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  1. It's OK. It's got a cool name. "The Old Pump House". Sounds like an expensive antique. It MUST be worth at least 2 million.
  2. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-30540857.html £359,000 Too much. Bang on Hanger Lane in the MIddle of nowhere.
  3. I claimed back £1500 tax because the miscalculated my tax over the past 4 years. That was quite pleasing.
  4. If they took out a mortgage in Euros on the Spanish property why are they listing it in £s??
  5. Can somone explain to me why they just cna't sell the spanish flat? They say it's worth E220,000. I'm a bit confused by this.
  6. I think this is what happens when the volumes start coming back.
  7. Why shouldn't they be picky? We all should be picky. Why is the clown showing them somthing unbuilt? They'd be practically buying off-plan in a falling market!!
  8. Were they really saying "buy for the long term" in the boom? I think not.
  9. Hang on. SHe just siad this is in December 2007! So hardly recent then.
  10. It's on again now on ITV if anyone's interested.
  11. When I went to Spain (the Basque) with my family, and a load of freinds (from all over the world) I *nearly* managed to convince my brother that to ask for a beer in Spanish you have to say "Uno beero Pedro!". He repeated it, and I had him, until my idiot freind, not getting the joke set him right. It was such an anticlimax wo something which could have been super-funny in the bar.
  12. That's interesting. However I am of the opinion that if you want kids, these are the sacrifices that you have to make. I'm sure that the UK youth would behave much better if they had role models or a perental presence at home at that age. I'm pretty certain that a stay at home parent (not necessarily the mum) is of benefit, and actually helps the society around you. Whilst integration is dificult it's not impossible. My mum came here from Hungary being unable to speak a word of English, 3 years later she was doing great. It is a slow process, and difficult. I willl be going througha similar process soon in Poland. So whilst the woman must be bored, there is no reason with alot of effort, it would be possible for her to learn Swiss German (I'm sure whilst she's bored at home, getting a converstional teacher with the money the husband is making is entirely possible). Effort here is the key. It seems to me that these people want to move abroad making as little effort as possible. Which is a bit silly really. If you're going to move abroad you're pretty much going to have to reside yourself to the fact that you will have to meld to fit in. Once you do this though, the benefits will be fabulous. Kind of epitemises the "can't be bothered" "get rich quick" "I'll sit on my **** and do nothing whilest my house makes me rich" "kids, it's all about me me me" attitudes that have been encouraged in the past 20 years.
  13. LOL! This is priceless. Two tatood ******wits went to the canary Islands to open a British Restaurant catering to Brits on Holiday: English Breakfat Lasagne Fish n Chips Musy Peas.. Typical English food for Typical English People. This'll be great. They've been there 6 years and can't speak Spanish! Twats.
  14. I missed this today. Did anyone see it? Edit: Found an ItvPlayer link: http://www.itv.com/ITVPlayer/Video/default...mp;Filter=46360
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