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  1. Would be cheaper and much better value for money/ quality of care to move to China or the Philippines and get a full-time carer for as little as 200-300 pounds/ month. Compared to living in a care home in Britain where you will be ignored most of the day and get minimal service, from what I hear most care homes are horrible but old people lose their mind and don't know how to stand up for themselves in a care home. Care homes are usually very understaffed so the businesses running them can make as much profit as possible. If there were more care homes then prices would be cheaper but probably too much red tape and high cost barrier to entry for most startups, not to mention needing planning permission.
  2. It's worse than that. A lot of Chinese girls are arrogant about their requirements with men. Most of the ones that are at least reasonably attractive either demand a very handsome boyfriend when they are young, or even worse their requirement is so high that they just sleep/ play around with handsome guys. Then by the time they reach around age 23-25 and get into the work place the nicer ones settle down with a handsome boyfriend, even though their boyfriend still plays around on the side. Then the majority start looking for guys with money to be their 'lovers' which means a relationship based on money for sex. Again these rich guys will get many girlfriends. It's not surprising they are arrogant when you consider that most handsome or rich guys will make themselves available to any reasonably pretty girl just for sex no matter how many girlfriends they have, then still call it a relationship. There are exceptions in terms of women/men but they must be so rare that I haven't met any yet. It's a society where the 20% prettiest girls will only like the 5% most handsome guys or guys with money. And the key here is they don't care as much as Western girls whether these guys have other girlfriends, according to Chinese culture as long as they don't see the other girls then what they don't know won't hurt them. To make matters worse, most Chinese parents will raise their children to believe that money and status is more important than anything, even love. This is reflected in the culture too, money and looks are worshiped above all else. I've met Chinese girls that will spend 20% of their salary per month on getting their hair done once a month for a cost of over 100 pounds per time. If this isn't obsession then I don't know what is. Then some guys will get a 30-50 year car loan so they can spend half their salary each month on the loan just to have a good car. Honestly I feel lucky to have a reasonably pretty girlfriend with a good personality., they still exist but you usually have to find them before they graduate from university and get into the pressure of a full-time job, which is when their materialism goes through the roof. There's a Chinese pop song on the internet somewhere with a girl singing about how she will only accept a man with a house, car and money. Being materialistic and vain is considered cool in China, and they don't have our morals or christian beliefs about getting only a single boyfriend/girlfriend. We all know guys sleep around more than girls, well in China girls sleep around quite a lot... so you can imagine for most guys it's no hold bar as in the sky is the limit. Of course there's many exceptions, less attractive men and women end up being much more traditional but that's more because they find it hard to get a partner. Most Chinese guys know how bad the situation is and have a much more pessimistic view about dating than Western men. Most Chinese believe don't believe in love, their cultures obsession with status and money I believe is attributed to the lack of trust and social cohesion. Prostitution is the only thing keeping many guys sexually satisfied, without it things will be much worse. I don't use prostitutes myself but have no problem with it, in a society where money is so important making prostitution illegal would almost be akin to saying that only rich guys could sleep with the most beautiful women so would be very hypocritical. I hear the one child policy makes people even more arrogant, being the only child they are used to being pampered.
  3. Makes sense. They are going to try and make their councils/ department as big as possible by sucking money out of the local economy to create more jobs then asking central government for more money by showing how many more jobs they have created. Then the more departments and jobs created, the more money the managers can pay themselves. Not to mention the managers can outsource most of their admin work to assistants and other staff. The central government are so corrupt themselves that they seem to be turning a blind eye to it.
  4. That's too much meat and too much protein. You should be replacing half of that protein source with eggs or a mix of egg and nuts. Even better try aiming for 3000 calories. 4500 is fine if you are a serious body builder in the muscle building stage. But as an ex body builder you should be leaning down not bulking up, so 4500 is way too much. I get it though, my friend was a really big muscle guy doing Wu Shu for a while. When he stopped doing it, his appetite didn't go away. So all his muscle converted into fat and he looked like a big panda. But he is bigger than 200 pounds. If you are eating lean meat like chicken then that's 600-700g of protein a day, way too much. Eating too much protein doesn't build muscle, it ends up being stored as energy just like too much carbs or fat would be.
