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  1. full degrees under £4 or 5k for 3 year course, exams etc. http://www.londoninternational.ac.uk/
  2. I just found out something that was interesting (to me). Some years ago, my grandparents lived in a 1 bed council flat. My Great-Grandmother also lived in 1 bed council flat, but as she was getting on, they pooled their request and ended up getting a 2 bed flat for them to share. Shortly after, my Great-Grandmother died, leaving them in the 2 bed flat. Within a very short period of time, someone reported this to the council, and they were rehoused in a 1 bed flat in a different area of SW London. They weren't given a choice. This would have been back in the 70s I think. Does this mean that councils have always had the ability to force people to move? Why the uproar now?
  3. Do you not think that paying for our own housing, and also paying income tax, some of which provides housing for those less fortunate is quite socially responsible?
  4. Never happen. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Last_One_(software)
  5. Would this not be fairly normal, historically speaking? (source: http://www.bshf.org/published-information/publication.cfm?thePubID=46C4A5EA-15C5-F4C0-99C662FE48B048B9)
  6. Indeed. I find myself paying 20% corp tax, whilst the BIG company rate has dropped from 28% heading down to 21% in a year or two. And I'm actually paying the 20% as opposed to the big guys paying their 2%. So BIG companies who offshore the profits pay less and less, whilst those of us with small UK businesses end up spending more on corp tax rather than spending it on growing and on new equipment and supplies.
  7. A recent present purchase of a peppa pig DVD box set: HMV - £21 Sainsburys - £15 Zavvi- £13.85 Shops full of overpriced headphones Brand new CD releases that I know exist (as I have already bought them online) not even there on the (diminishing) CD shelves.
  8. It's an entire line: http://www.engadget.com/2012/12/06/tim-cook-us-built-macs/ Some of the new thin iMacs are already shipping with an asembled in USA on the back. Raspberry PI model As are all made in Wales as well. steve
  9. That looks like the Grand Place, which is in the middle of Brussels, and a way off from the EU building. I wouldn't have thought the EU had much to do with that.
  10. Interesting thread, as 10 years back we took the decision to up sticks from a 3 bed in New Malden, after living in Kingston, Surbiton (St. Philips Road, no less!) and all around that area for the previous 15 years or so. I was working from home and we needed more room, but that was going to effectively double the cost of the house, which seemed madness. So we moved to Shropshire. And haven't regretted it at all. Looking at Zoopla, the estimated cost of our old house is £25k LESS than this one in Shropshire, despite costing about the same when we sold and moved up here. The estimated rental value of this house is also £200 more per month than the New Malden one. Also, in the last 10 years or so, someone has also paid for an extension of the New Malden house, a cost we haven't had to incur.
  11. I think we are better placed to decide what is spam or what isn't. Google think they can determine it, and invariably kill useful sites because it tripped one of their (secret) indicators. They just mess with things too much, meaning that the results are no longer trustworthy.
  12. Google search is consistently getting worse. The whole point of searching is to find stuff. Now all I seem to get are: - the big brands, who I would visit directly if I wanted them - foreign sites of no use when buying/researching things - spam sites Google appears to have killed all of the small content sites run by enthusiasts etc. that would have useful details. An example the other was that I was looking for details on an engine issue on my Ford SMax. In the past I used to get forums and FAQs and stuff like that. This time I got loads of pages from Ford's marketing. No use whatsoever. Bing came up trumps. Google has done wonders, but are they in the process of killing the goose that lays the golden eggs?
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