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  1. Most people had (and still have) absolutely no idea about the macroeconomic drivers of real estate prices. I have lots of friends, none of whom I would class as stupid. When I try to explain to them what happened, their eyes glaze over. They seem unable to comprehend it. They can't even grasp that our money is debt - they STILL think banks have endless billions of cash in their vaults, even though we had a very well publicised bank run a few of years ago.
  2. There is plenty of evidence of systemic fraud. Of course, no one put a gun to anyone's head, but you underestimate the power of the media in determining peoples' thoughts. I am torn at the moment between thinking we need better regulation, and just joining the spivs and fooking people over for a living instead of trying to make an honest crust.
  3. What the fook do you think the point of Capitalism is? It's a game where everyone tries to get richer than everyone else. Most people like it when they think they are winning. Fooking whingebags.
  4. There is absolutely no progress whatsoever that can be directly attributed to capitalism. Most progress is down to scientific advancement, and that is largely funded by socialism.
  5. He should have said anyone who bought a house with a mortgage before 2000 have never had it so good. Oh, and me and my rich chums.
  6. When someone whose job it is to make money from their trades tells you something, you can be damn sure that they are hoping to influence your behaviour to their own benefit.
  7. The market has no conscience, it cares nothing if millions starve, we have wars, the oceans are polluted or the climate changes catastrophically. It also operates largely on the principle that a few men in suits (called bankers) know where to invest money better than millions of individual savers. The market is just as bad as the government.
  8. The market is also far from perfect - we have regular booms and busts. If markets were perfect, then this just simply wouldn't happen. Private enterprises have to pay more for investment capital and they have shareholders to pay.
  9. I agree to a point - but what you miss is that all rent seeking activities (not just landlording) will become unprofitable if the people being "tapped" don't have the income to support them - and that includes commodity speculation. There is too much paper and not enough real investment opportunities. Long term, the only way out of this is for people to lose the value of their paper.
  10. The foundering union leader did make the point that people create wealth whether they work in the public or private sector. That was my biggest issue with the program. It assumed that the method of payment for a service decides whether it creates wealth or destroys it, rather than what the service actually is. This was practically the whole foundation for the program, and it is demonstrably untrue. If they just said "Stop borrowing, and stop spending taxes on useless shit" than that would be fine. It was putting forward one solution, with only one real piece of evidence (Hong Kong). It completely ignores the very many successful economies which have large state sectors that don't waste their resources and crap. We get the politicians we deserve. Our debt solution is to dilute the debt (through QE), not borrow more.
  11. Just watched this, and I have to say it was about as objective as a Michael Moore documentary. Lots of rich people telling poor people that they need tax cuts, with no input from "the left". I don't entirely disagree with the premise of the program, but a bit of balance wouldn't hurt. I guess you don't need to debate when you know the truth - ask any religious nutjob.
  12. Standard practice. Notice how all the media attention for the student protests in London last week were on the "violence" (they managed to show shots of a PC with a bandaged nose, and a few people kicking a window in, which is less violent than a typical Saturday night in most towns).
  13. They pay a shed load in wages though, which is taxed at 50% for the most part.
  14. What are the Tory policies on Inheritance Tax, Family Trusts, the planning system and higher education? You're a bloody loony!
  15. That is a free market. Nothing like the same thing as Capitalism.
  16. The New Politics : Good Food Would Choose Bordeaux
  17. Did they just invent public disorder? It's somewhat dishonest of the media to call this a riot. They keep talking about violence, but there was hardly anything happening, just some vandalism.
  18. I was going to watch it, but couldn't decide if it was worth my time. I looked at some naked ladies instead. I hope I made the right choice.
  19. I'd look forward to the UK population becoming 7 billion.
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