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  1. Surely there are tax ramifications for this? I thought you can only be gifted so much before you have to pay tax on it?
  2. My rent hasn't gone up a penny in 3 years and it wont be going up for at least the next 3. The landlord tried to raise it by "only 10%" on the recommendation of the agent last year. Apparently he was being generous as 20% raise was the actual suggestion. Told him to ****** off and had a new house lined up at 20% less the next day. He got around to calling me back a few days later to let me know he'd decided to allow me to stay for the current rate. I had the great pleasure of explaining to him I'd found somewhere else for less already so would just let the contract expire at the end of the mo
  3. Someone really wants that share price at 100. I wonder if they have some sort of clause on a loan or something that requires then to be at 100 or above to avoid triggering higher rates or some other thing they want to avoid...
  4. Ah, that would explain why the chinese produce nothing! Oh.
  5. It makes perfect sense when you take into account the coming election. The current crop of retards 'running' the country will do anything they can to keep things from falling apart until after the election, even if it makes things far worse in the long run. The americans have had their election so it doesn't matter anymore. The next bunch of retards to lead us will probably stop trying to ramp things because they have 5 years breathing room. It will no longer matter to them if the economy goes tits up - and it will, there's nothing that can stop that now and all the delays are just making thin
  6. Good. Then maybe we'll finally get the bastards to look into the truly vile tenancy laws I currently have to put up with in this country. Last time I wrote to my MP to ask him to look into them his response was "you should be happy, you only have to give two months notice you know!". This was at a time when the agent was threatening to throw me out with a 38 week pregnant wife if I didn't pay them what amounted to extortion money. Yes, I know it's not unexpected that my MP is a *****. I doubt that will be the response he gives once he's been affected by the laws though. The MP was John Redwood
  7. I know in my area a considerable number of landlords are putting their house up for sale now that prices "are going up". I know this for a fact because I'm having to find a new house and there aren't any suitable properties available, I'm having to move right across the city to a new area entirely. Everyone I talk to seems to have rental properties that they are now selling. It's bizarre - even the secretary at work mentioned she had a number of properties she rents but can't help me because she's selling them as soon as the tenancies come up for renewal. What the hell is someone working as a
  8. This new format is HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE! Please make it go away.
  9. This new format is horrible. Please revert to te old version, or at least make the damn thing readable again.
  10. The trouble is, in many cases, it wont be them getting repo'd - it will be their tenants.
  11. You are getting angry at the wrong people. These flats are sub standard and should never have been built. If someone bought one thinking the price would go up forever and they'd be able to make enough money out of it to 'move up' then they were stupid. They should take up the poor quality with the builders - not insist on 'other people' being forced to live in a craphole just because they were stupid enough to buy one. These things never should have been built but now they have been they either need to be redesigned to a proper quality and size or knocked down. Foisting them off on people who
  12. High cost of living in this country is a problem, sure. However, the chinese shouldn't be working 80 hours a week. That they are is the real problem. People in this country, and most other western countries, fought really hard for things like weekends and a 40 hour week. All that hard work is now being undone because we have given far too much power to corporations who abuse it by moving jobs to the cheapest areas. All good and wonderful for the corporations - not so good for anyone else. Globalisation has gone too far. Countries should start putting tarrifs on goods from countries that don'
  13. I wont argue with you. It's the same for pure communist countries though - it can never be pure communism because the people running the show will run it for their own personal gain, not for the gain of the whole country - just like our current system that is mostly capitalist but has been bastardised by the corporatists. I personally think this country has currently swung far too far in the direction of pure capitalism, which leads to a few ultra rich runnning things for their own benefit. I'm sure in the past this country was probably too sociaist and a different set of rich, powerful pricks
  14. Funny - I used to think of Blair as Thatcher with a smiley face, he certainly didn't roll back much of what she did. But again, Blair was just a thief in the end. He probably continued down Thatchers route simply because to do otherwise would have taken some original thought that would have taken time away from his theiving.
  15. A real socialist government wouldn't be trying to privatise the health system via the back door. They wouldn't be trying to sell off the postal service. They wouldn't allow the evil tenancy laws we now have. If you want to argue that socialists destroy the economy then fine. Do so. I actually have no real interest in arguing the case because I have no great interest in socialist or capitalist dogma. It's all worthless. You can't argue that the current government is a socialist government though. They like to tell the old socialists that they are and amazingly they seem to be able to convince
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