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  1. Sorry I should make my point clearer as I've not written my 'full stance' in that post. As I've written my other opinions in so many posts I just assume people remember. My stance is mass house building to make rental prices down to Chinese levels then we could have a very low citizens income like 200 pounds/ month, less than what people get now. And abolish housing benefits altogether, keeping a little left over e.g. 50% HB for those with children but rent would be cheap enough for that to be negligible. Under my proposed system, the benefits bill would be cut by two thirds as a result of my changes, a flat tax rate of 20% over 5k which is harder for high earners to avoid and yet lower than existing rates. NHS would no longer be completely free, people would be required to pay a token 10% fee an all operations but could have it as a loan which is is payable based on means testing to see how much or little they can afford, the loan would also have a very loan interest rate like 1%. This adds social responsibility to people who eat and smoke to death whilst being too little money to be considered immoral. Minimum wage would be abolished but very strict border controls would be put into place, employers will be required to give unskilled job offers to British people before Europeans. The new market set minimum wage would end up being around 300-400 pounds/ month but in combination with a citizens income it would be a comfortable salary. People only receiving the citizens income would be no worse off than current JSA in terms of affording living costs but would definitely need to economize on food. But they would very easily be able to find a job unlike current conditions so there would be no moral issues. No more expensive license requirements for opening a bank or laws against using alternative currencies like Bitcoin. Licenses could be made very cheap so to prevent the current monopolisation of the banking industry. Saberu solution losers: BTL investors, home owners who want to 'cash out' on the equity of their home, children who want to cash out by inheriting property from parents (I think this includes fafa) Unless my solution is applied in terms of the housebuilding reforms and subsequent removal of minimum wage then Britain is going down the road of a banana republic or USSR style depression. High land prices only help land and property owners while doing extensive economic damage to non-owners, it's essentially pricing them out of the world labour market and without them we wouldn't need a minimum wage. The minimum wage is higher in London, why? Because land costs more, thus rent and everything else does aswell.
  2. You are definitely of a lesser rank, please join the back of the class. We'll let you back into the conversation when all us 100% depositers/ BTL on the siders have finished our random ramblings. Only 75%? Oh by dear god. I'm sure we can setup a 'get zebbedee to 100%' fund. One last thing, it's come to my attention that the 100% deposit requirement for becoming a HPC member was removed when you joined the forum. I'll have to make sure the mods re-activate that. God forbid if anyone without a deposit at all was to signup, think of the children!
  3. Love you guys Pretty much spot on except for my girlfriend is pretty smart, she's second position for exam results in her entire year and plans to attend the second best university in the country. She's decided to study Spanish because she did a lot of thinking and realised most Chinese people study English yet Spanish is the second biggest language and a lot of people use it so it's a more unique skill with less competition. Forgetting the fact she's smart and already successful in her studies, how many girls do you know that have chosen their degree subject with the intent of getting something as useful as possible for the workplace? And she likes Spanish too, and has a lot of hobbies so partakes to things enthusiastically. I didn't give her any ideas of what to study or anything related to jobs/ gaining skills at all, she decided all that before she met me. Oh and I'm not a millionaire yet, and I'm not working illegally as I have a work visa.. I was just a little creative on my CV. But it's all good, as long as the person is good at the job that's all that counts. And I could still afford to live here without the job if i wanted, just it's only 18 hours/ week for a much better salary than I can get in the UK for a full-time job.
  4. Yeah it was kind of a jokey thread but it's also a good way to 'stir up' some debate
  5. I was thinking recently maybe the reason there is so much anger on the forum is because some of you missed the boat and can't leverage up enough to get on the housing ladder. I just think BTL's are just smarter than the rest of us, we could learn a thing or two from them. They are savvy investors.
