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  1. Years of inflated land prices. Prices that will shoot up once all the new sites are allocated and start getting outline planning permission. If economy continues its limp growth, they won't get built. Will all the props be removed so that a market can operate - unlikely. Will the banks assess risk properly and return to sensible lending? Will population growth continue at its current rate. It is credit that is the problem. Land appreciation and its worth on balance sheets. House-building rhetoric if usually just that. Building companies like banks too close to government, which itself should be closer to the people and screaming cheaper houses (and explaining why) as opposed to 'affordable' houses (schemes/deferred loans). If all these houses were needed, they would be built. Since the 2000s it has always been about credit, leverage.and speculation. Homes needed not investment vehicles.
  2. Project Fear was the term coined by Scottish Referendum NO campaign, i.e., scaring people to vote to stay part of the UK. It worked there and has been in play here used by the Remain team with their stories of Armageddon. There has been a growing discontent with the EU over many, many years, with a sense that successive governments have sold us out whilst using the EU as an excuse to do nothing ('hands tied') about issues that matter to people. The is little doubt there will be a short-term wobble if we vote to leave. We all know here that the health of the UK economy is far from rosy (#Brexit becomes the latest is a line of convenient excuses for an under-performing economy and the missing of target after target.) Life will go on and we will adjust.
  3. Portillo has frequently referred to the problem of high house prices. Unfortunately This Week is tucked out of the way so will have minimal impact. The real problem is the continuing promotion of increasing house prices as a good thing. Even all this talk of building massive amounts of housing that has building companies rubbing their hands to increase supply, we know will not be done without all of the props and subsidies to keep prices high, whilst pretending to help. Imagine what all of those planning permissions will do for those balance sheets, whether built on or not - bonuses all round.
  4. Education, Education, Education Debt, Debt. Debt Student debt and house prices, the greatest con ever visited upon the masses.
  5. Carney must look at himself in the mirror sometimes and just laugh. All that money - and the fawning of others - for not very much and the over use of may. might and could.
  6. I think this is a biggie, and will drive many who escaped the clutches of the job centre as self-employed back into their arms for some ritual demoralising. The myth of an thriving economy will meet the reality. Going to cost more too.
  7. It seems the £4300 worse off is less growth. There is still a lot of growth factored in, just a little less of it with a Brexit. It's all speculative conjecture with a huge bias. It is about more than the money: quality of life; type of country; self-determination and future direction.
  8. Tax simplification is probably the answer. More of people's personal business in the public domain is not the greatest idea. Those with the money will always find a way to obfuscate.
  9. Steel is a strategic industry - a bit like energy - should be kept. The future is uncharted territory and things can and will change.
  10. There was a retro-living series on recently (Back In Time For The Weekend). a normal family living through the decades from the 50s to the 00s. Very good, but what shone out was the pleasure in having family time together - once technology took hold this was diminished. All; father-son; mother-daughter... There is a lot to be said for having technology-free, family moments and outings.
  11. What they did to Remploy and those that worked there was shocking. Had some contact with one of the electronics factories. Impressed with what they did and what it offered for lesser-able people. Gave people dignity. Story of dogma and poor management (top heavy in terms of costs.overheads). Factory closed for workforce to be integrated into normal workplaces - you can bet that happened! Probably has cost more and had a profound effect on those put out of work.
  12. HPC is losing it! Ch4 Mon 7 March 2016 8pm (+1 at 9pm) No thread on this. Half-hour on the right-to-buy bonanza fuelling the spiv economy and the fantasy get-rich-quick society; Right-to-Buy son to be extended to Housing Associations. Eye-watering discounts... fraudulent claims and companies and landlords waiting in the wings to take advantage. One of Thatcher's policy-makers piling in; son snapping up much of an estate. 40% of these sold-off properties ending up in the hands of BTL landlords. Councils short of properties to rent forced to spend millions buying back properties they were forced t sell off, Madness!!! Politicians behind this need stringing up for what they have both done and the monster they have created.
  13. Pensions were becoming dodgy in the 90s, what with the money not being put away, since then debt bubbles, especially land and houses have crippled the nation. Far too much money sucked out of the economy to allow people to think about (fund) there old age, one that needn't have been so costly. Yes, there is a golden generation and they will be pulling up the drawbridge, otherwise their own pensions might be under threat.
  14. Another consideration on the supply side is the growth of conversions of properties to multiple unit dwellings. Quantity up; quality down. Same old house; more debt needed to support it.
  15. At least it is getting some political discussion. It needs to be simple, state lite, for UK citizens, and not incentivise certain behaviours (e.g., popping out kids) - children 0-4 getting more than adults? (Seems the same carry on as now.) Then how are older children 5+ treated. Children should be a lower rate forcing the question can you afford children?
  16. It would be good to have a list of ex-politicians and where they ended up. Might shine a light on some of their decisions when in power.
  17. Media commentators are part of the problem, because the truth isn't very pleasant. Telling the want to make China more of a consumer society - better get used to lots of personal debt, Obviously, having exported our manufacturing, we've maxed out the credit cards.
  18. What an absolutely contemptible man Brown was - hubris, delusion and mendacity. No one stopped him, no one really challenged him. All put right by those who saw and followed... er, no!
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