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  1. I'd be all for this - with the proviso that any democratic centre is also a taxation centre. I think they would soon change their tune on most planning issues when they can see the fiscal benefits of higher housing density.
  2. I blame the socialist energy companies for hiking their prices year on year. And the socialist governments who grant the permits to the communist corporations to exploit the oil and gas reserves for their red shareholders and Marxist executives. You lefties make me sick.
  3. There wouldn't be a deficit if the rich paid their taxes like everyone else.
  4. This is nothing to do with contagion, confidence in the markets, confidence in government, government policies or anything else the media are claiming. It is simply speculators making fast killings on government bonds, fully supported by IMF, central banks and governments. Too much liquidity.
  5. It's significantly more difficult to affect societal change than it is to become very successful within the current one. You should probably expend your energy doing the latter. Than you can say this.
  6. The banks got over a trilion and are still paying billions in bonuses, and you are angry at this small time chancer. You need your bloody head read.
  7. The State owns no security other than slavery and confiscation of it's subjects. If you lend to it, it's caveat emptor.
  8. Anyone would think houses are too expensive, or something.
  9. Don't forget all the other taxes which are much more regressive than income tax.
  10. A decent 3 year degree from a decent university costs around £25k - £40k (lots of variation of course, but you can check this out by looking at what overseas students pay in fees). We are told that on average, having a degree will earn you about £100k more over your lifetime. If this is the case, then you already pay for your degree in full through taxation. What some of the protesters DO seem to understand is that increasing fees will do further harm to social mobility in this country. People from poorer families will have to think very hard indeed about going to University. I can't describe how scarily backwards I find this thought. We are gradually becoming more like a third world country because the wealthy are getting everything their own way. We are an Undeveloping country.
  11. Half the BoE profits go to the Treasury. I guess the other half go into Merv's pension fund.
  12. The average Chinese or Indian person still earns much less than the average westerner, and there are a lot more of them. This is the reason that any inflation will be in commodity prices but not western wages.
  13. Science is the expensive theoretical bit that R+D turns into products to sell.
  14. I agree. But people only want it changing to something "nicer" when they think they are losing, and only into something nicer for them.
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