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  1. Flopsy

    I think the wait is over

    No idea sorry. Maybe a false snobbery and feeling that he was escaping from a manual job into an office one. I'll ask next time. He's not the first taxi driver to mention this.
  2. Flopsy

    I think the wait is over

    My taxi driver the other day is studying IT around his driving. He has a mate who has already done this. Someone will hire him with no experience. One of the outsourcing companies may take him on to pump up the numbers at a clients site.
  3. When we have visited new developments offering HTB we were given a card with their solicitors name on it and encouraged to use it. The buyers on Facebook say that these solicitors didn't fully explain HTB to them. I don't even know if they ever actually met the solicitors or had an appointment that explained HTB. The cards we were given were not in the local area. Yes, it is buyer beware but this could potentially be adding up to a new "mis-selling" type claim sometime in the future. Who against I have no idea.
  4. I'm seeing that idea sinking in at a local new build estate close to me. Joined their Facebook page and there has been a recent thread where buyers claimed not to have been told about the 5 year stage and what happens after. For some the penny dropped. There has been a tendency on that estate for people to try and sell up, take what profit they have made and buy a non-HTB. That's worked up to now. Nothing is selling there and asking prices are dropping.. Another new development has homes to sell and most sold previously used HTB. They aren't selling there now either.
  5. Flopsy

    I think the wait is over

    That seems to have stopped (or having a lull) in the areas of Bucks and Beds I have my search set up. There used to be a time when houses would appear on an agents website as "sold" on the same day as listed and needing a lot of work done. I used to laugh when an agent asked me if we would consider a house that needed some "work" as I knew that anything in this category would be bought up before it was offered to me and flipped quickly by his mates. I'm seeing the odd decrepit house coming up in the searches now.
  6. Flopsy

    I think the wait is over

    "In a sign that Brexit is affecting the capital most, the number of new properties coming to the market in London fell 10 per cent in the first two weeks of January. The national average decline was a smaller 2.1 per cent, which Rightmove said was 'broadly unchanged'." Only in London is RM reporting a drop in new properties. I'm not seeing a drop in my search set up for Bucks and Bed. https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/mortgageshome/article-6610455/UK-property-market-starts-2019-smallest-January-rise-seven-years.html
  7. 'It's basically watching a group of old men who can't operate a smartphone, talking about a technology that doesn't exist' Read more at: https://inews.co.uk/news/politics/brexit-kit-malthouse-bbc-politics-live-irish-border-backstop/ Ms Swinson told the Tory MP that a friend’s son, who was in his twenties, “had seen a bit of parliament talking about this alternative arrangements and said it’s basically watching a group of old men who can’t operate a smartphone, talking about a technology that doesn’t exist”.
  8. Question for the experts here. What is the best option(s) Brexit / new Referendum/ no Brexit / Hard Brexit / Soft Brexit / new Election / Long delay etc To cause house prices to fall and why?
  9. Flopsy

    What next?

    What happens at the end of the first term if the house is valued less than the purchase price or if Lloyds stop offering this option?
  10. Flopsy

    Landlord chancer

    I found the small claims court very good for this. They used the hard copy photos though as could be sent as part of the evidence bundle. As she lives in this country it should be easier to get the money back if they win.Hope they have a copy of the inventory in and the inventory out? Is the deposit in a scheme?
  11. Flopsy

    Sadly, I see no other option

    I'm seeing signs of them claiming that they didn't know what they were getting into (HTB) close to me in Buckinghamshire. Joined the Facebook groups in areas I'd like to buy in. Initially to find out what problems were experienced there as people complain about anything related such as parking, commuting, local schools, doctors, crime etc. It's been a good way to learn where not to live. In the last year I've seen 2 threads now on HTB where local buyers complained about the system and only just seems to be understanding the full implications. This is probably because the 5 year stage have come up for the first lot of buyers in the new developments. These Facebook posters are claiming in some cases that they didn't understand the HTB agreement, that the information online doesn't make it clear, and most importantly maybe ; that they were told to use the developers lawyer who didn't explain HTB to them at all. My guess is that this is going to form the action I can see happening at some stage in the future when they will expect a bail out. What does surprise me and this is just an observation is that up to now some have been able to resell their HTB homes and achieved very good asking prices (compared to when they bought them). This offloads the problem of inflated house prices onto a new buyer who doesn't have HTB to blame directly. Nothing newish is selling in the developments I have been following now and sellers are blaming newer developments and FTBers being able to use HTB there instead and get a brand new home instead of their overpriced second hand one...
  12. https://medicalxpress.com/news/2019-01-inflammatory-marker-crp-linked-housing.html?fbclid=IwAR03Nt964YQY-qxLkpcKdaZVLmbkOpieHqfcSnSns7p155xXmOdAssK3H8c
  13. I'm not seeing a lack of property coming to the market on my Rightmove search for Milton Keynes. These are added to the properties that didn't sell from last year - some of which have been relaunched afresh for the new year by changing the agent... In one area I am following there are more properties unsold in my search than any other time in the last 2 years. What strikes me in particular are the <300k houses which previously were selling quickly. I don't know though if these were selling to LL's or FTB'ers. I'm going to try and follow the rental market and see what is happening there. There is still too many overpriced kite flyers for me to put together a list to look at though. It does however, give me a good set of properties to follow, see if they sell and at what prices. I'm not waiting for the market to hit rock bottom. Just want to buy somewhere we would be happy and comfortable to live in for at least 10 years at a price that we can afford.
  14. You could use both their names on the small claim and see how you get on? I helped a friend with a small claim for some work she had done. The people who owed the money (a couple) got nasty and claimed that she had assaulted one of them. Then they claimed she didn't do the work. There was an exchange of written statements with these claims. Then on the day of the hearing neither of them turned up. The "assault" never eventuated in any sort of police report. The problem as you said is getting the money. They have left the home they lived in and although both are company directors (property developers), the companies are registered to a building that supposedly houses many companies. Once you have written your statement and it has been served it will be a good indication of whether they respond by writing a statement (and what it says) or just try and ignore the whole thing. The small claims court may decide that the person you technically paid the money to is the one with the debt and it might be useful to find out if they have a settled home and what their financial position is. Also to try and talk to them as well (which I guess you have tried to do). We sent a set of registered letters as proof for the court that we had tried to resolve this before approaching them and this seemed to go down well. I've helped several friends now and gone through the whole process myself, usually with good results.

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