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  1. I would like to believe it. But I will believe it when I see it.
  2. What I find amazing is that they actually expect the 99pc to play by the rules given this type of stuff.
  3. Riedquat - I fear you are wasting your time arguing with the drones. You would have thought folk on here after years would have at least been suspicious of official advice but it seems not. I couldn't even bother replying before. It's like trying to explain to rocks. They didn't mandate masks when they were needed i.e. when the transmission was high. Only when they saw the effect of reduced taxes. Why do people trust the state so? If they are not sending your to war they are trying this crap on...
  4. Wow this post is scary. Talk about brainwashed sheep
  5. Have certainly seen rental properties I know up for sale and auction (Bond Wolfe for example) in the Midlands. Also know a landlord with in excess of 15 properties who has been buying from about 2003ish but presumably he will be okay assuming he has been using the rental income to pay down the loans and not just buying more?
  6. I've just driven up a main road here to see a tent on the side on the road. Now I've seen them close to cities and towns but this is literally on the side of a main road. Could be an EE staying over night for work but its getting worse for sure.
  7. 7 years and counting now. Wombling free. Screw the BBC. They have cheerleaded this mess. I won't forgive any of them.
  8. Very good program on iPlayer from BBC4 at the moment something like the history of rubbish. They actually do an historical dig of rubbish sites and it pretty much shows that very little breaks down once buried. The madness is that at some point they expect these sites to be mined. As it will be easier/worthwhile to extract from rubbish rather than mine from raw materials.
  9. As much as I suspect this is true, beware white knighting. I am sure they are not snowflakes who can't deal with this themselves.
  10. Intersting thread on pistol heads forum. Aka BTL cheerleaders https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&t=1735249
  11. I'd agree that the enthusiasm seems to have waned but not perhaps the aspiration. Often there are rightmove pages open but not many actually moving? Also interesting is a discussion of interest rates rising and the awareness that BTL is not as common/good idea as it was.
  12. Okay I will complete this as a long time lurker as I do find it interesting to compare. Not London btw. 1. Lad looking to buy with his girlfriend for first time. Not really considering renting. Attempting to save for deposit. 2. Slightly older lad who solely owns but looking to move due to leasehold service charges. Finding it hard to sell place. Took his off the market for the winter as it "looks bad". One offer fallen through. 3. Woman renting with family from private landlord seems fairly happy not looking to move. 4 & 5 Women who are paying down the mortgage. 6. Guy in his 50s looking to downsize but struggling to find any value to make it worth his while. 7. Young girl living at home. Would like to have own place but seems to be staying put for now.
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