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  1. Most people with the intelligent and drive to become rich in the first place are very careful with their money. It's a pretty clever move because if he's paying 1% it's well under the REAL rate of inflation. So this means other people are financing his loan via inflation. Inflation also means that banks make a profit on everyone else because they can all get access to these low rates then invest in something which gives a higher return. It makes sense that in an inflating economy the rate of return or ROI per year would be much higher due to the inflation so when you invest you get even more profit as you get the % that the investment would have gone up just to keep up with inflation + the added value of the investment going up in value which is why most good investors can easily get over 10% per year return on investment. So high inflation is a way of helping the rich get richer, that's why we have it. That's why Western governments want to inflate the economy to infinity, that's why Keynes likes inflation because it helps him and his buddies get rich. I better not go on any hillwalking trips after making this post.
  2. Simples, they are talking rubbish. When a job is replaced by automation there's nothing to replace it. In some industries like CAD, before computer aided design existed there would be thousands of people all working on one design. This is example I read years ago on HPC, now at a company which once employed 1000's of people the same or larger workload is performed by just 10 people. That's why I made it my job to learn automation. Then nothing can replace me. If you have automation skills then you can focus your intelligence on the non automated aspects and 'plan out' your automation strategy. Until an artifical intelligence comes along which can think smarter than you then you should be good for a few years. Sadly China is proof that you can have a 1000x income gap between rich and poor and still have a thriving domestic economy, most of the products and services are aimed at the rich so you just end up in a situation where peoples jobs are servicing the rich peoples demands/ desires. We would have the same thing in Britain if there wasn't artificially high living/ rental costs so instead we just have very high unemployment/ banana republic.
  3. I think some of these advisors might be real jobs. Think about it, the politicians themselves don't want to have to do any hard graft or difficult thinking when they can just hire others to do it for them then read off a script. Makes the job easy.
  4. This is great advice but you can replace societal importance with 'well known', if a skill isn't well known then it won't be very competitive. Online marketing fits the bill perfectly.
  5. Online marketing. Problem is it's very difficult to learn, a lot of misinformation out there and the learning curve is huge. And sorry I'm not going to teach your kids. Not going to teach you either If they are smart they will make their own success in this game. Honestly just telling you this information means you owe me Anyway I'm going to go back to my alternative world now which doesn't involve being covered in wool, especially over the eyes.
  6. Question: Why are rail faires such a ripoff in ripoff Britain? Answer: Because we are actually one of the most corrupt countries in the world. We overpay for EVERYTHING. I'm willing to admit Australia is more expensive than Britain for most things, however that's partly because they also earn higher salaries than we do and have a better social security system. In most ways they are a much wealthier country than we are. The average Australian is much wealthier than the average British person in my opinion, obiously excluding the very wealthy/ upper class who would skew the figures. Yet I bet the Aussie rail network is still much cheaper than ours We have the most expensive rail fares in the world, and probably one of the worst railway services in the world. What a combination, only an incredibly corrupt country could manage that. Why do people not talk more about this corruption and fraud which is so systematic in Britain?
  7. That's some nice fiction. Anyway back in the real world: "How much? 1600 a day. Seems like a lot. Well I'll kickback 800/ day to an offshore account of your choosing. Then I'll use the remaining 800 to find the best nurse out there then give her additional training. Deal." In reality they find the cheapest possible nuse they can, most likely minimum wage or just above. Then they give her no training or 'pretend' to give training and make her sign a contract with them saying they have received training. This happens a lot. Even for a private company if they had a lot of debt they might be interested in a deal where they pay 10 pounds/ hour for staff, the staff get 6, the agency cream off 2 and the company get 2 pounds 'cashback'. They write the expense off against taxes so don't lose any money, but gain some. This is common practice. And these agencies make 1000s of pounds/ day for doing nothing but introducing jobs to their employees, the better ones will drive the employees to work if the distance is far but that's no justification for the fraud based profit taking. Ie they help companies commit fraud so they can earn a profit themselves.