  5. Wow, we have a winner. I'll save this incase I want to start eating meat regularly again. Anyone spending 400-600 pounds/ month on food for one or two people should be ashamed of yourselves. I've had months where I've spent 300 pounds on food but that was more due to laziness of not wanting to cook and preferring to eat out. But I have immense plans now including buying an electric oven, cutting out most meat, eating more fruit and nuts, eggs then using then oven for roast vegies. I'll try and cut meat down to 2 days a week, as I want to get slim and toned up. Obviously I will be doing exercise/ sports and workouts on top of that.
  6. If you were smart you would be operating as a freelancer on paper from another country and then your employer would employ you as an outsider/ service, you wouldn't have to pay any tax. Anyone not having to live in the UK can easily get away without having to pay tax, and there's a lot of countries in the world that won't notice you not paying tax when you are on a tourist visa. Obviously you would have no legal protection or right to redundancy unless specifically written into the contract and then dependant on laws etc. But freedom is more important than this, if you are really a skilled person you wouldn't be afraid of redundancy or being laid off then you can get the benefits of not having to pay tax. Some people will say this is immoral but this is what corporations all over the world are doing, many just put their head office HQ's in places like China and employees pay very little tax.
  7. I'm a lot more choosey now than I was when I was 18. As time has gone on, I have lost weight, become better groomed and more charming as well as being a lot more socially intelligent. I expect I will be more choosey 6 months from now if I can manage to lose a little more weight and improve my figure.
  8. There would be a lot more exporting to China without their 100% import tax on almost all imported products. There is a lot of wealth here, even with the tax there's a significant amount imported.
  9. Correlation doesn't imply causation. It is most likely the case that employers just prefer migrants because they work hard due to the cost of living difference to their own countries meaning they can arbitrage on the cost of living by sharing bedrooms in Britain to save more money. It's been increasingly competitive to get a job since the late 90's. I remember in the late 90's and even around the year 2000 it was even possible to get a call support job and many other lower tier office jobs with just A-levels. A-levels are seen as useless now for anything but a stepping stone to further education. For minimum wage type jobs most employers even prefer a person without A-levels and just a few GCSE's instead. This means anyone 35 and over doesn't know how hard young people have it. Between the year I entered secondary school (in year 7) and the time I finished my A-levels there was a huge sentiment shift in job seeking. When I was in year 7 it was possible to get a reasonable office job from A-levels alone. I even think it's possible that the higher competition for minimum wage job has forced many unemployed people to get more education, maybe even go the Open University route ending up with waves of people competing for the lower tier office jobs which predictably now pay pretty poor. A job in sales at a mobile phone store or (I hate to say it) as a real estate agent is still decent due to bonuses. But won't be long until these opportunities are gone too. With the rise of the internet.
  10. Wealth is more to do with how much capital/ savings you have than your income. People earning 100k and spending (re: wasting) most of it are not going to become rich, they will just be working to live a little more comfortable but without significant savings/ capital saved they will have as much pressure on their life as a lower salaried worker, perhaps even more with a high pressure job and a mortgage to boot. Makes me laugh, most people aspire to work hard in a job earning 50-100k just so they can waste all the money on material things/ higher living standard. The smart ones are saving most then investing in their own business. I can save/ invest 2/3 my income and still have a very good quality of life, how many people can say that? I'm not exactly a high earner either, more because I'm not living in a ripoff Western country with ripoff rent and tax. My workmates are getting extra part-time jobs to sustain their high spending lifestyles, they are earning more than me but saving significantly less. They are essentially on course for an existence of perpetual poverty. I'll even go further and say it's not the capital or savings that can make you richer, but how much return you can get on them over a year period. I might get 100% per year return on my investment, others will throw money in a bank and get a negative return after inflation.
  11. How dare you insult Miliband. He is clearly a respectable fellow, and I think you will find property move profits are the least of his concern. He will be making a very respectable income from big business bribes thank you very much. The world isn't run by democracy, it's run by money. Most politicians are bought and paid for.
  12. The whole idea of a mobile home is that it's mobile. You should buy a large caravan or even better buy a minibus type vehicle, some of them look really nice. There was a member on here who did that, stripped out all the seats and made it into a really nice home with big screen TV, bed etc. I think he even added a toilet I'm not sure. Even without a toilet you can just use the gym membership one, as you will be taking daily showers there anyway. If you need to take a piss just go outside, as you would presumably be parked somewhere out of sight paying no rent. Some people even live in their cars, so living in a large minibus would be pretty comfortable in comparison. If you can find cheap places to eat out then no need to cook either Hell from the savings you make you may as well 'invest' more into quality of life by eating out everyday, some days cheap some days nice places.
