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  1. I've been looking at prices in Bishops Stortford for the last couple of years now and they have definately come down but not as much as elsewhere. Does anyone know whether it is common practice at the moment to offer 10% or more off the asking price. And more imprtantly are the owners accepting. I mean is this a tactic now? To keep the same price but sell for a reduced offer? I'm not living in the area so it's difficult to get a feel for it over the net. I'm asking purely about Bishops Stortford although if it is common practice elsewhere then assume it would be in B S aswell. It would seem to me that this is the case but would love to hear from anyone with first hand experience of this.
  2. Since when was a Mercedes a "chavmobile" ? What is a chavmobile anyway? Is it an expensive car that is envied by others?
  3. This post has had over 2000 views and not 1 person has suggested anything better. Thats very sad. Edinburgh Tatoo? FFS you're aving a larf!
  4. "This allows them to hand out fines for a raft of offences, from dropping litter to riding a bike on the pavement. They can also stop cars to check their tax discs, seize alcohol from underage drinkers and demand people's names and addresses. " Whats wrong with that? I think it's a great idea.
  5. so nobody can come up with anything better then.......... didn't think so.
  6. Why are you all so depressingly negative? It wasn't that bad. It's only the hand over for gods sake. What do you expect? I suppose if the organisers decided to spend a lot more money on this you would all be complaining about that too. Well i thought it was great! Why don't you all try to imagine how difficult it would be to have a blank peice of paper and be asked to produce 8 mins of Britishness. Lets hear some of your ideas...i can't wait.
  7. I'd buy this house or something similar http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-224...=8&tr_t=buy if it came down to 290,000 - 310,000 by late 2009. Does anybody think that i am too optimistic? And feel free to link your favourite house at the moment and how much you would buy it for. You never know...maybe the owner will see your post and contact you.
  8. ROFLMAO WHAT THE F**K IS THAT......?????? A LAMINATED GARDEN WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT ??????? I'M SERIOUSLY CRYING WITH LAUGHTER STILL NOW I'd prefer to buy one of the houses next door, they have better plants in the front garden. On the negative side, everytime you looked over your neighbours fence you would piss yourself laughing.
  9. Don't be daft it's a mower. I keep the cruiser in the garage away from the wookies.
  10. any chance of posting the 2 other links if you have them? i can't view iplayer from australia but these links work fine. much appreciated
  11. If the BoE increases rates over the next year or so by 1 or 2 % but house prices fall by about 20% will the pound get weaker stronger or stay about the same? What is a more influencial towards the strength of the pound? Rates or house prices?
  12. Are people super rich or super stupid in Bishops Stortford. I've been checking there regularly but there is not much happening in the way of drops. I would of thought it was a prime BTL area (they must be struggling by now) but also nice cummuter town for some of the "city boys" to buy. There must be something with the psyche in Stortford that they feel that it won't happen to them. Maybe when it reaches there it will hit big. Also because prices are higher there, is it feasable that most of the flats that would usually be a FTB choice would be a "second" time buyers, especially now that 100% mortgages have gone. What i mean is that most FTB's would get on the "ladder" somewhere cheaper. If this assumption is correct properties could potentially sit around in this area forever until they are reduced.
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