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  1. My list in Bucks and Beds is showing properties coming back onto the market after going SSTC previously - then sticking. My budget is probably smaller than yours though. Seems the interest is in 4 BR homes here. Still lots of kite-flying at all levels.
  2. I looked in my Bucks/ Beds Rightmove rental search area for the first time in months. There were more "good" houses available than when I last looked seriously 2 years ago. None were obviously BTL fodder (i.e ones that had been for sale recently). Rents have not gone up. However, my local Facebook pages have had more posts from people asking for places to rent. I have sent more flats and houses advertised with tenants in situ. Can't work out why. If we are getting the drift from London then I suspect that they are buying houses.
  3. It's probably because of this "online auction" which some agents are trying but I'm putting under the "scam" heading for now. I don't know it is the agents pushing this new method or if the sellers are seeing other listings and think it might work. I first saw it on a property a friend was renting in Buckinghamshire. Also listed as an "online auction" with a minimum bid. Although there were regular viewers, not one person put in a bid or tried to engage with the process in that way. The house eventually sold through a conventional EA using the usual methods but not for the price expected using the online auction method. p.s. that said I just did a search and found similar flats on an Auctioneers website https://mchughandco.com/Auctions/Details.aspx?aid=1146&pid=766295fe-33f1-438c-8b5f-cd7f516f415d Totally confused now
  4. The need for the training to be done at the office for the first 3 months (or weeks in some cases) is stopping some disabled people taking advantage of the new opportunities in working from home. Although you may be prepared to offer some flexibility there it seems that HR departments and agents are simply rejecting disabled applicants who cannot do the initial office training sadly. In my Neurological Diseases local group they are some very competent people really desperate to take advantage of the changes to home based work.
  5. My other half has been asked to sign a new contract to say that he is a home worker primarily but if required to attend a company office or a client's site he will not be re-embursed for travel expenses. They had all been asigned an official 'company office' years ago and expected to travel to that when needed. The company now say that they are selling some of their offices and staff will be re-assigned. No one knows where these are. The English staff are leaving to take up office based roles with other companies if they don't like this arrangement or don't want to work from home. Lots of attrition in some teams so far.
  6. In my group of people with Neurological diseases there are some being able to actually get back to work now due to the change to home working. This includes people with good skills but rusty who have been applying for work for years with no luck. The main problem is that they cannot physically get to an office 5 days a week. Now some of them are getting jobs in their old professions or in something new working at home. (also better healthcare to the homebound in some cases) Can't talk for people who have become unemployed due for other reasons. The bar is high (in my experience) for PIP/ old DLA and can involved years of fighting and multiple tribunals. It's a horrible, soul destroying process in itself which is why I didn't apply for decades (although I was eligible).
  7. Things are slowing down on my Bucks and Beds search. Not going under offer so quickly and that includes the larger, more expensive ones. More coming on to the market for "investors only" with tenants. Have a feeling that once evictions start there will be more. Sadly, what is coming onto the market in my price range tends to be over priced still (i.e. needing a lot of expensive work or very small) Interestingly I am not seeing much in the way of homes where the sale has fallen through and back to the market. Only one.
  8. So if someone was moving (say from) London and already had a mortgage to buy a house in the countryside would that be counted as a new mortgage or a re-mortgage if they already had one?
  9. Your part of the country is incredibly lucky. I started a thread on this forum after problems getting through to my GP. Up to 1 hour waits on the phone and a nurse triage system taking days to get back. Online appointment system disabled and replaced by an system to collect info and allocate an appointment 7 - 10 days away or not at all. No after hours service except hospital. My local Facebook page us full of complaints about medical care. Local CCG not replying to complaints or queries. There was a newspaper report saying around 5 million on waiting lists. Choose and book no longer. To see a local Consultant on an urgent matter I would wait until the end of September. Can be seen privately in a week.
  10. Sending best wishes for his recovery. It must be a worry with him in hospital and as you said, not out of the woods yet. i'm not sure how well services are running at the moment for physical therapy if needed once he is out of the worst. Thanks for the links. I'm grateful for any hints on what could be happening.
  11. I could have done with that team when I had an adverse reaction and couldn't find anyone interested. How were patients going to be referred to them out of interest? I'm impressed that at least one NHS trust thought of this. Guessing that the news reports of people flooding A&E with headaches (when the news about the clots) came out was not true then.