  13. Did you buy that truck in the end and start finding your own customers in Europe etc? Sounds like a fun business.
  14. I've used a Dyson to hoover the carpets before, they have very poor suction. Not surprising considering the physics of using a bag in the first place is what gives such great suction. Replacing a bag is probably less effort than having to get all the gunk out of the damn hoover yourself anyway. And of course Dyson is being very disingenuous, he wants cheap engineers to work on his research teams to make HIM money. That's the thing with hardware and engineering these days it takes a lot of capital investment to bring out a new technology which means a graduate won't invent anything by himself and even if he does he won't have the capital to even test his theory. All the brainpower would just be sold cheaply to the big engineering companies like Dyson. I've probably chosen the best field in terms of reward for intelligence/ hard work.
  15. It would look fine if the houses around it were the same style. I agree with the other poster who said we need homogeneity in our housing stock. And I wouldn't mind alien spaceships taking up 10% of the housing stock as long as they were built in separate groups/ estates to the normal houses. And I personally wouldn't want to live in one. In terms of futuristic modern accommodation I think glass walled towers look the most stunning and I would love to live in a really tall one. It would have great natural light. I live such a boring life, I've never even been in one. One day if I'm rich I'll build my own then live in the penthouse
  16. Well that's that then, close the forum. It's obvious we can't do a better job thinking of solutions than a government who deliberately isn't coming up with solutions. Have you been paying no attention to other threads on HPC? Build more houses, lower living costs, remove minimum wage, abundance of cheap labour and less poverty. Hello???
  17. The other elephant in the room is 25% youth unemployment in Australia. Should we really believe a report from an industry which has a vested interest in lower wages? It's clear they are pushing for mass immigration so they can get the same cheap labour they have in Britain and the US. Australia used to be a British colony, so did the US. So it's little surprise that both these Western countries are following the high land price policies which seem to be a reflection on British culture in general, when British people get rich they become selfish bastards. I'm half Australian and half British. But in terms of culture, I'm a man of the world. I don't follow the let's-screw-eachother-over mantra most Western people are singing hymns to. I'm living in Shanghai right now and noticed a lot of big corporations basing their headquarters here. Hello!?!? These guys are avoiding tax. Not just the directors but probably 3-4 layers down of upper management all avoiding tax by living in China and having the whole HQ based here. See guys? Income tax is only for working class and lower level management staff. Not only are they avoiding tax but they are living in a country where living costs are 3-10x less depending on location, even with Shanghai being the most expensive city in mainland China it's still 3x cheaper to rent here and food etc. These guys are earning salaries of 5-10k pounds per month, paying almost no tax on their salaries and then have 3-4x cheaper living costs than all you guys working hard just to earn half their salaries and pay half tax on that only to have to pay 3x more than these guys pay in living costs? Guess how much these upper management guys pay to send their kids to private high schools in Shanghai? 33,000 pounds per year! Whereas a typical 'expensive' high school in Shanghai costs 3,000 pounds per year. That's how rich these guys are, seriously. I hear the students who go to that high school are so arrogant that they beat people up and the school doesn't even accept Chinese students, only foreign ones. This isn't even the elites, this is just very high level corporate workers who work their ass off and get given slightly bigger crumbs from the pie than we get yet even that gives them 10x more than us. Their 'crumb' is 10x bigger. The elites are even 1000x richer than these guys, the kind of wealth which people like us could just not even mentally compare to our own because it's so much money you wouldn't know what to do with it... becomes meaningless figures in the air. They are so rich we even can't comprehend their wealth. We like to throw around numbers like $100 million, $1 billion etc. which is easy just to say but try and quantify that in terms of what you can buy in a way that relates to your own life experience? Nope, can't do it. Wake up, revolution!
  18. The site owner probably stole it himself. It's easy for an amateur Linux user to make their box secure. If someone thinks they have the skill to run a box which will be attacked 24 hours a day, they probably have better than amateur skill. My guess is he 'stole' it from his own box, then pocketed the cash It's worth noting that there is no need to keep Bitcoins on other peoples servers, you can keep it on a USB key or your own computer. Hell your best bet would be keeping it on a TrueCrypt volume on a top quality USB key which you then lock in a safe. So then no one can steal it even if they found the USB key. The main Bitcoin exchange in existence is still perfectly secure afaik.
