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  1. or Regret is not a reasonable justification for you and i the taxpayers to bail out a gamble.
  2. Craigavon has its fair share, for ex. http://www.propertypal.com/81-avondale-manor-craigavon/255444# but would you want to take a chance on some of them? had always a nagging feeling that the `good` ones are syphoned off to the EA`s mates/contacts?!
  3. well done Sammy - why not, some more debt to add to the heap -> http://moneyweek.com/endofbritain/ interesting read that..
  4. so in reality the Presbyterians were gambling? Should have gone to BetVictor, better odds. i wasn`t in so i don`t know, but what was the suggested/promised return on their `investment`?
  5. shame to see such a stately country mansion with all its history from the 1500`s end up like this, interestingly this was first marketed at £6.5 million a couple of years ago and just a couple of months ago it had a £3 million, yes THREE million pounds reduction!! see here.. http://www.propertypal.com/mourne-park-kilkeel/118638
  6. Old house - beside river?! Have you seen it when it floods? Rising damp anywhere?
  7. so thats around £832 million per year nice work if you can get it...
  8. I was thinking the same myself. I`ve a suspicion there`s a few back-handers going on here. i reckon if there`s a genuine bargain lands on their desk it`s on the blower to one of their `mates`. I`ve been to see a few repos and always seem to be the crud of the market, repos can`t be all like this i thought. Btw are EA`s legally bound to publicly advertise every repo they get from Banks/Mortgage Companys etc? Pity the Banks can`t take control of the sale themselves.
  9. True, with a budget of £330k you wont be buying into any of the `ghetto` areas. South/east Belfast, North down etc, all within your price range, nice areas
  10. Hi, and Welcome!! a good starting point would be here http://www.propertynews.com/homesearch.php?s=56868828 and here http://www.propertypal.com/ just enter Lisburn in the search if you find something interesting go here http://lpsni.gov.uk/vListDCV/districts.asp where you`ll find a rough guide to rateable/capital value of that particular house. At the moment i`d head well south of those valuations, some here reckon 10-20% lower Being close proximity to Belfast Lisburn property prices have held up well, as have surrounding areas such as Hillsborough and Moira
  11. Hmmm, this seems to be a new one, wonder if they`re structuring it on the `webuyanycar dot com` outfit?!! Seems like they see desperation setting into the market. "Seller Beware" maybe...?!
  12. on the subject of 3 bed semis, i remember going to have a look at one of these at the end of `06, at that time they were 119K and rising by the week... http://www.propertypal.com/61-limefield-rise-craigavon/212614
  13. by the way am i right in assuming EA`s dont need any qualifications for their job..... other than being second-hand car salesmen type?!!
  14. £587 a year??! Am i missing something? Wish i could heat the house for a year for that. Today paid £305 for only 500ltrs oil and that wont last long!
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