  12. Just to add an update. I paid to see a local Neurologist. Still fairly much the same but stable. He didn't have any problem believing that my symptoms were caused by the AZ vaccine. The working theory for the head pain, light intolerance, visual stuff, nausea, loss of smell/taste etc is a new onset migraine or some sort of inflammation of a nerve in the head. We have a plan of different drugs to try. Meanwhile back to a darkened room for me. He has no idea about the new muscle weakness, rashes and other things. The Neurologist has seen 1 other new patient with the same head nerve problem after AZ and one existing patient with a new non-stop migraine. It seems that there is no one is investigating longer term side effects. The yellow card system is merely reporting them but no one is at the other side picking them up. I have tried all the obvious avenues.
  13. I am so sorry to hear this. My Father had a stroke and was disabled before he died (a few years ago now) How is your father now?
  14. Apologies. I genuinely didn't see it. Sorry @AThirdWay and thank you @MonsieurCopperCrutch No, I can't see anything else that would trigger it. Wish I could as that would help find a solution. From the ZOE app I can see today others with similar symptoms to my own.They added a section I'd not noticed before with questions for the team. People with side effects posting questions there. In particular these intense new head pains. I joined an online migraine group to find others new there with the intense week after week head pains after the vaccine.
  15. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed right now so will not say much more. t's been a bad 10 years or so with serious stuff. That is probably why this feels as if it could be more serious than a possible migraine. Then again it could be really simple if I could get someone to look at it. Thank you for your kindness and remembering.
  16. Hindsight is fabulous and I agree with your evaluation. There is something else that is becoming more relevant as time goes on, Being able to buy a home, that is comfortable to live in and near jobs that will pay for it. Even if we decide that houses are overpriced but we need to buy. We have moved twice now once we made the decision to leave London. The first ended in redundancy and no other work available that we could find. The second try ended in being strung along and then an attempt by the seller to force us into paying more - a lot more (it did eventually sell but not at the price they wanted us to pay). The longer we stay in one place the narrower is the type of property we can afford to buy. It moved very quickly in the last couple of years. We feel as if we have been chasing a moving target.
  17. Thank you for the Science Direct link. I never imagined that this existed. Will read it again. Very interesting.
  18. Thank you. A few things are looking like an allergy. Fortunately for me that part only lasted for the first few weeks (the bad problems swallowing). My throat is back to normal again. My glands are still swollen. On my second visit to A&E no one touched me again or looked in my throat. I've tried to talk to my GP and find out who locally in my area deals with this. No one. I had my phone call with him now and he doesn't think I should have the 2nd before this "all calms down". If I want to see an Immunologist or a Neurologist he says that the waiting list will be long. It's now down to the severe head pain which is now radiating down into my teeth, ears and jaw. The light and sound intolerance. General muscle weakness and other things. My sense of smell and taste are still now back. It's weird.
  19. Thank you Will for asking. I didn't want to bore anyone with the details This was the list I wrote to report the first Yellow card (minus a few really embarrassing things) New severe headache, stiff neck, light and noise intolerance (sets off vomiting and headache increases). Headache thumping, piercing. Painful scalp, ears and teeth. Non stop and not controlled by OTC drugs. Codeine can knock me out but pain wakes me up Dead, numb legs (unable to stand on the day after the vaccine) followed by weak limbs, no stamina. When could stand and tried to walk like dragging weights. Falling over. Pain, stabbing in lower right abdomen/ pelvis Pain and burning in spine. Restless legs Nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea Loss of sense of smell and taste Swollen glands and sore throat Difficulty swallowing and drinking Cold sores and large angry red painful lumps (rash) on face and torso
  20. Just an update to say what has happened since then. I'm still suffering the strange, unexpected reaction(s) to the AZ vaccine. Since then I have tried different angles to try and tackle this problem. My GP clinic still remains as a centre for the Vaccine rollout. Appointments are very rare. There are no home visits for bed bound or the elderly who cannot leave their home. No district nurse visits. All appointments are by phone but often after a triage by a nurse and then another long wait to talk to a doctor (i.e. 5 -10 days ). I've tried requesting appointments to see or talk to my GP or any GP on the phone (still takes 40 -60 mins) to get through or their new online Triage system. Managed one in the last month. It was short and fruitless. Another planned for this week and I am ready with a list of suggestions. The local hospital is still operating under