  19. Injin I kind of agree with you. But you can't deny cheaper metals like silver and copper were and still could be very good forms of money. Though I definitely think gold as an investment isn't really worth it unless you have millions of pounds. If you have less than a million there are way better investments out there, but they require research, knowledge, skills and hard work to get results. Rich people like resources or gold miners because you can get a % return on even very large investments. It's much harder to do that with investments than need working on. Hence people who invest small amounts in gold are doing so because they don't have the skills to invest in anything else.
  20. I'm earning way above minimum wage but I still feel I need to stop spending as much so I can save more. I've decided I'm better off investing as much as I can in the business now while I'm still young then I can reap the rewards later. When the business starts earning more I can spend more.
  21. She might have been sending you a message. In my experience most women prefer the boyfriend/ husband to be out working full time even if you are still comfortable working part-time. Asian women especially would be very indirect on serious matters. Even if you are already doing very well financially, which it seems is the case if you are only 15k off buying in cash, most women will always wonder 'why doesn't he go out and make even more money?'. It's the age we live in sadly.
  22. Prepare to be amazed. You can earn a 'minimum wage' of around 1700-1800 yuan in many places which is about 170-180 pounds per month. But this will be for less labour intensive jobs like supermarket, service sector etc. Then factory jobs typically will be paid 250-300 pounds/ month as they are harder work. Ok so slave labour right? Obviously they won't even be able to afford a hole in the ground. Well on the other hand many low wage workers (maybe even most?) will be given free accommodation usually in a large shared dormitory where they might share 2 or 4 people to a room depending on the job. So many people don't even need to consider paying rent. Let's say they did decide to rent their own apartment. Well surely an apartment rent would already be above their wage income? No. At the low end of the Chinese rental market you can rent for as little as 20-40 pounds/ month. Most people don't own property because rich Chinese businessmen push up the prices by buying property in droves. So you get Western priced property at third world price rents. Renting in China is probably even cheaper than Thailand.
  23. Well durr. That's the whole point. The jobs just aren't there and we've had employers admit to the press that they prefer immigrants to locals because they work harder, and some can even be paid under minimum wage due to being given artificially expensive compulsory accommodation. Three deadly factors. Automation, outsourcing and immigration have caused third world style unemployment rates in Britain. And in the old third world of China, it's easy for almost anyone to get a job and the lower living costs mean it's not as close to slavery as people think. If you just want to eat, rent, pay bills and afford public transport and cheap luxuries then a low Chinese wage is affordable. I earn way above the typical Chinese salary and also get a free apartment, free food, free bills and no tax, and I'm sure I could save more money in a month than some higher earners in Britain. Still pretty low compared to the 'HPC average' but it's a good example of the better job opportunities outside Britain for people with less qualifications. I'm living in Shanghai and a lot of Western companies are slowly moving their headquarter/ office staff over here so they can pay lower salaries and 10x less in commercial rents. Some companies such as Next (Hangzhou HQ) have had a big HQ in China for years. I've always believed Next keeps it's HQ in China to evade as much tax as possible.
  24. Alright 20-30k might be an underestimate, but it's significantly less than people think it is. You don't need some big ass tower, you just put a big communications rod on a building somewhere for cheap rent. Then you have a series of small signal bouncers places all over the place in places like trees, you don't need to pay to just put a very small peice of equipment in a tree- people don't even know it's there. It's probably smaller than an mp3 player. Let's say it was a million pounds, that still means calls and texts should be significantly cheaper than they are currently. Vodafone paid a billion in taxes a short while ago but it was part of a deal with HMRC when both parties knew they really owed a lot more. They are making SO much money, that they decided to hide how much they are making from the government because the amount of tax they would have to pay is probably insane. People pay so much on mobile bills these days that I wouldn't be surprised if they are making 10 bil a year revenue. Then they only pay the odd billion every few years in 'tax deals', it's a joke. You must be the same guy that thinks the 150k you pay for a house is because it's expensive to actually build and buy the materials, but the reality is materials are the cheapest part, labour is probably more expensive then land is 2/3 the price. Then the labour is only expensive due to artificially high salaries on the back of artificially expensive land/ minimum wage pushing all wages up. Without all the BS and manipulation you could probably buy a small apartment for 30k. And why should an operating license cost so much money? Same question for banking. There's no reason we can't have 'cheap' operating licenses like 5 or 10k, it's an artificial barrier to entry that prevents healthy competition.
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