I think the point of my thread was more to highlight how the government are using the term universal credit for their own propoganda, they are using the term in name only. By calling their system universal credit they are unilaterally discrediting any legitimate definition of the phrase. In 10 years time the average British person will think universal credit is the government's definition of the phrase- not the true one. It seems we are fighting a losing battle. The government are using pychological warfare on their own people by using this phrase and implementing the same old system under it.
  12. But they are. Why should people with children deserve to get enough benefits to double their income? While those without children get nothing. Obviously the solution to make this fair would be a Universal Credit where everyone is treated equally and if you want children it can be at your expense, not at your profit as the amount of benefits they receive exceeds the cost of raising the children.
  13. But only for those with children, it will be exactly the same or possibly worse for those on JSA.
  14. Basically yes. Try finding a bank account in the UK which keeps your money segregated. Not sure who would, building societies? If banks couldn't use your money as their own they wouldn't want it. After all your money becomes their capital and the more capital you have the more profit you can make in a capitalist society. Not to mention they can loan themselves upteen times the money you give them.
  15. This is to make you support the large benefit cuts coming. Although interesting that pensions/ payments to old people is 15x higher than to job seekers. Public sector pensions everybody, the real parasite on our government spending.
  16. Christ, almost 1900 pounds is a good after tax income for one household. They are horrible at managing money. OMG 280 pounds/ month on food. I could get that down to 100/ month easily for their family. Why eat like kings when you are poor? People.... this is almost 24,000 pounds/ year NET. A single high earner would need to be on over 30,000 salary to get that, and I'm sure such a person could support a family on it. Notice how half their income comes from benefits? Welcome to Britain where you are only rewarded for having children. It's not worth being single in Britain unless you earn over 30k/ year.
  17. Take a read here: http://www.cpag.org.uk/universalcredit/CPAG_universalcredit_factsheet_0311.pdf After reading through that I realised this is going to be almost identical to our existing system and it's clearly just an excuse to lower payments for many people using 'universal credit' as a catch phrase stolen from the HPC forum/ general online community that often discuss the possibility of a REAL universal credit. As you can see there is NO income disregard for SINGLE people. This is only remotely a universal credit when applied to parents. The only major change here is that parents on benefits will be able to get a part-time job without affecting their earnings. It mentions requirements for job seekers will even be MORE stringent than the current system as based on what I've seen so far I expect this means more work for dole schemes. Don't believe the government lies and catch phrases. I think the main two purposes here are encouraging parents into part-time work without affecting their payments and lowering housing benefits by making a rent allowance as opposed to a direct payment. I agree with the rent allowance route as it stops the government making the rental market artificially expensive ie being the 'market maker'. However I believe this is an underhanded way of significantly lowering benefits for everyone, job seekers may find themselves on less money and doing more slave type work for dole schemes. The idea many HPC posters had of a true universal non means tested benefit is a pipe dream. Even single people working part-time won't be able to claim universal credit. Now it's clearer than ever, if you are on a low income the government forces you to have children even if you don't want to. Financially speaking it would be stupid not to. Low income adults are now much better off working part-time with children than working full-time. Part-time is the governments solution to the unemployment crisis. If everyone works part-time then unemployment can be masked by underemployment.
  18. Why do you need a degree to do a manufacturing job? More importantly would an intelligent young person want to do such a job? I think Lion, you have defeated your own arguments.
  19. I don't watch television so there must be a lot of people spending 9 hours/ day watching television All the boomers I know watch TV everyday just as something to do when sitting in the lounge.
  20. I think he meant the majority of boomers. Not sure if I can agree with that though. I'm pretty appalled at how little my generation read (generation Y), yeah there are some of us that read a lot online but it's likely the minority.
  21. Yeah that is crazy. Foreign teachers in China can easily save over 800 pounds/ month if they are savvy, that's much better than most mid 20's people can manage. 1600/ month in ripoff Britain? No chance. In China a good salary for a foreigner is 2000-3000 pounds/ month if you have the qualificaitons. Then you could easily save 1600 / month. But only highly qualified people will be doing those jobs, certainly not reflective of the average young person.
  22. Beer is probably cheaper in a supermarket these days than it used to be, if you take tax out the equation. You can't talk about beer from a pub because the property/ rental price of the establishment is reflected in the price of the beer therefore the price is being pushed up by the same factor pushing up house prices. So not only is his example stupid, but very wrong. To play devils advocate I could even say beer making kits are much easier and cheaper to obtain than they used to be then you can make your own pint for 10p. Most stuff is cheaper these days especially food. Hence why the government have made property so expensive as the last thing they want is the proles to have a good quality of life and a way out the rat race.
  23. And I would 100% agree with this if your proposals included severely curtailing our strict planning permission laws which is the main reason property is so expensive to buy and rent. Until it's possible to rent an apartment for 50 pounds/ month in Britain we simply cannot compete- period. 50 pounds/ month is a pretty common standard at the low end of the market in China. With the very cheapest apartments in the outskirts of big cities starting at 20-30 pounds/ month.
  24. You can actually get used to sleeping like that, as I found on the first class carriage of trains in China where you get your own bunk bed and they are really comfortable and as far as I know men and women aren't seperated Still... it's a lot of effort to go through just to pick up.
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