  6. Saberu


    There is no free market, there's very strict planning permission laws and a green belt policy covering most usable land. A comment like yours seems like something coming from a BTL, but then I see from your earlier post that you are one so there's no point in trying to reason with you. Britain is far from a free market for land nor are most Western countries. If you want something closer to a free market you should check out developing countries like China where you can rent a good quality small apartment for 60-80 pounds/ month in a gated community and even that price is considered expensive to many Chinese people with lower requirements. As you can see the result of a free market is prices going down, not up. That's why the price of most goods has been coming down every year! Competition and abundance. We live in a world of abundance but are being forced to pay half our salaries in rent or mortgage in Western countries. Another example, properties are expensive to buy in China and I'd say similar price wise to Britain. This is due to all the rich people buying them up in droves, but notice there is no correlation between rental and buying prices. China is proof that you can rent a property for as little as 1% yield on the buying price. Sometimes people on this forum have correlated house price increases to rental increases but there is no relationship between the two. Rental prices are dictated by demand and the buying power of renters. So I'd say it's government offering to pay full rental prices for benefit recepients across the country without negotiating which is the cause of high rental prices. Not only that but they also subsisize living costs for those working with children which also serves to prop up rental prices.
  7. They aren't lying. I got my 10k deposited in the last round of QE. I guess they are doing it by random. Sucks for anyone reading this thread who didn't get a 10k, some of my friends and family got it. I really think it's helped the economy, well I'll be honest with you I'm just glad I was one of the 'chosen ones'. I'm really going to say that although the BoE have been wrong in the past both myself and my bank balance can't be happier with recent events!
  8. Indeed, not long ago it was only the middle class (those with money) that were allowed to vote. When they realised they could rig the system they decided to slowly let everyone vote. Obviously that was when the term middle class actually meant something, like enough money that you didn't need to work which is the real definition of middle class. People in good jobs are upper working class. So no where near the number of people we consider as middle class today, which is a very fake definition as most of our current 'middle class' have full-time jobs. We don't have democracy even right now, it's just a rigged election. I'm sure the real people in power would do something to stop an outside party getting in if it seemed they were going to win, and assuming said party refused any bribes offered. Most humans have very little economic value, I would say the average British person has very little economic value then the average Chinese person's economic value is more that of being part of a machine which you could lease instead of needing the capital up front to buy in full. So once it becomes economically viable just to buy the machines in full you won't need these workers. Capitalism is trying as hard as it can to find the value of every person on the planet. The problem is due to things like minimum wage laws which even China has then it's upsetting the balance between supply and demand preventing it from finding it's equilibrium. Indeed if it did find it's equilibrium people might wake up to how bad we all have it. I met a girl last year in north China who was working as a doctor at a very small clinic, it seems they were not observing China's minimum wage laws. She told me she was being paid 70 pounds/ month, whereas there were people nearby working as restaurant waiters earning over 150 pounds/ month. This is due to the fact the medical profession is considered to hold a lot of status in China so it's very over subscribed. You can imagine in a country where average wages are so low that people would prefer to work in a respectable job than look for higher paying work as the gap is so insignificant. See everyone? It's possible for a doctor whose been to a medical college to end up on a slave salary at half the minimum wage of a country known around the world to have some of the lowest wages in the world. All because of supply and demand and the pathetic low economic worth of the average individual. I might start earning good money one day, let's say I earned a million every year. The market would deem that I am over 50 times as valuable as the average professional earning 20-25k/ year after tax. And 500 times an average Chinese worker. Am I really 50 times more important and valuable than the average Britain, 500 times than the average Chinese? Certainly not, hell a million is pocket change in the scheme of things we all know that. But I would have been able to make it just from either having enough capital to invest or knowledge of how to market a business effectively. Then I invest another million and I'm suddenly earning 100 million a year, I'm now 5,000 times more important than the average British person, and 500,000 times than the average Chinese. This certainly doesn't seem fair to me, considering it was initial capital investment and luck at having the right knowledge that lead me down this specific path that would allow me to earn a lot more than other people. Well this is what's going on en masse right now, the people in control of most capital, land, resources and most powerful knowledge are leveraging it to make themselves 10 times richer. Leveraging it using the power of automation, modern communications equipment and technology. They are getting much richer as a result of the same thing that's destroying the jobs and livelihoods of millions or even billions around the world. I'm not saying we should be a luddite and stop automation but that we could share the wealth a little more. Like have a citizens income then remove the minimum wage and let people do stuff they enjoy like their hobbies, maybe teaching their hobbies or setting up clubs and charging under minimum wage. I envisage a better world to be a place where people can be freed from their chains by all receiving a citizens income and therefore not needing to earn as much money from their job would allow them to have more imaginative income streams like services to friends and family. Obviously lower housing costs would need to be in the solution too.
