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  1. This was an ONS release a couple of days ago. Something like 62% of UK's 'wealth' in houses. Mind-boggling, that some think this is a good thing. Why they would do anything to prevent a crash - hubris and stupidity.
  2. I tweeted the point about affordable homes - politic-speak. The whole farce about allowing developers to speculate with cheap public land show how corrupt government is; don't believe it is incompetence. We see it with PFI contracts, share sell-offs, infrastructure projects. Making hay, they don't care. Building cheap homes for people isn't rocket science. The money is there in the housing benefit bill.
  3. Crazy that trades seem to have fallen out of fashion - always needed, cheaper to import (steal from other countries), than invest in our own people. Vicious circle - house prices - cost of living - expensive to employ indigenous people - cheaper to import / let them share rent. Fundamental issue is cost of housing far too high. It is wrecking everything.
  4. It was telling yesterday when the interest rates cuts were announced, BBC News go to a house building site as being indicative of boosting the economy. That is it - not industry or making things - just non-productive, long-term debt vehicles being a 'sign' of economic prosperity.
  5. Programme on BBC2 now about the 80s. Had Thatcher on dealing with industrial strife saying that she couldn't just print money - it would only lead to inflation (she understood). Laughable now, printing money is the norm; there is inflation - in house prices and other assets that benefit the rich. It's scandalous how we have as a nation been sold down the river because a recession or lower prices for one of life's essentials is bad politics - and may inconvenience the very rich.
  6. Will look into it. Might mean talking to the neighbours! Though it is a house not a flat.
  7. They seem to be quite common up north. It is something that pees me off, owning outright but not owning the land the house is on! And being obliged to pay a small sum every year. If the Tories got their act together, doing away with this or making it easy to own the freehold would be a big vote-winner.
  8. RK was alright. Never understood what the fuss was about.
  9. Nothing to do with #Brexit though. Prices too high. Real demand not there. Go figure. Stalemate.
  10. This is what I can't understand about the need to be 'in' the single market, when countries outside of Europe trade with countries within it.
  11. I don't have any sympathy for MEWers. However it was a political decision to allow money to be created out the illusory value of bricks and mortar to drive economic growth. That so many have been sucked into the debt net means the right actions won't be taken because there would be a political cost. It was a stupid way to grow the economy, because it embedded the ponzi and set a floor on house prices pricing out generations not fortunate enough to be born in time.
  12. It's not just stratospheric house price rises since Brown and continued under Osborne that have stymied the country, but the fact that Mortgage Equity Withdrawal (MEWing) was allowed to fund lifestyles - a reward for being clever and getting into property. At one point it was 3% of GDP. previously MEWing was only for home improvements, i.e., to increase the worth of the property. It is an example of increasing debt penury on those who fell for it, and who are now caught in the trap. How many people are in more debt than they need to be because of this? Think of all those Council Houses that provided a windfall for a few lucky ones, but that are now are in the hands of BTL landlords. It has been the greatest con; shameless, short-termism to provide a political boost whilst feathering the nests of the few. Naked emperors everywhere. Too much debt
  13. I watched Alan Bleasdale's GBH recently, featuring establishment plants stirring things up pretending to be the 'lefty thugs' in the drama. I take the rise in 'hate crime' with a pinch of salt - all part of the fog of war post Leave vote to sow the seeds of doubt in the hope of circumventing the democratic process. As a nation we are pretty tolerant, except when it comes to tribal politics. Pat Condell is spot on in his latest video.
  14. Washington Monument Syndrome? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Washington_Monument_Syndrome
  15. Well said hotairmail, the feeling on here was one of astonishment at Fear campaign and disappointment that the Scottish bottled this 'one in a lifetime' opportunity. Sturgeon just posturing. Look at meeeee! Aren't I important? 10% deficit in Scotland, spending well beyond their means, falling oil revenues, reliance on England for subsidies. Small, ageing population... little fish in big EU pool. What currency to use? I doubt she would win a second referendum; particularly once the dust settles on Brexit and opportunities open up.
  16. Great post Greg Bowman. This is a great day for Britain and will be for the world. We just need the right people to drive it through. The majority of people in spite of everything being thrown at them have said enough is enough, they no longer believe the establishment - no wonder they are shitting bricks! Would love to see David Davis throw his hat in the ring even as an interim leader.
  17. The BBC are a disgrace. Full on scaremongering mode this morning. OMG what have you done. 'Experts', academics and 'told you so' politicians. We are on the naughty step. Remain - govt, institutions haven't prepared for an out vote. Thought Project Fear would work Leave - didn't think they'd win, so have no answers (that said it is a process). We do need to move on now quickly; and a strong leader needs to emerge to steady ship and drive this through.
  18. Susanna Reid, ambushing Nigel Farage this morning on GMTV over the money saved from EU membership being spent on (the bottomless pit of) the NHS, which was nothing to do with him said; "17 million people had voted to leave the EU partly on that bold promise" She used the £350m/week figure, which wasn't what they said anyway. Comment has popped up on Facebook, with Farage saying it was a "mistake"... I think the media luvvies were in such shock this morning they had to vent their anger. Poor NIgel, who actually answered the question truthfully.
  19. I'd like him but apparently he is standing down at end of this parliament.
  20. More so anti-English. Used to team up with French to do battle.They should perhaps try full independence for a while.
  21. More so anti-English. Used to team up with French to do battle.They should perhaps try full independence for a while.
  22. More so anti-English. Used to team up with French to do battle.They should perhaps try full independence for a while.
  23. More so anti-English. Used to team up with French to do battle.They should perhaps try full independence for a while.
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