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  1. More like £1.40 a bottle these days. About a euro in France and less than 40p in the Czech Republic (if you bring the empty bottle back). Still wholly owned by the Czech government.
  2. Same here - a 15 year old car and a 10 year old van. Both good for many more thousands miles. After 2 years my daughter is on her third car (all a few years old), the previous two having just about fallen apart because of poor build quality.
  3. It is the sh*t quality of the concrete that is the problem. In all the ones I'd surveyed the concrete was carbonated well to the rebar (if there actually was any there). There was no real quality control in the casting yards in those days and the German prisoners of war or immigrant Poles working there had little incentive to care. As someone had pointed out, the only cure is to strip out all the concrete and effectively rebuild.
  4. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/manchester/7852732.stm
  5. Price of showerheads (one of the many idiotic items on which this is based) must have nosedived in December
  6. But why do the sofa models always have bare feet ? It used to be just the female models, but this year even the males have gone barefooted. I blame it on the credit crunch.
  7. Speaking from experience ? Fallowfield is a terrible place to live in. Infested with students, crime everywhere, hardly any posh people or immigrants. Things here are getting worse - it must be over a year since we had a car on fire and 15 years since the last gun battle in our cul-de-sac. No fun anymore. Too many policemen on the streets. Public transport is overpriced and unreliable - 80p and sometimes I have to wait more than five minutes for a bus into town. Driving out is a nightmare - it takes me good five minutes to get to the motorway. No decent overpriced little shops, lovely seedy country pubs, parks full of druggies and perverts, bad schools, suburbia etc. etc. either. And if I decided to sell my detached Victorian mansion and asked a ridiculously high price, I'd probably have to wait at least a week to sell it for cash. Can't wait for the HPC to sort things out.
  8. Chorlton is nowhere near Levenshulme or Longsight.
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