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  1. Erm, how was he right? There's loads of things that could be done. It's the economic/political system that stops them getting done.
  2. Wow. I think you are right. We have too many people without enough to do. Shall we kill you now, or later?
  3. I'd go further. I'd nationalise all land and use the rents to pay for the citizens income.
  4. It is, but by the GDP deflator, rather than any of the inflation measures Joe Public understands.
  5. It would still be an economy, just not a monetary one. http://www.thevenusproject.com/
  6. Because he is wealthy. He wouldn't be asking for anything, he would be paying for it.
  7. or change his name and move somewhere else, pretty much how the scam companies on Watchdog work
  8. Since a bank's role in society is to allocate investment capital wisely, I would pretty much say that almost every recession is the fault of the banks. Particularly the current one which is characterised by malinvestment of huge amounts of capital into non-productive assets. Of course, they need plenty of suckers to believe them as well, but the way that banks create money really doesn't help people understand what they actually do.
  9. Why do I have to pay 17.5% to the Government on pretty much every transaction I enter into, even if I don't have a pot to piss in?
  10. He's Villa, but they look quite similar, and he has bad eyesight.
  11. They must be expecting some inflation then. I guess they don't have to worry too much about the interest payments, the BoE will be holding all the debt, because that's the only way we are getting inflation.
  12. Maybe they have caught something which has damaged their reproductive system. Maybe they are just a bit old, having been bombarded with the lie that having a career is somehow superior to having children. Maybe they don't like the thought of some dick***d Frank Butcher lookalike slobbering over them and would prefer to spend their time with another woman.
  13. I've got a better idea. Why don't we get a lot of men with guns to go around to middle earners houses and steal everything, then hand it to crack-whores and gangstas. Both would be about as useful to the economy... because you are telling people that it doesn't matter if they work, or how they try and plan for retirement.... because we will screw you over whatever you do.
  14. There are plenty of private sector companies with equally huge pension deficits. Wonder if the taxpayer will end up with the crap for all of them.
  15. Just make sure you put your gains into something that is holding it's value, or you are a loser who thinks he's a winner.
  16. The main problem the US is that it's comparative wealth is based upon controlling resources in third world countries and labour in developing countries. The tool used for this is dollar-denominated debt. If they inflate, the debts of the poor countries are eroded. The US lose control. Arguably, they can't stop this anyway, but inflating the dollar will hasten it's demise. It's all a big game to the planners, the stakes are the lives of ordinary people. If the rest of the world is lucky, the US will screw it up and it's hegemony will end.
  17. You learn everything by comparing two currencies. Except that they are both sliding down the pan.
  18. Why are so many people confused about the first round of QE. It went to maintain Government spending. It indirectly helped the banking sector. As for round 2, I really don't know. I think they might go low (£25Bn) and buy MBS. Will have to see how much wailing the cuts cause first though.
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