  9. We won't starve to death, but will just be given the minimum standard of living that you can accept without getting violent and wanting to revolt against the government. Look at what's happening in Australia right now. They have these 'Basic Cards' which are for benefit claimants (job seekers) and mean 70% of the money they receive must be spent on absolute necessities like rent, food and utilities except probably internet even though I'd argue that's a neccessity. You can only use them at the two biggest supermarkets for everyday goods apparantly. This is a sample of the future for most people. Most people will become redundant, be thrown on benefits and as the benefit bill goes up the government will demand people be put onto these types of systems. I'm sorry to say this but it's just not viable for businesses and even governments to keep employing a vast over supply of people in non jobs. There's so many non jobs out there right now in the private and public sector built up from the big corporate waste of multi level managers and then for government there's a lax work ethic meaning many more employees needed. Hell there's so much wastage going on with inefficiencies in many companies, many companies and the government not using automation where it's required. So down to the point. Fact is Damik, 'they' don't care about you, or your friends, or your family. The elites are quite happy to get rich and let most people become poor and obselete. If they wanted us to have a better quality of life then it would be cheaper to buy a house to live in now than it was 50 years ago, but I believe in reality it's more expensive in most or just the same in some areas. But our technology has improved to the point where if we wanted, our housing could be ten times cheaper especially if it's a small apartment. Artificial scarcity. This is why it makes me sad when wonderpup makes these kind of threads because I know people are just too ignorant to understand the concept and also too trusting of government intentions. Most people wouldn't trust a stranger, so why would you trust the government? A stranger would in fact usually have more in common with you than an elite government string puller so more likely to get your back in times of need. I think the reason people don't understand is because it takes a very logical thinker to see the connections between how much it costs to make/ do something and how much things are really costing, most people can't think laterally enough to see the big picture on this subject. I think aa3 can, I always enjoy his posts mentioning how cheap it is for companies to manufacture things because it's true. An iphone isn't an expensive other worldly device, it's just a cicuit board with some chips and a plastic container. A better example. Vodafone make billions in profit and pay very little in tax, you might wonder how they make all that money? Well do you think it actually costs them money for you to send your bits of data through the air? Newsflash, it's almost free for them! Even the expensive part of setting up the wireless communication net is made much cheaper by mass produced manufactured communications equipment. People are willing to pay the amount they do because it's so useful just like people are willing to pay huge amounts to own enough land for a house or pay that much for the house, people don't question the reason why it's so expensive to own a peice of land, a house or make phone calls. Companies like Vodafone make huge profits because people are addicted to the brand name, I think it's probably not even allowed but if you setup your own mobile network in London it would probably only cost 20-30k but none of the other big operators would agree to let you in on their shared network and the government probably wouldn't even allow you to do it anyway. So why is that? Well it seems methods of communication and land are the two most important commodities in the world. Land has resources and space to live, communication allows you to find customers. It really is that simple. Land helps provide for the goods and services, then communication is the part that helps you find people who want to trade with you. We already have the technology to make communication and land both cheap and abundant, it's those that currently control it who want it to stay scarce and expensive but sadly they also get to make the decisions.
