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  1. Houses are being removed from sale in the short list I am watching. 3 so far and 1 has had the price reduced this week. My still list includes 17 houses marked as under offer and it will be interesting to see how many appear in LR eventually and the price. There's always been an element of kite flying in this area. For every one that makes it through to LR there have been at least another 2 that disappear.
  2. In the local area I am tracking there were 32 entries and 16 were under offer at start of lockdown. Now there are 32 entries with 16 still under offer. It's not likely that this is a true reflection of what is happening behind the scenes as in a normal month or two properties would appear, go under offer, disappear and then never show in Land Registry. Some would come up again with the same or another agent. The price could go up or down. My guess is that Estate Agents are not working and not updating Rightmove/ Zoopla etc. Everything is stuck. I wonder how many of these "sales" have fallen through or the owners are waiting stuck in a chain or a buyer who wants to reassess things later on?
  3. My other-half just had a conference call on redundancies. They are going to cut from the management layer. A few months ago they were promising no redundancies. We don't know how many other companies will use this as a pruning exercise and where the pruning will be. I know contractors and self employed who would consider themselves successful but have high debts. This applies in some cases to both earners in family and they need both to service the debt.
  4. What sort of treatment are they intending for them (if you know)?
  5. When our disabled group meets with NICE on treatments they use a QUALY to judge treatments. We are used to thinking in these terms as healthcare for my group (Neurological) is rationed and can be a battle. "The cost per QALY is the tool that NICE uses to judge the cost effectiveness of new technologies. To put it simply, it is the cost of each additional year of life gained by a treatment or procedure not just in terms of extra months or years of life, but in the quality of that life: defined, for example, by freedom from or reduction in pain, or the ability to do basic activities of daily living such as feeding oneself and being mobile, or having a decent state of mental health." https://www.kingsfund.org.uk/publications/articles/ministers-not-nhs-england-should-decide-affordability-of-treatments
  6. It's odd that the NY doctor didn't mention the new type of younger patients coming in with blood clots and heart attacks? I listen to the TWIV podcast each week which has a report from a doctor in NY state and although he is seeing less older 'classic' coronavirus patients coming through and is feeling more positive, he is seeing a different group coming to A&E now. 30-40% in his hospital. It may be that not all NY hospitals think it is Corona virus. He also said that 200-300 people are dying at home. They don't feel sick enough to go to a hospital but a clot gets them.
  7. Friends in NZ cannot afford to see a GP if a working couple. Long waiting lists for hospital proceedures. Travel to see a consultant by plane and at own cost. Chronic diseases and illnesses ( for those working ) are badly supported by hospitals and GP they say. Advantages are that they can chose their GP and appointments are available.
  8. From other internet groups I belong to people are questioning making large purchases due to current uncertainties. They are making small ones for their current home and trying to make it more comfortable. No one is thinking of buying cars, houses or even medium expensive things. They are saying the exact opposite.
  9. I have an area i am watching on Rightmove to try and get an indication of what is happening. Before Corona there were 32 houses and flats for sale and 16 of these were 'under offer'. For the past few weeks it is all frozen. Nothing added, nothing removed and nothing selling. What is happening behind the scenes I wonder?
  10. It might be the cruise ships with uncomfortable cabins that lose out in the medium term. Friends who have cruised before say that they won't be tempted by cheaper inside cabins again. They'll chose another type of holiday. Friends who would like to cruise say that they will wait until the current problem is over and they can afford an outside cabin with balcony (if ever).
  11. Professor Montagnier is known for his "interesting" views so it wouldn't surprise me at all. Last I heard of him was investigating what he called the memory of water. Did a quick search online and there is a Podcast called which does have an interview with someone they say is Prof M. in french https://shows.acast.com/frequence-medicale-et-pourquoi-docteur/episodes/journal-du-160420
  12. There was an interesting comment on the USA TWIV podcast a few days ago about the swab test. This may have a bearing on ENT doctors if they were being drafted in to do the swabs. That is, unless we have a different test in the UK. Initially the swab was taken very high up and into the (something?) sinus area. Patients were coughing, sneezing and sputtering over medics because it was so difficult to get the samples needed. Force was needed and it was hard. Then someone (sorry can't remember details) did a comparative look at these deep swabs and compared them to swabs taken from the inside of the nose. They were 95% the same. Although this was in the USA I hope that this is published and if it pans out will save doctors getting covered in lots of fluid from potentially infected and sick patients.