Covid measure so no visitors allowed and that includes my partner pushing me in a wheelchair. This causes a problem as I get worn out and unable to speak. The staff are overwhelmed and burned out as a guess. There has been pressure to try and deflect what has happened to me away from being caused by the vaccine. A lot of "symptoms may be triggered but not caused" which is a distinction I cannot understand and they cannot reply to. They did come up with a working theory and some medication to trial but I am told my care rests solely with my GP now and their idea didn't work. There is no access to Specialist staff like a neurologist and very long waiting lists to see any consultants like that. My usual consultant (out of town and at another hospital) is booking for next year. A private appointment would be available in October if urgent. The PALS service does not respond to phone calls and replies to emails are very slow. I've yet to have any feedback to my first complaint about the A&E visit where they refused to let me see a doctor and said I had been reading too much on the internet. This was the nurse who did not know about the AZ blood clotting problem. A complaint regarding the subsequent lack of service has not been replied to as yet. My local CCG (what used to be the PCT) has a vaccine "helpline" who at least answers the phone but has been told to give out an email address for complaints and queries. No answer from that and at the CCG they refuse to let me speak to anyone about the lack of service(s) and my emails are not answered. The Yellow card system investigating anything or the MHRA i.e. figures are being collected but no further medical comment or interest. Emails not answered. I have been told every step of the way that the NHS at least in my area has no responsibility or interest in adverse vaccine symptoms and as time goes by I will need to wait and see a consultant which may be a year or more.
  21. I can see why a trainee would be useful to the EA's around here (Bucks and Beds). There seem to be more properties advertised with sitting tenants. These are not going "under offer". Very little is filtering through to LR and no sign of removal vans or anything happening around me. The EA's need someone to field all the phone calls, handle all the no-hopers (like the LLs trying to sell up) and everything else that will not end in a commission. Might be different elsewhere of course.
  22. Or does Sale Volumes mean sales that translate into Land registry maybe? I'm not seeing a decrease into properties coming onto the market in my search of specific areas of Bucks and Beds. They are going under off (which takes the figure of properties "for sale" down) but are they going to translate into appearing as a completed sale anywhere. The last time this happened they didn't.
  23. This sounds similar to the reaction I had to the AZ vaccine. Now in It's 5th week for me but getting better in some ways thankfully. The burning pain in the bones which was a week at It's worse and made it impossible to sleep until codeine from A&E knocked me out, the the dead leg which was numb and I could not stand on. Totally unexpected and so many other things. The severe throbbing headache (with light and sound intolerance meaning I have been living in a darkened room) is responding to migraine meds. Also that strange stabbing pain in the lower abdomen. I've never had a migraine or anything like it before. A&E also tried to trivialize it and deny vaccine related. Some if us have been just plain unlucky and with different vaccines.
  24. I have had rapid responses published on the online BMJ previously (as a patient) with no need to pay to join or buy a subscription. Not sure how much checking they do. There is a Neurologist (now in private practise) I know of making all sorts if claims online previously but has gone quiet. Not the same name. This has more if the sound and feel of a USA/Canada anti-vaccine anti lock down group. As some of you may know (from another thread) I had a severe reaction to the Astra Zeneca vaccine. I have other health issues and patients in the different groups I belong to have been setting up polls online to judge side effects and severity and compare vaccines. We aren't seeing a huge percentage of longer term (I.e. over 30 days) and severe (I.e. had to see Dr urgently). They do exist and it gets bigger everyday (the %) as more people are done. Some of us were just really unlucky it seems.
  25. Thank you. I asked to speak to the Practice Manager last Tuesday (the 30th) and was told that they were not taking calls and were refusing to deal with complaints at all. Asked to leave a message for them to call me anyway and that's gone unanswered. I also tried PALS at the hospital I was seen at (A&E) and raised a complaint with them on Wednesday. They were supposed to be finding out which medical team I should be seeing and calling me back that day. Didn't happen and a call to them again today has gone unreturned. PALS told be to ring 111. Which I did. They told me they would talk to my GP on some special "hot line" they had. Tried the local CCG also on Wednesday and was told that they would only deal with email complaints and would take about 5 working days to respond. Will try NHS England. The immediate heat is off as my physical problem is being helped with the new drugs so at least can think better now.
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