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  1. Hi I read the metro today with its usually property section on Tuesday showing examples of buyers so that the masses can see where they are missing out.... Today it has the story of Meera Patel who has bought off plan with Berkley Homes in Orpington completion expected in 2018 sometime. The example shows 412000 two bedroom flat with associated costs, deposit, and showing the monthly payments etc. I thought it seemed a bit extreme so did a quick google and you can see that this is a rewrite of a case study (March 2016) shown on builder website: http://www.berkeleygroup.co.uk/press-releases/2016/brunswick-square-appeals-to-young-professional. To make matters worse here the price is shown as 370000. I guess I should know better but it seem ridiculous that the paper can rehash the property developers case study as its own and then show examples of costings which clear aren't what the person profiled paid! B8
  2. I agree about the unions, but the BT unions have agreed to this change so why not the others?!
  3. Hello Feel free to move. But having just seen that BT are to change the rules regards pensions for a vast majority of their workers, why is it that the current government cannot seem fit to change the 'rules' for the public pensions which basically seem so out of line now with anything in the private sector and as is obvious to anyone here not financially viable... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7722031.stm Thanks, B8.
  4. What I didn't quite understand from watching the programme is that she mentioned that she wasn't claiming a salary, not sure if she had another job but what does she live off?
  5. As I've got my moment of fame I'd just say I'm a long time lurker on here, bought a flat in 2005 so I know not ideal. But I wanted to move out from my folks had a deposit and kept the mortgage to 3.5x so took the plunge, though agree with the majority on here that the main issue here is mortgage availability and not the usual supply/demand rubbish. What I don't understand is why doesn't someone (reporter/media) ever say to Mr Darling or Mr Brown when they are talking about first time buyers, affordability, part buy schemes, and getting the mortgage market moving, that yes but as prices are dropping currently in time people will be able to afford homes so you don't need to do anything or come up with any plans. The only reason I can come up with is that no one actually has any money in this country and the countries economy is now totally linked to house prices. I know this might have been mentioned before, and yes the media can be potentially as biased as everyone else, but I've just never heard anyone every say it to them directly. Obviously they might ignore the question and go on about global problem/oil prices but just to hear someone ask the question would be good! I agree 3x mortgage would be great, personally I'm a bit torn as on the one hand I'd like prices to drop so that the second step on the ladder would be more in reach but on the other hand psychologically you want prices to rise if you own however contradictory this is!
  6. Not one to get paranoid but does anyone with better knowledge than myself now if there is any cover if the bank went under. From the way I read it only personal accounts are protected. I would recommend the abbey account but I'm guessing you don't want to put all your eggs in one basket. They have rubbish customer services when it comes to setting up the account but once its setup and running works fine.
  7. Not very well i pressume. But the point I was commenting on was the scheduled down time.
  8. I think you are looking a bit too much into this considering the down time was about 4 hours between 10pm Saturday and 2am Sunday! Hey but what do I know!
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