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  1. No, they are pretty naive, conditioned but I'm amazed they are so placid. When I was a student we had a bit of spunk about us. A tweet I got embroiled in gave the reason to remain as 'not wanting to lose the feeling of being European.' Point out a few things that might be relevant and important to their lives and nothing, nada, zilch. I suppose it'll take having to find a job, doing a shitty commute and paying ridiculous rent for the penny to drop. Keeping kids in education until they are 23-24 is politically inspired. Cheap (they fund their education / lifestyle), in an unquestioning, reinforcing, multi-culti environment hugely propagandised, and also out of the jobs market whilst their jobs are being taken. Totally shafted. Boiling frogs.
  2. Last time they did the OAP scare about pensions, they forgot about the Triple Lock protecting them, which undid that scare story. Now they are back with it slightly reformulated to threaten the Triple Lock. It really is contemptible.
  3. I remember well his snidey little act at Lisbon Treaty, signing away more of our rights (sovereignty). Arriving late to try to avoid the group photo - like a dog who knows he's done wrong. Then of course there is Gordonomics.
  4. A further US rate rise will be interesting. Wonder if they might force through a shock rate rise to influence the big vote (no mention of USA).
  5. ftb - you are a star. Without people who try, make an effort and push themselves, we would continue to be ignorant and poorer for it.
  6. It seems the EU has three (drei) presidents: President of the European Council (since 1 December 2014, Donald Tusk) President of the European Commission (since 1 November 2014, Jean-Claude Juncker) President of the European Parliament (since 1 July 2014, Martin Schulz)
  7. I am aware of this, but would love to see the list of builder donors (probably through subsidiaries so not so obvious). HTB actually defies logic; it is particularly abhorrent for the so-called free-market Tories. Thus corruption?
  8. Postman Pat is at it with some more scaremongering nonsense. Brexit could end Britain's hopes of hosting another World Cup or Olympics http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/brexit-could-end-britains-hopes-8071955 Who knows, maybe we'll lose Wimbledon if we Brexit.
  9. Google trick not working Needs to not be behind a paywall. Did get some coverage on R4 this morning. Edit: hang on... click away the survey and it's there.
  10. This has been a big part of it. 1 in 2 young people with degrees, is it really necessary or a good use of those formative years. It is for most extended school that the grown-up schoolchildren pay for. Imagine UK youth unemployment if this were not the case. What gets measured gets done. In spite of all this education we seem to be churning out young people starting out who are poorly uneducated, at least not equipped for life ahead; and need to import skills we apparently don't have. It is very odd.
  11. David Davis is good on Question Time, as is Steve Hilton (ex aide to Cameron). Things would have been so different had Davis won - head and shoulders above Cameron and clearly a politician with some integrity.
  12. The UK economy is imaginary housing. GDP has become a meaningless figure: imputed rent; government borrowing (deficit - now wonder long term they want to reduce the 'deficit' whilst increasing personal debt to compensate); dodgy, easily massagable inclusions in the figures like drugs and prostitution. So what if it falls? Will the per capita figure go up. Or can we just be happier stepping of the treadmill a little?
  13. Weren't 5 in 6 new jobs going to Johnny Foreigner anyway? (Remember 9 in 10 when Brown was PM and made that 'British jobs' speech - shows how long this has been going on.) So it's Johnny Foreigner taking the fall for all that #Brexit unemployment, so not so bad, eh?
  14. How much of GDP is imputed rent these days? That made up imaginary figure that isn't actually 'domestic product'.
  15. Brown was in charge of the economy, that was the deal. Tony Blair could play World Statesman. It is Brown who is responsible for the mess. Blair, as it turns out a total shit, was guilty of not sacking him. However, all the coverage was about Brown being a brilliant chancellor. He wasn't.
  16. Odd graph, I believed in the Moron Brown period of 'not letting houses prices getting out of control, whilst changing the inflation measure focus' that house prices rose something like 300% and wages 70%. Doesn't seem to be reflected in that graph.
  17. First Time Buyers paying 9.7% more than a year ago according to ONS. Insane! Help-to-Buy boosting GDP! Well done Osborne you idiot.
  18. A Brexit could actually save Europe, being the one thing that spurs other nations to break free. Who has the guts and self-belief to do it?
  19. Household units are 2.3 people according to ONS, so supply does look reasonable in the round. More single people nowadays. So growth figure equivalent to ~88,000 households with ~144,000 being built. The immigration figure doesn't seem to be showing in the population growth figures? Are immigrants mainly in rented /shared accommodation?
  20. I wonder if having it in the middle of the Euros 2016 is a factor? Part of Europe; sporting excitement. Just after group stages into knockout stage (before any knockouts - 25th).
  21. Carney is Osborne's stooge. BoE lost all credibility when it failed to see (ignored) the 2008 crash. Its independence is relative, relative to what HMG wants. Remember all those inflation fan charts? They could predict nothing with any certainty. Carney's forthrightness now is shameful.
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