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  1. I have had a medical condition called POTS since a teenager. It started when I had a viral illness (felt rather like Covid). Probably had the start of it before then with low BP and blood pooling. My online POTS group is inundated with Long Covid people. Some of them with the same heart symptoms since the start of the virus in the UK. It's hard to get a NHS appointment with a Cardiologist who specialises in POTS or testing now. My own Consultant is booked up until this time next year. This doesn't happen after the flu season. We need research to show us the numbers. It could be that this has only happened as some Long Covid groups know about things like POTS now.
  2. Thank you Nasty. I've got 2 searches set up. One has stalled and the other is still showing signs of life. Will take a look after Easter and see if the " Spring Bounce" eventuates or not. Interestingly a house that went to "SSTC" straight away a month ago is back on the market and they have added another 25K to the price! It's a 3 BR with a garage. Hope your HP22 houses start showing signs of being more affordable.
  3. Thank you Data Dave. It is a 3 bed Semi with parking but no garage and a small garden. I did one of those "how much is my house worth" online queries and that returned a current price of around 349K. Looking at the interior photos they haven't done anything to it since we left other than painting the downstairs loo. (hasn't gone under off as yet...)
  4. I'm gobsmacked. About 3 years ago we were evicted from a rental property when the Landlord sold it. I think it went for around 310K. It's in Buckinghamshire. The house was bought by a young couple with a baby. The deposit had come from their parents and they told me that the mortgage payments so stretched them they could not pay for the redecoration and renovations that they wanted. Logged on to RM last night and saw it listed for sale. The asking price is 450K!. Didn't know whether to laugh or cry. The property market here is ridiculous. I know that is just an asking price of course. Anything could happen. (as an aside another property we tried to buy around the same time sold for 319k and then subsequently sold for 347K last year. When we tried to buy it the owner tried to get an extra 25K out of us just before exchange which was when we pulled out)
  5. I have a search set up in several parts of Bucks and Beds. Seems to have spilt into 2 markets which were similar back pre-Covid. One part is stagnant with high priced new build homes and re-sales of the same type of properties slower than the stamp duty frenzy. The other area is forging ahead with re-sales of new builds doing very well. Older established homes less so. All at ridiculous asking prices.
  6. I last looked 2 years ago but rented off and on in the 2000s and 2010s (with periods abroad). There were times of feast and famine. The agents always tried it on regardless. In my current area of Bucks we have an influx of ex-Londoners moving from their rented flats or having sold up. This is putting pressure on rentals and house prices here.
  7. Or they are just plain lying. I had the same spiel when renting in London previously.
  8. I have seen neighbours buy in the last couple of years and make sacrifices to do so (no holidays, little to spend on recreation) and usually these were the worst of the housing stock in terms of size and design. The problem us that once they stop going up in value and the owners get sick of paying so much for so little, where do they go? Unless they want to move to another area or abroad (and force prices up there) the alternatives are few. Not much available to rent here either. The couple who bought our last rented house got their deposit from the family but said that they could only afford the mortgage and didn't have enough for decoration or holidays. The older people in large homes don't want flats and bungalows are few. Less 'bank of mum and dad' though maybe?
  9. I started to watch that video but the NZ scientists were not in it or named and there was no sign of a paper by them or any supporting proof of their work - so I have no idea if this is a genuine claim. There were some other (non-NZ) sources mentioned so I will go off and take a look at these now.
  10. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10404275/The-odd-world-consultant-took-Sajid-Javid-task-mandatory-jabs-NHS-staff.html
  11. I am slowly getting back to normal. Thank you. Last couple of days the coughing fits have been worse. My back goes into spasms from this. Brain is mush. It's not unusual for me to take a while to recover from a virus so I am not too bothered. My other half is back to running again. He doesn't puff walking up stairs any longer. Fitness is coming back quickly. He lost 8lbs in weight with Covid in the first week if Covid in December and only put 2lbs back on. Very strange for him as diet and exercise never did that so quickly before.
  12. Established clearners in my area (local Facebook page) are trying to get new clients as their existing ones are cutting hours (I.e. going from weekly cleans to fortnightly instead) It might be harder now to get work cleaning that is reliable?
  13. I can understand why I might be hit by Covid but it is my husband's reaction that floors me. He had 2 AZ. Not in any risk groups. Ran 6k the week before. Not overweight. Good diet and has been taking vit d from right at the start (I have taken it for over 5 years) There are always going to be exceptions but what we need to know is how many and how badly so we can judge impact on the workforce. Also the impact of Long Covid.
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