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  1. I imagine house prices, transport and the cost of living don't help.
  2. It is. Ships investment continues - ACL launching some biggies http://www.nextgenerationconro.com/blog/ | http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/business/shipping-giant-acl-christen-first-10420020 (economies of scale) - perhaps over supply of shipping. But the fantasy economics are only magical until the Wizard is exposed.
  3. That is completely insane. Who on earth signs that off and and thinks it what is needed? Meanwhile the country runs a massaged deficit of £60-70b and cuts are made to things that make a difference to everyday life.
  4. He's not going to go until he's fairly sure of an #In vote. By hook or by crook, and given how malleable the general populous is.
  5. Kids' pocket money? That little experience of giving children money to save or spend with a few conditions (like being good). We call always move to direct debits.
  6. Indeed. These people make my skin crawl with their Anthony Robbins et al ******; particularly if by sheer luck they have a bit of success and are able to lord it over those who didn't quite get the breaks. These types are useful to politicians because it helps with their 'aspirations' meme.
  7. Some land-banking is necessary for business planning purposes; however, the hoarding has much to do with land speculation - a significant factor in HPI I see much land with planning permission on brownfield languishing. Government in cahoots with the builders and needing HPI (as part of budget forecasting), are not going to do much about it - certainly not that which will benefit the majority.
  8. Says a lot about the education system production line. They are given opinions by their elders. Young, naive, easily influenced, ignorant - not unexpected. The young truly have been shafted. They don't really appreciate it.
  9. Maybe spending your pensions is to Osborne what spending your houses (mewing) was to Brown (latter worth about 3% of GDP growth I seem to recall). As with all politicians, it is about keeping the pretence going.
  10. Well maybe World War III will bring to an end the climate change scam. Aren't we importing wood pellets for the converted power stations. Hard to imagine a greater degree of up their own backside idiocy as 'carbon capture'. ITV News have overtaken BBC in their moralising of late; actually heard "man's carbon dioxide is causing climate change."
  11. Pathfinder was not the same as the £1 houses schemes, the latter having the more worthy goal of bringing existing properties and communities back to life - of course, it fails if said properties allow a few to turn a huge profit in the short-term. Pathfinder was a pernicious Precott scheme that razed areas to the ground on the back of a property bubble and speculative frenzy Wide-open to dodgy dealings. It failed because the public money ran out and the credit fuelling the bubble dried up. Renovating many of those areas would have been the cheaper, more productive option.
  12. Cardboard cut-outs of sociopath IDS at Foodbank entrances should do the trick (like the policemen at the poundshops). I really don't get how the are allowed to interfere (have access to) a private, charitable social enterprise like a foodbank.
  13. "I sit on a man's back, choking him and making him carry me, and yet assure myself and others that I am very sorry for him and wish to ease his lot by all possible means - except by getting off his back." Tolstoy
  14. Bit of a shame they closed the door on endowment mortgages which were a real industry pie-in-the-sky scam.
  15. It is in plain sight now, the hollowing out of the UK economy. Formerly world leaders in nuclear, ship building, trains... the politicians sold us out and allowed the nation to be plundered and asset stripped. Need any manufacturing expertise now - we go cap in hand and import the necessary expertise and investment. It's what happens when you create what is basically a spiv economy based on financial prestidigitation and skimming off the top. Well done! The world must be laughing at us.
  16. Nice one! Bon chance mon pote.
  17. It's a farce isn't it? Anaemic growth, huge deficit spending, emergency interest rates after 8 years... The Great Pretence.
  18. Suntory... why this is a great forum. Insightful. The plate-spinning has gone on for so long, something has to break. Emotional reactions our downfall - always.
  19. Aren't they all? Iain Duncan Smith...? Power - the ability to forget where you came from, whilst being in a position to tell everyone else how to live their lives,
  20. Cadbury's was a good one too, with Mandelson both involved in 'helping' and benefiting. Soon forgotten.
  21. Do we actually make anything to warrant comparing us with the Chinese? Tax credits got out of control, however, it is policy that has resulted in a nation being hollowed out, at war with itself and valuing the acquisition of imaginary wealth through massive debt. When you look at what life's all about, you soon reject any work yourself to death ethos. Hard work sadly is for the masses not the pontificating elite.
  22. Agree with the last few posts. The millions of support money will benefit the usual parasitic organisations while those losing their jobs will soon have a rude awakening about their new status - their unemployment being their fault. £80m seems like a lot of money for 1700 former steelworkers, that's. £47k per worker. Great shame we lost our way in previous decades and didn't think strategically regarding our skillbase and national assets. Bit late now. Nothing lasts forever. Had dealings with a local Remploy, impressive operation doing circuit boards, hung out to dry in the end. Politicians took a bit of heat; soon forgotten about. Poor buggers faced another rude awakening.
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