  8. Ignorant British public. They have absolutely no sense of how economics works. The olympics does NOT have any significant impact on an economy. It's simply an event to show off to the world that your economy is healthy, strong and rich enough to host it. And we aren't. At the end of the day the fundamentals for our economy have and will not change. Post olympics nothing will change, even in London. The fundamentals still point to outsourcing and manufacturing of jobs all going to China and India just like what's been the case over the last two decades. There's no doubt in my mind the olympics is simply an excuse for corrupt politicians to line their own pockets by getting monetary handbacks from all the private companies they contract to provide for them. Mark my words the olympics 'budget' is going to be vastly overblown via all these corrupt practices and we'll have no where near as good venues/ service as they had in China as they can actually afford to have it there.
  9. Only 9 for me, does that mean I'm a retard? Funnily enough the 9 I matched for seem not much to do with maturity but more my knowledge/ interests. Like there was two for cooking and a couple related to politics economics otherwise I'd have easily gotten only 2-3 To be honest I consider myself the winner having the least matches of all of you. Means I'm not conforming to the system
  10. This story is evidence that job=slavery, if a company are willing to risk their entire database on cheap wage monkeys then there is a pathalogical obsession with cutting the workforce/ labour cost meaning absolutely zero loyalty to staff. You are better off earning less than minimum wage and maintaining your DIGINITY than working for almost ANY company out there. Unless you are the kind of person that is so skilled/ saught after that you can walk straight from one job to the next on the same salary then your job is a disservice and amounts to opting in for slavery. I don't think in the old days people worked for JUST the money, they worked for the STABLE life that most jobs used to give people.
  11. Sorry but you are speaking BS. I had good Chinese friends at university, including a girl who was completely lazy and submitted a third year project which would have been failed if it was a British student.. she ended up getting a 2:1. You know how I know? As a first year student I wrote half her documentation for her, but only in basic detail as I wanted her to write most of it. The IT project itself she just copied from a Chinese friend in China, some kind of chat software she just copy pasted it entirely and didn't understand any of it. I had a much better understanding of it. This was a well respected IT university campus in Staffordshire, guess that kind of gives away which university this is haha. Money can buy anything, mate. And if you think it's any different in most universities you will be wrong, sure the standards will be higher at better universities but I have a feeling it will always be half as difficult for foreign students. These are usually Chinese kids that didn't get good enough qualifications to get into China's good universities then their rich parents paid for them to come over here, if a lot started graduating with less than respectable results do you think new ones would keep coming? Wake up people, MONEY rules the world not fairness. If the world was fair all the corruption we talk about everyday wouldn't exist, and yet we are to believe educational institutions are less corrupt than governments and businesses which are 'rotten' / corrupt to the bone just because they can get away with it without reprecussions.
  12. The sad thing isn't that they are asking for more money, the sad thing is that we as a country can't afford to pay them more money regardless whether they were asking for it or not.. it's a reflection of our high cost economy- it's not that wages are too low but living costs are too high. If living costs were halved they wouldn't be asking for more, or they might be asking but would have no justification for it. I don't know what their normal wage is, if it's minimum wage then I'd say this is fair, if it's already something like 8-10 pounds/ hour then they are already earning a good enough wage so should just be quiet.
  13. Rule of thumb for government announcements- 1) We will change the tax system to be more suitable/ [insert reason] = We will raise taxes on everyone but the rich 2) We will change the benefit system to be more efficient/ [insert reason] = We will lower benefits 3) We want more jobs and British jobs for British people = We want less jobs, more outsourcing and as much immigration as possible so that British people can't get jobs. 4) There will be an inquiry into [insert government scandal] = A government selected 'independant' review of government finds government innocent. The review takes 5 years to complete by which take the ignorant British public have forgot all about it. 5) We want to bring the country out of recession and into economic growth = We want to keep perpetual low interest rates and pump money into the economy to keep the debt/ credit based housing bubble going and make the innocent pay for it via inflation. Oh and this is because our real economy is too small due to our repressive planning laws, so it's print or die.