  10. Dude that's the whole damn point. People aren't rewarded anything for learning almost all the skills there are out there to learn. The way business works is you have a product or service on one side and marketing to find customers on the other. It used to be the case before technology like the internet that you could go out and advertise effectively by word of mouth and business cards but now we have internet and TV it's easy for a website or company to advertise to the whole country or even the whole world if they have sufficient capital. Then you have another factor at play which is branding, companies are using their capital advantage to secure their place in the market by making themselves into a well known brand simply by getting their name out there with advertising which is even further monopolising most markets. A logical person would then conclude there might be one last type of marketing out there which was both effective and cheap, which is the whole thing i was talking about internet marketing is the only type that fits the description. The problem is 99% of the knowledge/ techniques/ tips out there are either beginner level or only moderately effective and you have to know the most effective strategy but anyone who knows doesn't tell others to keep competition down. Your problem isn't a lack of demand but rather you don't have sufficient capital to invest in marketing or the top marketing skills required to do it yourself. Most websites on the internet didn't know how to do marketing either they just paid a big sum like 20-30,000 pounds to an online marketing company who used their secret techniques to rank the sites. My solution to the above problems was to choose an unbranded product and then practice the hell out of online marketing as it is the only way to succeed without a lot of capital. Anyway don't worry man I'll help you out one day once my own stuff is sorted.
  11. Since when was the choice supporting more or less automation and nothing else? You may aswell have asked me to vote Conservative or New Labour as that's the kind of choice you were offering. MY solution which I'm sure is the same as what wonderpup wants would be to take back more of what's rightfully ours from the rich elites. The amount of money they make and have is way more than we know, we just see the tip of the iceberg. Then there's all kinds of profit hiding, capital hiding then there's instruments like inflation to rob us of our own capital. It's common sense to conclude that a society with all our technology and cheap energy can afford way more comfortable lifestyles than what the average is right now, waaaay more. I'm not saying people should be encouraged to be greedy and spend lots of money but more to the point I'm saying because we live in a world of abundance we shouldn't be made to work 40 hours/ week doing mostly mundane jobs and not even have much to show for it. People should be able to work 20 hours/ week and still get the same quality of life they have now, I strongly believe that. I've been living a Western standard of living working under 20 hours/ week for many years so I know it makes sense. We are living in a society where only land owners, capital owners and the smartest top one percent of people get rewarded a comfortable life. Everyone else works hard for a basic existence or works hard for a reasonably comfortable but not very comfortable existence yet are working so hard they haven't the time to enjoy their earnings.
  12. Right because there's no way there would be even more of this overstock in 10 years time?
  13. No surprise, it was the same for me. In my most stressful/ poverty stricken times I ended up smoking a lot. I'm giving up for good next month.
  14. Quite a lot actually. Automation means less work for everyone less jobs which leads to poverty. There are very few ways out and there seems to be a lot of secret keeping when it comes to effective marketing methods that people keep tightly under wraps. With a reply like that I'd almost think you were in the industry and one of the ones who knew the technique and wanted to keep it on the low down
  15. Hey guys well I've spent the past 5 years of my life learning online marketing. I finally discovered today 99% of the 'techniques' the advanced/black hat people talk about are in fact amateur rubbish. And there is in fact one super uber powerful technique which crushes all others but NO ONE in the industry is letting it out to the wider community. This is proof to me if there ever needed it, when people have a vested interest for their own success they don't share their technique with others if it is very useful. My best friend in the community who I've known for years admitted to me today that he's known about this technique for over a year.. and not even mentioned it to me. I found it out through extensive research, hell I even found a technique which seemed similar.. questioned it and realised it was in fact BS but that lead me to realise what the real technique was. Saying all that.. I'm not going to share the technique. But I would if I was already making big money from it to the point where I no longer needed it. At that point I would give it away to all HPC members lol. Don't reply asking me to say it or people will think I'm trying to sell a get rich quick scheme. Even 'Steed' probably doesn't know this one.
