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  1. You're a hard working, optimistic person but you have a poor grasp of statistics and logic, and almost no empathy. You're also prone to repetition, a device which you use to try and cover your lack of ability to reason effectively. Can't believe I got sucked back in again.
  2. The things that people want to do are not the opportunities that our current brand of Capitalism offers them. The rewards for doing something that they don't want to do are generally very poor. So they are unemployed.
  3. It's true though. Or did you volunteer to become a subject of The Queen?
  4. You can't talk about the unemployed without talking about the employed. There is only a certain amount of demand for goods and services. Unless we expect people to replace everything every year, then there isn't enough demand for labour to employ everyone full time.
  5. That's completely irrelevant as to whether there is a trickle up or down effect. There are alternatives to a government-backed monopoly on currency creation. Are you a banker, perchance?
  6. Why don't we just say the employed should do less instead.
  7. If the lender is receiving any return, then by definition the wealth is tricking up. I'm just fortunate just that my idea is generating a higher return than the trickle up.
  8. Of course businesses fail and banks lose money on individual loans. Of course banks are doing something, they are trying to manage the risk of the loan book and produce a return for themselves and depositors. What is in question though is whether there is a trickle down effect at work. By definition, if the loan book were not producing a return, then the bank wouldn't exist for long. The only logical conclusion is that wealth is trickling up. And when the bank does go bust due to its poor lending decisions, it is bailed out by the taxpayer and more wealth trickles it's way upwards. There can be no other logical conclusion that in a Capitalist system, wealth trickles up. The system falls over when the "owners" don't consume enough.
  9. The trickle effect... I was born to an average family, whose only assets of any real value is the home, which my parents require for habitation. I want to live a more affluent life, so I decide to start my own business. The only option I really have is to borrow money from a bank, which means repaying the money I borrow to the bank, plus 8% annual interest. People wealthier than I am expect to be paid by me without them adding any value. There is a trickle up effect, but if you ask the bank, the wealth is trickling down to me from wealthier people who had spare cash to put in the bank. Maybe I decide to fund my business venture by working and saving instead. I get a job in a warehouse packing mushrooms. I pack 1000 boxes a day, which have 20p of mushrooms, plus 10p of packing materials. The grocers buy the packed mushrooms for 50p. I am paid 10p a box. 10p of the value I add is trickling up to the owners of the warehouse. The warehouse owner claims he is providing me with a job and that his wealth is trickling down. The warehouse owner takes his 10p a box profit, and invests 5p of it in residential property, which he sees as a safe investment. He buys the house from my current landlord, so in addition to taking 10p a box of the value I added to the mushrooms, he is now taking £150 a week from me in rent. More of the value I added has trickled up to him - he has bought the house I live in using the value that I have added in the first place. The warehouse owner saves the other 5p of the value I had added whilst working for him. Despite all this trickle up, I manage to scrimp and save and set up a building firm. The warehouse owner wants an extension to his house, and comes to me. He pays £20,000 for his extension - everything that he has saved from my work for him. I make £10,000 profit from the job, and can clearly see that £10,000 of his wealth has trickled down to me. I praise the free market capitalism for it's trickle down effect, even though I have been shafted by it at every stage along the way. I post on internet forums about how great the trickle-down effect is, whilst the warehouse owner pisses himself laughing at me. "I create nothing, I own"
  10. What you seem to do is ignore all the points that people make that don't fit in with your view. It's been explained why people feel unable to take on the low paid work, and why they can't compete with 20 something Eastern Europeans, but you still seem to have the opinion that unemployment is largely down to laziness. There is not progression of thought from your starting point. It's not worth bothering trying to change your viewpoint by presenting counter-arguments. So I won't bother anymore
  11. it's an artificial barrier to entry which protects the current practitioners from competition driving the price down.
  12. That's why they never learn anything. Always transmitting, never receiving.
  13. Because you don't need 4 A* A levels to be a doctor, but you do to be allowed to study as one.
  14. The deficit is actually only around 4 billion a month. It's still lots, but not as bad as everyone thinks. This is the TRADE DEFICIT. This is the amount of money that Britain actually needs to borrow from foreigners. This is the figure we should be focusing on. But whilst we are doing that, we can start cutting the army, navy, air force, GPs, bankers, lawyers, dentists, lanlords, defence companies, and the multitude of other parasites that legally suck the money out of the rest of the economy whilst the rest of us are so busy fighting amongst ourselves that we don't notice what is happening.
  15. So basically : You should get no benefits unless you do some work To get a job, you have to compete with immigrants who will work 70 hours a week and live in a caravan and you don't even have currency arbitrage to make your pay packet worth having All because I want to pay 50p for an iceberg lettuce, rather than 60p. I get it. Just get on with it slaves, because I'm not paying you to not work, and I won't pay you to work either, unless you are happy to work for sweet FA. Enlightened times we are living in.
  16. One thing is for sure - there is more pressure building up on the BoE to start doing it's job. Whether it will cause an actual change in policy, who knows, but at least we are seeing some media pressure.
  17. Instead of complaining about the unemployed, why not start your own company and employ some of them. It will surely make you feel better.
  18. It's not at all the same. Capital is infinitely more mobile than labour, and it doesn't need to eat or feed its family. Traktion makes some really good points, but I'm sorry I don't have time to respond now.
  19. But you can bet when they do, it will be SKYNET's idea.
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