  14. Because they created the idea of the green belt to further their interests of restricting new builds, a fair definition of available land would be all existing developable land which hasn't yet been built on. They just pointed out the easiest places to build and thought they would rebrand it as sacrilege to build on land which had been the development path of towns and cities throughout history. Meanwhile outside of the brainwashed group thinking, self thinkers realise that the green belt is not a real construct but an artificial one and secondly that it's certainly not green for the most part. The reason they don't have so much of a problem in many other countries is because other countries' populations are more politically active. I have a theory that working class British people are in fact mostly not that intelligent hence why they are not politically active. The few that are intelligent see themselves as the minority so decide to solely pursue economic self interest than fight corruption. Most of the intelligent working class people emigrated over the last three centuries to countries like the US, Australia and Canada to escape the deep rooted long standing corruption in this country. Genetics is playing a factor here, that's why so many British people these days are too attached to their home to leave because these are the same people that felt too attached over the last 100-300 years ago.
  15. The rich don't pay IHT, only the upper working classes pay that. Rich people can get around these things in the big international economy. You'd be hurting your own team there. Hardly anyone gets huge amounts of inheritance enough to not have to work, and those who do inherit a lot probably still decide to work. In the article Cameron insinuates the reason people can't find jobs is because they are illiterate, well first point you don't need literacy skills to do most minimum wage jobs and secondly we have very high literacy skills in this country so this is a complete lie perpetuated by Cameron to push his agenda of blaming the poor for their own unemployment instead of creating the right economic environment for job creation to occur.
  16. I think the point is that JSA is not enough to live on, but rather enough to 'survive' on in worse conditions than Chinese factory workers as you just have enough for food and bills barely. If you could live a reasonable existence on JSA we could push minimum wage down to JSA levels, which would be perfectly feasible if renting/ buying was much cheaper instead of the current artificially high prices for these commodoties in Western economies.
  17. Calling it a 'greenbelt' is so missleading, social engineering at it's worst. Working class people used to make a living off this very same land until the land enclosure acts stole it away from them. Now most of this is farmland, certainly not green by any measure.. more like yellow.. crop covered land. Having been to a few other countries I can happily tell you most land in England is ugly and boring. And we don't need nearly as much farmland as we have right now, we are subsidizing our farmers just to keep it. Farmers make a pretty good living despite what they tell people, if you were making a good living would you give away your method to others? I don't think so, hence they pretend it's unprofitable. It's in the governments interest to support farmers so it makes people think there's no land available when the farm fields are extended right to your back garden fence. There's no logical reason why we should have farmers fields on the doorstep of our town/ city limits.. it's UGLY- I'd prefer real countryside even wild. It's obvious the government lets fields get put on our doorsteps to give the illusion of a lack of space. And remember the elites/ royals in Britain own most of the land so it makes sense that the majority land owners are not going out there way to persuade government to allow building as these are the same elites that are trying to keep down our quality of living.
  18. These figures posted kind of scare me. I would have thought due to the successful middle class nature of the average HPC'r and the knowledge of a possible coming economic depression and possible rioting you'd all have at least a year's salary in a cash stash somewhere, or gold would be better. Seems the only ones on their game right now are the sell to renters with their house buying balance in the bank, preferably with 10% at home in gold or money. Not trying to compare though, I'm rubbish at saving money but as I live in a low cost of living country I can easily have at least 6 months living costs in the bank at what I'd consider the bare living costs. And I don't consider owning your own home to be worth any money, as much as I might get flamed for that. It's not worth any money until you make a sale and then it's worth what someone is willing to pay at that point in time. My father is testamount to this rule, he's been trying to sell his house in France for 3 years I kid you not.
  19. Ever thought about why our coal was uncompetitive on the world market? Our artificially high land prices and taxes for a start. If the cost of living wasn't so damn high in the first place, a miner wouldn't have to be paid as much money and it wouldn't cost as much money to buy the land a mine is located on, and less taxes would be taken by government. Coal mining is pretty common in China which I'd say is now economically MORE developed than our stupid services sector economy. I don't believe the modern definitions of economic development, surely a country with much more jobs and manufacturing is more prosperous thus more developed than a Western economy with high unemployment and small manufacturing sector. It's a shame British people seem intent on screwing eachother over, and supporting governments that follow these ideals.
