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  1. If I might use an analogy. voting remain would be like getting out of the lifeboat to get back on Titanic.
  2. Well if there was to be another Referendum I imagine having 16 year olds voting is a certainty. Haven't watched the news for two days, will see the result in the morning, then may have a purge of Facebook too.
  3. Have now voted - #Leave. Things need to change and a out vote would be the start (PR, House of Lords reform...) Have noticed Facebook is still full of people trying to push the Remain vote - mostly pushing party lines. Have started 'unfollowing'. Whatever the outcome, this vote will be significant.
  4. Jesus H Christ! They need to go! Anyway, sister called tonight asking which way to vote I explained the situation and why she should vote Leave.
  5. History won't look back kindly if this referendum is deemed 'stolen'. We are not supposed to have any time for 'racist' Nick Griffin, had we years ago, a lot of young English girls might have been spared the abuse they suffered in Rotherham, Bradford, Rochdale etc., when it was the 'right' thing to do to turn a blind eye in the spirit of community cohesion and political correctness, designed for nothing more than shutting down debate.
  6. Just had a mailer* from an NGO (community organisation) inviting people to attend Wednesday's 'celebration' of dead MP's life. "Not a political event and is not related to the EU referendum" | "Bring banners" Really? On eve of biggest referendum in country's history. It is absolutely shocking what they are doing. *I've unsubscribed.
  7. I know the feeling, it is hard to stop yourself. It is in vain, once a position is taken it is rarely changed. Had a cracker on Twitter (a guess a young, Scottish* student), came out with the glib, shutdown cliche doing the rounds: "Not everyone voting leave is racist but all racists are voting leave" Relied: 'statement a bit silly, not racist to question mass immigration. Ref about sovereignty...' Seems terrified of what the English want: "No. It's an English referendum fuelled by racism with no concern for Northern Ireland or Scotland. Build a wall with the RoI?" *Wants Scottish independence whilst being hitched to EU. Prospect of 'more powerful' Tory government abhorrent. Some strange ideas and preconceptions... and once they buy into questioning immigration is racist thing that is it. Shut down debate, fingers in ears...
  8. A sexual position came to mind then Very true though exerting our independence is a vote of confidence in ourselves and it will actually strengthen our international standing. Pound will soar as Euro falls. Not forgetting UK's structural issues. Being focused on ourselves will help with our direction.
  9. This is true. On 'anonymous' forums it is not so bad, but I have found myself diving on on Facebook, when normally I would never go anywhere near politics. Bad that it is sometimes with extended family. Not good. Won't be seen that way, but it has brought people out of their shells somewhat. Minds are not going to be changed! Be glad when it's over, except I think this is a fissure issue and will rumble away.
  10. You are joking. We really are screwed. What about every other poor bugger murdered by some nutcase who shouldn't really be out on the streets?
  11. I'm at a funeral on Wednesday, chap died in an accident on the 4th.
  12. Jesus. They really are milking it. Campaigns stopped (but not if you are painting all Brexiter as right wing loons); Monday a day of 'look at us poor but wonderful politicians' at Westminster (all over papers on Tuesday)... Birthday/early funeral on Wednesday (photos in Thursday's papers - and vote). You couldn't make this stuff up! She gave her life for her cause. Edit - can't see any confirmation of this ccc ?
  13. It's a tough one with the MP, but it is a true reflection of modern politics and politicians groomed for bigger things. No-one would want this, but it the Dianafication galls somewhat. She participated in the Remain hijacking of the Fisherman flotilla protest on the Thames with her kids in a dinghy - another day social services might have been involved. Most certainly a political power couple. it will be interesting to see how Leave deal with this from tomorrow in a hostile media environment - Farage is on Peston.
  14. Those things are included in the deficit average ~£80b - growth in debt £800b? (doubling since 2010) seems greater than deficits?
  15. Economist has always been one of the pro-Remainers. Not exactly neutral.
  16. He has a complicit media and on board MPs on all sides. The question is: where has all this money gone?
  17. Peter North of EU Referendum http://peterjnorth.blogspot.co.uk/2016/06/an-atmosphere-of-contempt.html Brilliant post and summary of the contempt modern politicians have of those they represent. Section on late MP particularly telling.
  18. Remember you Buzzardo. There is a bit of a frenzy to distort the truth to fit a narrative. I suspect policy decisions are starting to bare fruit. There has to be compassion and fairness. There has to be hope. Modern politics has done the opposite for short-term gain.
  19. Youth unemployment is 21% across Europe as high as 40%, 50% Spain, Greece. Open boarders and higher minimum wage mean greater competition for jobs and houses. The ubiquity of the modern degree devalues it somewhat. We will still be part of Europe, able to travel (we have passports anyway), work with or without Visa. Going on in Germany and treatment of women by the new wave of immigrants (touchy one). Europe in a mess - banking crisis, EU unpopular...
  20. Quite old isn't he? Also his own wealth now under threat so greed and fear in play. Says a lot about houses as investments rather than homes. The scandal is that they are so high, and that debt too great and house prices are too high to fall.
  21. Yes, BBC went with the Britain First angle. An 'exclusive' interview with the witness - on his own with a council estate backdrop, dressed up for the part. Spider sense tingling. Passages of interview covered up by narration. "Britain First" - motive - association. I'd would be surprised if the actual facts (from mouths of those involved) where only released after the vote. Faisal Islam tweeted about a recall of Parliament to honour late MP.
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