  13. Another update from NY doctor (transcribed from online interview and probably contains errors) Daniel Griffin MD New York Wears N95 respirator General Total patient numbers accelerating in NY. In about 7 days they will be out of ventilators. Still drowning here with more patients every day. Expects that in 2-3 weeks steady stream rather than accelerating. By then they will be past the point of having enough resources. Ventilators 2,3 or 4 people per ventilator is possible. The breaths per minutes, oxygen level etc needs to be set for all 4 people. Higher level of Oxygen based on the lowest person in the group. Lab capacity is slow. Lab cannot get back tests in time. Lab workers sick and over loaded. Prevention. 1. In the NY area recommendation to wear face masks is likely. Part of the earlier recommendation was to protect medics from shortages. It make sense now to wear masks to flatten the curves. Have to be worn correctly. A couple of studies show that during a major disease out breaks can protect themselves and stop transmission. Worn improperly can be dangerous. Air plane - example of someone who slid mask down to eat peanuts. Do not put hand on front of mask to pull and down. 2. There are several different trials(s) of HydroxyC. Thinks it is most important in the first 48 hours of infection. Acute onset treatment. Hoping to cut hospitalisation time. Another trial of HydroxyC to try and stop healthcare workers getting sick. Prophylaxis Treatment 1. Another trial of "appropriately used steroids" based on the "early low dose..." paper from Wuhan China. Patients with a respiratory rate of about 30. It is on the 2nd week of the disease when the breathing problems start. Trial of IV Prednisone. 5 days. People can avoid respirators on this drug he thinks. Rationale. The first week is all about the virus. In week 2 the virus is on it's way down but the immune system starts ramping into the IL6 pathway. Amazing amount of inflammation in the trachea and the steroids calm this down as a broad anti-inflammatory. Th17 response as opposed to a TH1. This is an odd cytokine signature initiated by IL1 and then goes to IL6. Doesn't think that Anakinda sp? (IL1 inhibitor) will work as well but curious to see what it will do. The Cytokine storm. We give the steroids first and it looks as if they need ventilation then they use the Tozi' (IL6 inhibitor) and they bounce back. Some centres are not giving steroids so people can be including in a IL6 study. Some patients in IL6 studies who did not have steroids before theTozi' inhibitor did well to start with but then crashed. The right time with the right patient is important. 2. Anticoagulation treatment DIMER level. LMW Heparin. Small clots everywhere. Discharge When can people be discharged safely? They are discharging people with temperatures and breathing problems but getting better. When NLR is going down 3-6 range. 4 litres of oxygen or less. Try to get them out before they get sick from something less. They are told they are still shedding the virus. 7 days since symptom onset and feeling better (no coughing etc). Not the same criteria they used at the start. Home quarantine. Wait 14 days. General CPAP - BPAP - Chinese found this didn't make much sense. Experience was that they did worse. Air borne contamination. Not sure if it would improve patient outcomes in the USA. Update on irish patient. Day 20 and doing well but he is getting a secondary infection. Sometimes bacterial / sometimes fungal Low death rate in Germany? Takes time to die. Germany is increasing. Early experience 25 days onset to death. https://www.microbe.tv/twiv/
  14. I've been listening to a podcast and there is a segment by a New York treating doctor who made some observations about his Corona virus treatment. Made some rough notes (still listening to the rest) which may be of interest. Apologies for any mistakes (sound not the best at time) Daniel Griffin MD New York 1. Increased use of steroids for some patients with pneumonia and at the stage of needing Oxygen but not on ventilator. Paper from Whuhan (Whang). More complicated and less black and white picture on treatment in general. 2. Hydroxychloroquine is used less now. Stopped because study trend towards PCR negativity and not patient outcomes. Azithromycin is used less as well now. 3. Oxygen saturation in some patients very low. Had a large patient with low stat levels. Turned him onto his stomach. Oxygen sats came up. They decided to try (Off label) Tocilizumab a IL6 inhibitor by Roche. Cytokine storm. This looks like IL1 IL10 IL6 etc driven. High neutrophils, Low Lymphocytes (called NLR test). Steroids cannot be taken with this drug. The virus hits some people in 2 parts. One week of a viral illness and then the Maladaptive immune response can kick when the viral load goes down. Immunopathology. Cell lysis issue maybe he thought is causing the maladaptive immune response? Once NLR goes down, blood oxy saturation goes up patients can do well. https://www.microbe.tv/twiv/
  15. Thank you. Prices are wobbly in my target area (s) and there are hardly any sales. (and that was before the current problems)
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