  16. And I presume you'll be able to print out 100,000s of whatever little plastic widgets are in demand at a better quality or lower cost than professional factories based in China? And have a warehouse to store them in. And all the staff you will need to manage the entire operation. Hell let's just move over the whole means of production malarky as it's been possible to make money for centuries just by being the agent between trades. So you found yourself a decent enough supplier and somehow mustered the capital together to make payment on whatever first large order comes through. But as wonderpup said, where are the customers? Well you can get customers from the internetz but good luck competing with millions of highly skilled online marketers and millions more businesses with the capital to just buy the marketing power they need. Even most successful online marketers needed at least a few 10,000 of capital and knowing how and where to invest it, using their skills wisely in order to get successful. Anyone who wants to have a try, you better get started as it will take years to master, and a lot of money and probably a few failures before you make it. You don't have to think outside the box to be successful without significant capita. You need to have lived outside it permanently for a long time and unless you are a genius or just lucky then even then your journey has begun. Most people haven't even begun the journey and most people don't know how to even think in the right state of mind to know where the journey starts. There's currently a big knowledge gap between people who don't know how to start and those who do but then failed and gave up. Then there's another big knowledge gap between the ones who started and gave up and the ones who became successful. If this epic level of difficulty doesn't inspire whoever is reading this instead of scaring them off then they have already failed. To be successful without signficiant capital or business genius then you need to be intelligent, hardworking, willing to fail and never give up. I don't think that makes it a fair playing field but I know for a fact that you can make a good living income with an investment of as little as 10,000 pounds in the right areas and yet there are millions of people sitting on pots of 100,000+ who lack the knowledge to make that money work for them. That gives me some faith in capitalism, as long as knowledge, intelligence and hard work can pay off then there's still hope yet. Honestly I think the reason there is not much riot and revolution going on is because anyone able enough to lead the revolution and be the next Oliver Cromwell is also able enough to be successful hence few figureheads appear. Julian Assange is probably earning money from Wikileaks, which is why a person with his ability is seeming to use it for the 'greater good'. Trust me there are loads of smart people that know the system is screwed up but our too busy working hard for their own self improvement to worry about it. At some point this may change but it's too far off for current generations to worry about. I'm not trying to be insulting as I share wonderpup's views more than most posters though I do think he is using this forum as an outlet for his frustrations of not feeling successful enough in his own life and it's the same for many posters. If overnight all these posters made it to their financial goals I don't think they would be any where near as vocal against the government or the capitalist system as a whole. We are selfish creatures in a selfish modern culture. Successful people are too busy enjoying their lives to spend time debating the fairness of society especially when they know the general intelligence of the population is so low that their voices won't be heard anyway. There's no point speaking out when there is no one to rally your cause, I think our forum debates won't change anything but a lot of posters wrongfully believe they can make a difference. This might sound like a cynical post but until the majority of the population understand the issues and can rally for the cause that intelligent people are willing to voice then it's all for nothing. Until we have chavs on the street chanting the HPC mantra about our artificially high cost of living vs Asian countries, then hope is lost for the majority.
  17. Already happening. I know the Japanese printer manufacturing Brother are moving operations to Vietnam, I have an insider source. They have a massive factory near here and it's all going to Vietnam. Even bigger news, the biggest manufacturer in the whole of China and possibly the world, Foxxcon which I believe is a Taiwan owned company operating mostly in Shenzhen and other places in Guangdong province, have stated they want to automate most of their production within the next twenty years. I can't predict the future, however I can say with certainty there will be a lot of outsourcing from China to other Asian countries. Then the biggest most powerful manufacturers like Foxconn will look at investing large amounts of money in automation. It may be the case that Foxconn does it first on any major scale, then after seeing their success and then with the future lower price of automation equipment due to Foxconn 'opening' the market other companies will follow in their footsteps. mfp123 is right, China is a very capitalist country. Obviously for deals involving buying large plots of land you still need to bribe local officials but everyday businesses can run with minimal interference. Tax for personal income and business are much, much lower, so are land prices/ rents due to not having artificial barriers like a Green Belt to stop development- it goes on unimpeded even encouraged by stimulus. China gets a bad rep in the West but if you look at it from the perspective that the Chinese government have provided the necessary conditions to give employment to most people in a country with 1.3 billion population then it starts to become clear that in fact China is less corrupt even than Britain and the US. Sadly this will change with outsourcing and automation. Also most of the profits from business go to the capitalists/ business owners and the people get very little but it's the same deal in Western countries so you can't blame the government for that especially considering the high population means more competition for jobs. I see comments in this thread about China having a difficult future, well it's more a case that instead of being ahead of Western economies by light years, they will just be significantly ahead instead. Instead of exporters in China making insane fortunes, they will make modest fortunes instead whilst keeping most of their previous gains. Although because of the past high profitability of this sector there are a lot of people trying to get into it and failing due to the deflation/ lowering demand from abroad so now everyone is saying 'don't get into export' well the people who were most successful in the business are still going to be earning money. I disagree with FaFa's opinion that the UK and China are similar with the 50% thing, a manufacturing based economy is much stronger than a consumer based one. Also with a manufacturing economy there's more chance for average guys to try and join the market whereas consumer economies are all about branding with big barriers to entry for consumer goods.
