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  1. A guy in another thread got a HND in electronics and is after some work experience is heading to Germany to earn 80k/ year, so I think that answers the question! Other well paying jobs, oil sector. When you heading to Shenzhen? I hope I didn't put you off with my description of it, there are still a lot of nice girls there. Although now that I'm living in Shanghai I've realized people here are friendlier and less racist than in Shenzhen, it's more of an international city and you can even make male Chinese friends here. But if you need to rent privately it will be more expensive than Shenzhen
  2. Don't knock TEFL! I teach in China at a high school and am now in a job where I only have to teach 13 hours/ week (including an hour of badminton teaching) and despite the low hours I can get 1,200 pounds per month plus 300 per month in summer and winter holidays. Free accommodation (it's nice too) and bills. That was after 2-3 years experience and having to go through some bad schools to find this one. If you wanted you could get a part-time job on top of that and earn 2,000/ month. Or even better go teach in Korea or Taiwan if you are prepared to work longer hours / be a more professional t
  3. That's not the right solution. The solution is people stop paying through the nose for living expenses like rent and tax so they can afford to live on less money, then an appropriate citizens income to help redistribute the benefits of technology and automation to the masses. For example having higher unemployment would be fine if the JSA was actually enough to live on, but with current living expenses it just isn't enough which is why so many lower class people have children for extra benefits.
  4. You bet. Look how it mentions the best scenario as 'job for a woman' as if sexism against men should be encouraged.
  5. The main issue is they won't be able to find good enough teachers to teach this subject, presuming it's just a clever name for IT. And they should be teaching online marketing as that's where the money is, but it's still a dark art to most people so would be impossible to find any teachers. Anyone whose good at it won't teach others anyway. They could teach web programming languages and then business and marketing, the student will then realize the implications and go study the rest himself. Most young people have nothing to live for, it's prohibitively expensive to do any kind of business r
  6. Indeed, I also like the mindset of being able to earn an income from work you enjoy self-employed. Which is my goal doing something online but it's good to have a fallback plan. I would actually be more comfortable working for myself and earning a living through something that wasn't just an investment. I hate the idea that with investing (when it's not a business) you just put the money in and there's nothing you can really do to get more than whatever percentage return the investment gives. Makes me think that anyone who doesn't have the means to eventually run their own business is simply
  7. This is what's wrong with our society, obsession with the 'status' that comes with having an office job. I'd hate to have one, there's a lot of jobs out there which pay well that don't also involve sitting in an office all day doing mundane office type tasks. Sadly for me the joint earning solution won't be doable until my girlfriend graduates from university, I was originally considering my backup plan for both of us to join the army in Aus as it's well paid but I realised there's probably a 5 year security background check required which precludes either of us from joining. So the only op
  8. I agree with you there, which is why I don't want to buy any property in China and any business I invest in will not be reliant on living here. Taiwan is probably a safe place to buy though. Even in war times I think some people will still be able to get visas and work in China depending on the country of the passport you are traveling in, Australians might for example still be ok due to their resource selling to China. But it might not be a good idea to travel to China on a US or British passport in 10-20 years depending how bad relations get. But it would take a pretty significant 'event' t
  9. You can still buy a reasonable sized apartment for 30k in places like China, Taiwan etc if you don't want to live in a big city. But after reading through the thread I have to agree on one thing, investing 200-300k for a 10% return is throwing your money away because a good business idea could get a much bigger return. And a lot of low investment businesses only require a 30k investment so you could in theory have 5-6 such businesses running in parallel each all capable of giving a living wage. It really puts things into perspective, if you spend the majority of your savings and earnings on
  10. Or you just employ a Chinese person for 200 pounds/ month, a lot of local shops I see can afford to employ at least two people working in the shop at any one time with maybe four in total.
  11. China, it's already happened/ happening. The job evaporation to China is an ongoing process which increases year on year. There are just some exceptions like industries which are so high-tech they need to be based in the UK to make sure they get the talent. But there will be very few jobs at this level. I don't think getting a good job is a problem for well skilled individuals. It's just something that affects almost everyone else.
  12. So just manage your own savings and investments, or if you are really smart start your own business
  13. I did consider inflation which is why I said only withdraw 5% and leave 5% to accumulate. As I imagine the 'real' rate of inflation is probably closer to 5% than the rubbish stats the government shows us. Oil stocks with the right company should be able to yield 10% between stock price rises and dividends. Another option is just to pick a company with a high paying dividend that also looks to be rising in price. 300k at 35 would be optimistic in the UK. But I have an Australian passport and if I went to Australia with a partner/wife and we both worked/ saved hard for 5-10 years in good jobs
  14. As per the topic. I know there are a lot of investments where you can make at least 10% ROI. I would normally assume stocks and shares are very dangerous in our volatile world economy, but surely oil stocks would be very safe and profitable? Personally I would rather. invest in more 'risky' things like land/ resources in China if I had a lot of money like 300k. But I'm interested to know how many options are out there that could earn at least 10% per year return. It's an interesting milestone because you could make a pretty good living off the interest alone with an investment like 300k. But
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