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  1. I know a couple that have already closed due to the smoking ban.....
  2. Is it just me, or is the poll not working? Edited: Nope, browser cache problems.
  3. What they forget to say is that property, like any other investment, may rise and fall. So, £120k may not be unrealistic in a year or so. Spin, spin, spin, like a little spinning top.
  4. Its one of those things that when you go out to be pedantc you are moor likly to scruw up.
  5. I only saw this in W H Smiths yesterday: http://www.magazine-group.co.uk/magazines.php?id=617
  6. This would be great for social housing for single mothers. They would have to keep their legs together, due to the distinct lack of space!
  7. Interest Only mortgages are like Endowment Policy mortgages, without the endowment. There was a big stink when later investigations revealed that a lagre number of endowment policies wouldn't cover the capital. Banks and lenders seem to have come up with the "Interest Only" route so they're not responsible for people not being able to pay the capital at the end of the term. And without HPI, that escape route is barred. I know. Granny, eggs, suck.
  8. I thought it was funny. Hardly a "comeuppance", more a fable to say that the grass is not always greener on the other side. I just hope that this sort of story puts a downer on other people who go abroad to buy second homes and help inflate the local house prices.
  9. I have submitted loads to "Have your say" and at no point been published, even when what I said has not been said before. Yet a friend of mine sends about one a month and *always* gets published. Maybe it's because she's female.
  10. I would think that it would just make FTBs miss the bottom rung of the ladder and go straight up to a 2 or 3 bed semi.
  11. <old(er) fogey> When I was a kid, my Dad and his parents owned a farm. It is now classed as a small holding, due to the fact that there is less than 50 acres of usable land. As soon as I was big enough, I worked on the farm, picking up potatoes, planting, etc. I didn't get any pocket money, just wages. Only a small amount, but money that I could do what I wanted with. To start with, I spent it on sweets (and what child wouldn't), but as I got older, I'd save up and buy larger items, such as clothes. My first car was funded from savings (£60 for the car - held together with duck tape, baleing(sp?) twine and GB stickers). The farm no longer grows anything. My parents live there and get a small income from renting out the sheds left standing. They can't farm it themselves (getting close to retirement) and the fields are too small to rent out to others. They can't even build on the land (to reduce the "housing shortage") as the late-comers to the area "don't want any more cars going through the village". Nowadays, the majority of kids don't seem to have to do anything to get pocket money. Not even chores around the house. If kids get the idea that it's a good thing to live beyond your means (consistantly borrowing money to fund your lifestyle) and don't have any concept of budgeting, then I can see the economy becoming even more boom and bust. In other words, as long as people borrow money for *everything*, then I think we'll see bigger boom and bust cycles further down the line. Dunks </fogey>
  12. Looks like a new build to me. So they must have bought it for the land and started again.
  13. Living with my girlfriend. Not ****ing around, as she'd "probably just know". And I love her to bits, of course. *Ouch* Stop hitting me, woman.
  14. I must admit that I'm still waiting for them to try and blame the last Tory government
  15. As do I. I wouldn't mind living near a windfarm at all. In fact, I'd think about having a small turbine installed (subject to planning approval, of course ) at a house, when I buy one. That and solar panels. What I can't understand is why most companies don't have some kind of solar panels built into the glass of buildings they own. I'm sure there is technology available to make them semi-transparent so people can still see through them. Or did I dream that? As for nuclear power, it's a big can of worms that I think the only solution to is jettisoning them into space and pushing them towards the biggest nuclear reactor in the solar system. Oh well.
  16. I've often wondered that, seeing as though the money all does to the treasury, the government doesn't create a unified tax system consolidating NI and Income Tax. Surely it would reduce the complication of the systems required to calculate take-home pay (reducing the costs to business) and allow a reduction in the amount of civil servants. Not that I think civil servants are a waste of space and public expenditure, just replication of functionality in some instances means an inefficient system.
  17. Hello and welcome to the forum. As with any society, there are different people with different views. And "vive la difference", as far as I believe. As such, though, it does mean that you have to take the rough with the smooth and just accept that some people are very, very anti landlords. Personally I have no problem with mine, but there you go.* Anyway, the term "fiat money", as has already been explained from the links people have posted, is when money is created out of nothing by banks. The way I remember it is by a Latin phrase I was taught in school (the school motto, no less) "Fiat Lux", which means "Let there be Light" (translated from Genesis). So, "fiat money" translates to "let there be money". Hope this helps. Nick *Recent amateur property speculators are another matter entirely
  18. Really? No. Must be all those silly comedy films I used to watch. Honestly.
  19. House prices are like an inflatible sex doll. You keep pumping it up untill it starts stretching too much at the seams; people start realising that perhaps it's too inflated when the orafices become protuberences. If you don't stop inflating it, it will burst and leave everyone shame faced and out of pocket.
  20. Looks like it went for a bit more than that: http://www.auctionmyigloo.com/show_detail.php3?num=R2000644 Most of the stuff they're selling still seems remarkably overpriced (to me). http://www.auctionmyigloo.com/search_page....tcode=&prasc=on
  21. Why divide it up at all? Why not just drop the prices by £50k? The people at the top of the chain are the most likely not to need the extra money in the first place. And if people gave it to the people at the bottom, it's back to the "gifted deposit" idea, which I'm still not happy with.
  22. I don't have a problem with it. Better one person (ie the vendor) pay for it once, than have multiple buyers having to pay for the same thing.
  23. Unfortunately debate quite often turns into a slagging match (although not as often as it did a while ago) which probably makes them bored and/or annoyed and they go away. Which is a shame. Or they keep repeating the same old Bullish mantras. (There's no crash, the housing market is stagnating, house prices always go up in the long term, my local EA says they're rushed off their feet, and so on.)
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