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  1. Some of the "over priced rubbish" that I am seeing in my searches (in Bucks and Beds) is empty with no chain. These are family houses and the majority of low quality. Maybe a LL is selling up his stock slowly. There is the odd gem in there and I think one of these may be worth an offer. They are going "under offer" already and sometimes coming back onto the market. Very little is coming through to the Land registry. One house was advertised for 325K and sold for 310K. It was a LL sale and empty. We are in no hurry to move. I'm still having medical treatment at a local hospit
  2. NICE has a system for evaluating treatments called a QALY. I don't know if this method was used on Covid though. Quality-adjusted life year A measure of the state of health of a person or group in which the benefits, in terms of length of life, are adjusted to reflect the quality of life. One quality-adjusted life year (QALY) is equal to 1 year of life in perfect health. QALYs are calculated by estimating the years of life remaining for a patient following a particular treatment or intervention and weighting each year with a quality-of-life score (on a 0 to 1 scale). It is o
  3. Would be interested to know what these two are reacting to in the vaccine and what pre-existing allergic conditions they suffered from (i.e. nuts, wasps etc)
  4. Seeing the same thing here with my Bucks and Beds search. Some are empty. I don't get the 'no chain' claim for the others unless they are not telling us something. They don't look like downsizers. I wonder if the owner or tenant has had to move for work? P.s. a house close to me came on the market a month ago. Has tenants in it. The LL tried to evict them and force viewings. In the Rightmove listing they used old photos from when it was empty. He has only owned it for 18 months. It's now off the market. It is the larger detached houses which sold before lock down and
  5. I saw a few at the start of this latest stamp duty madness but my search of target areas is split between one where houses are largely not selling in Beds (and more each day) or another area in Bucks where houses are going SSTC. A couple have even exchanged and new people moved in very quickly. One that went back on the market and changed agent has gone SSTC quickly again. In the area I am looking at in Bucks it is the large 4bd detached houses that appear to be going SSTC quickly and one of these already has new people in it.
  6. Both are ex-council which is interesting. The second in a better area (but not the best street). One of the many problems with ex-council is possible high maintenance charges, poor upkeep, interesting neighbours. When we looked in one of these areas the high charges was the first of many problems. Looks like the flats which are least desirable (i.e. ex-council) are sticking.
  7. Have you been given a copy of the AST to see what it says? Check how long the tenants have been there.
  8. Good points about London and garages. The places I looking at are in areas which (used to be) where on the list of places Londoner's would flee to and commute from when prices drove them out. Things have changed and it appears at least in my Bucks and Beds price list that this isn't happening as much as before. I used to see houses close to the Railway station sell very quickly (to ex-Londoners) as an example but even these are sticking. It is true that when Londoners used to move to these areas a garage wasn't high on their list. Now all buyers seem to be pickier than before.
  9. I'm only seeing the larger (4 br) and usually detached houses going SSTC in my target areas in Bucks and Beds. The smaller end of terrace, terraced 2 or 3 bedders or townhouses are sitting unsold. More on the market everyday. It may reflect a desire for some to trade up or down and the stamp duty change encouraged them. However if they want to get out of their terraced townhouse with a small garden and no garage then they will have to price to sell and I can't see that yet.
  10. Not seeing the first two in our group for Neurological Disease or the online ones a heart condition I have. Lots of enquiries from frighened and sick people with jobs, careers and a lot to lose if their ill-health continues. The last one is fairly obvious as they won't be truly interested in finding out what causes it or how to cure / prevent it and see it as a gravy train. Sadly, they are already circling.
  11. Which is normal for autoimmune diseases, some neurological and other similar things sadly.
  12. We negotiated something that worked best for us (given the awful circumstances, the months of harassment etc)
  13. Given that our benefits system for disability is so bad I would find that hard to believe for most people.
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