  18. This is the greatest news I've seen on progress to stop the current corrupt financial system. They are scared of bitcoin! Not sure how to add the video so here's the link
  19. You don't get it. Rich people buy property all over the world and they might only visit each one for one or two weeks per year. Also they value their privacy so they would rather stay in their own properties than 5 star hotels. 5 star hotels are for the lower rung rich, quasi rich.
  20. It's not 'cheap' but I'd say it's the going rate for a property in a top market area. I'll give you an example, China's property market is even more overvalued than ours by a long stretch. But some of their most expensive property is probably around 50,000 pounds per square metre. I wouldn't be surprised if in some locations in China property prices have gone up 100 fold over the last 30 years. Although I'm sure they have more expensive property but this price seems like a mid range tier for top end locations. Look at the location on the map for this property, it's right next to Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. Rich international buyers recognize those landmarks, they are famous. Bet they wouldn't recognise most other places in Britain. Hence the high price tag. Another thing, I would say by international standards a young British guy earning 20-30k per year is considered poor now. After taking tax and living costs into the equation. That puts most British people out of the running as they would be competing with richer overseas buyers and richer boomer generation British people.
  21. Haha exactly I'm sure there are a lot of wealthy customers that really appreciate the added value services she provides.
  22. This guy is talking out his ass. Actually I'm inclined to believe he knows the REAL solution is the one I outline below but he has a secret agenda to take advantage of which is probably along the lines of support the government to keep spending so that when the deflation/ depression eventually does come it will be bigger than ever and he can buy up assets on the cheap. Though he's spot on when identifying all the problems I think he's using his problem identifying status to then push his own agenda. People will respect him for pointing out the problems and then assume he knows what he's talking about or worse, don't question his agenda about his proposed 'solution'. My comment I added to his blog Maybe I'm a cynic but I just don't trust any of our Western economists or politicians including this guy with the sole exception of Ron Paul.
  23. Sorry but this is wrong. What will happen is they will ignore your advice then once things go bad and you remind them of the advice you gave them for example to get out the housing market they'll say "oh it's nice to be able to say that in hind sight isn't it!" ignoring the fact you told them a year in advance People conveniently forget good advice you tell them as it helps them save face, protects their ego.
  24. I'd say this is good advice for people with modest targets like just a career/ job but bad advice if you want to be an entrepreneur as in that case you should be putting all your time into it and spending as little as possible on luxuries so you can invest in your business. Although now that Bitcoins exist anyone can be an investor or entrepreneur, if you don't have the skills to do real business you can just mine bitcoins unless the government try to shut it down. I'm not doing Bitcoin mining myself but it's definitely the easiest 'investment' out there with the highest returns right now unless you have huge amounts of money to invest in high return big business. I didn't used to take Bitcoin that seriously but now there's one exchange site where you can get almost immediate fulfillment of sell orders due to the high liquidity which means it's very easy to convert your Bitcoins to real money fast.
  25. Oh shit... I'm gonna have to build an uber comp and start mining. Maybe after a month I'll have one bitcion but in 30 years it could be worth $10k Wait that didn't make sense, I'm better off just buying some bitcoins! A bitcoin is $8.4 right now, a lot higher than it was a year back afaik.
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