  20. Hahahaha, only 30 years too late. I'm laughing because I am right in the middle of this deprived younger generation and made the clever choice to emigrate 4 years ago. Sadly most people in my generation have had it drilled into their head that they are worthless peices of rubbish and therefore must aim to get a career or job as they aren't 'skilled' enough to try something for themselves. Seriously my generation have been so belittled by the older generations, just think how difficult it is even to get a supermarket job these days- and how you need a degree to do even any office job. With messages like this, it's bred a generation or two of insecure unconfident people who will not be able to contribute to the wider world economy because they don't have the confidence to go out there and learn REAL skills.. not the rubbish that's taught in schools and universities which is now obselete as they teach the same stuff all over the world so whilst it's somewhat useful you aren't going to get a job with uni/ school taught skills if people can learn the same skills and work for $1/ hour in Asia. I managed to escape the brainwashing thanks to forums like HPC and others which showed enlightened me in to how corrupt the world is and made me realise I can't trust the world to give me a living- I have to be a capitalist warrior and fight for a standard of living which most would consider middle class yet most people in my generation would only dream of such a lifestyle. The targets I set myself are well above the average person. I've met people in very high paying jobs like well experienced pilots on 10k/ month, and you know what? They want out.. they spend vast sums of money on what are usually failed business plans to try and escape the rat race. My target in life is to earn a very comfortable living whilst only having to work the '4 hour week' kind of lifestyle.. though I imagine it will be more like '4 hour day' because I can tell you the 4 hour week stuff is rubbish if you expect to maintain a viable business without it slowly dying. And the 4 hours a day part is after slogging through the initial all day everyday part that most businessmen must maintain when they start off. My father has earned 50k in the UK for most of his life, but doesn't have much to show for it. A divorce and a second house in France that he can't sell. He's approaching retirement age but tells me he can't afford to retire so will be working as long as he can, he works incredibly hard to earn such a high salary and yet his lifestyle is far from the epitomy of everything less successful people strive for.
  21. Already watched this, very clever man. I live in China and I can tell you it's bubblicious. Sure there are a lot of rich Chinese businessmen here but all it will take is a turn in sentiment to turn around this bubble. I Bagsy first reply
  22. How does this sound? 300 pounds/ month plus free accommodation and free food. Weekends off work. Or if you want to rent your own apartment there's a gated community nearby with it's own swimming pool and beautiful garden.. starting from just 60 pounds/ month in rent and 15 pounds/ month service charges. The job does not require any academic qualifications and there are thousands of such jobs available around here. This is in my opinion a much better quality of life than in Britain on minimum wage. In my city Shenzhen a Chinese person just by having a degree can easily get 500-600 pounds/ month. That's the equivalent quality of life of being on 1500/ month in Britain after tax and you'd need to be earning 24,000 year to be on that. This does of course exclude price inelastic products like electronics where you could argue that if you were on 1500/ month in Britain and just rented a bedroom for 400/ month and spent very little you could have more disposable income. But if you had an example where most of the monthly income was spent on daily living costs which is the case for most people then the 600/ month in China would be much better. My aim is to be on 2000 pounds/ month while living in China as you can live like a king here for that money.
  23. Aha what's the saying, stuck on a canoe with no way off? UKIP and the BNP are both the main 'alternative' parties out there and neither are pushing hard or at all on planning law regulations. Only one alternative- emigrate. That's why the population of the UK has been growing so slowly and yet we seem to have a lot more foreigners, the smart British locals are leaving to be replaced by unskilled foreign labour that then go take all the minimum wage jobs leaving a large pool of unemployed people. Another even bigger factor is all the jobs that get offshored so you combine this with immigration and that's the result. I read a statistic that 70% of newly created jobs went to immigrants over the last 10 years. These statistics also don't reflect that for the 30% of jobs which went to British people half were probably skilled and not minimum wage as most immigrants do unskilled jobs. This leaves the possibility that 80% or more minimum wage jobs go to immigrants, so as a local you only have a one in five chance.
  24. How about me? 60 pounds/ month rent, 13 pounds/ month for service charges for the added benefit of living in a gated garden community with swimming pool. 50 square meter apartment. Half an hour bus ride to the nearest metro station from which I can go anywhere in the city. And the apartment is good quality, with an air conditioner and water heater, of course an elevator too.
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