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  1. Van/Gilf - thanks to you both for your valued input - Although I have more insight now, I still don't have enough information to know which way to go! What do I need to know to enable me to make a decision!!!
  2. Hi there - thanks for your input and honesty! The company would pay removal costs but I doubt if they'd pay anything to do with renting the property out. The company is simply looking to shift the property as quickly as possible - they don't any involvement in the housebuying process - any profits are passed to ourselves, they just don't want to make a loss, hence the very low guarantee price so the risk to them is negligible.
  3. Does anybody think it would NOT be worth incurring the £7,000 penalty to rent? And 1 other thing - what do you think of the idea of putting the house on the market with a local agent for a 'quick sale' price for the 3 weeks prior to the deadline I have of accepting or rejecting the guaranteed price? I would then perhaps have a fair idea of how things are going??? All opinions greatly appreciated and thanks again!
  4. Hi again! Good point, but they will only do this if the cost is totally unavoidable, and believe me, they will want 7,000 good reasons...
  5. jpjh - It's only part of the package I'm not considering - Estate Agents/Sols fees etc are paid. Relocation was offered as an alternative to a very nasty sideways move which thankfully cannot be done now for reasons I can't go into.
  6. Hi Topher Bear - thanks for your reply! Valuations obtained less than a month ago. Moving from Worcester to Bingley (West Yorkshire) area.
  7. Hi Who Knows - thanks for your reply! Yes, I know that one well - that was exactly the same as the deal I got with my last package 4 years ago (although it was somewhat less than £8k ) - how I wish we were back in those days and how lucky we were - the same day we got the guaranteed price, a local firm known as the Rover Group announced several thousand redundancies and the bottom fell out of the market!
  8. Hi Jpjh - thanks for replying so quickly and your suggestion - I can't keep up with this! The offered price - out of the question I'm afraid, the bar stewards say my valuations are not the same as theirs!!! doh - they must have visualised a male member standing in front of them when they told me that... One positive thing about the relocation is that Estate Agents/Sols fees are paid whether or not you accept the guarantee. Just
  9. Gilf - thank you for a very valid suggestion which I hadn't considered, because of the £7,000 that I hadn't mentioned the wonderful building society in the middle of of Birmingham and surrounding counties will impose on early redemption...
  10. Hi there! I apologise if this isn't the right place to post this, but I feel there must be others like me and I don't know where they are lurking! Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you are maybe able to offer me some much-needed advice. I have been offered a relocation package as part of a new role within the same company. I took a 10% salary cut in doing so, but I thought the relocation deal would offset this. The company involved shall remain nameless and will be known as company C. I am, however. SORELY tempted to reveal this to expose what I see is a hard-nosed p
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