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  1. Yeah. But what socialists don't understand is that by attempting to engineer social equality and 'fairness', exactly the opposite is what is always achieved.

    Show me a socialist planet and we can see if you are right.

    The middle class is the engine of prosperity in any economy and real hardcore socialists despise the middle class. The metropolitian leftie types who live in big town houses and spout their drivel about social equality and fairness cannot see the irony of their circumstances and their blatant hypocrisy. You get people like Diane Abbot saying how awful it is that we have grammar schools and what socialists call 'educational apartheid' and then they send their own kids to an expensive private school. LOL! I mean you couldn't make it up how vile these people are

    People are born into a system and must live within in, whilst struggling to change it, if that is what they want. There is absolutely no point in disadvantaging your offspring in the meatime.

    Socialism is a mental illness I'm afraid, a delusion practiced by people incapable of understanding the most basic principles of human psychology

    Churchill summed up socialism nicely:

    Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. - Winston Churchill

    Link for you

  2. Equality would degrade the lifesyle of many a champage socialist. If the UKs wealth was divided equally amongst all UK citizens places like Hampstead would empty and the champagne socialists would be forced to live cheek by jowl with those of us they have so much empathy with............what a novel idea!

    That is assuming that the same amount of wealth would exist under a social economy as under a mixed economy. The free-marketeers have no problems claiming that their way produces more wealth, I don't see why socialists can't claim the same. Neither hypothesis has actually ever been tested, nor is it likely to be tested.

  3. I'm wondering if Assange is deliberately timing his releases: pushing out juicy pieces that simply confirm what everyone knew anyway in order to establish his reputation.

    Then he hits us with the main course.

    I hope so. Or maybe their really is nothing more to tell us other than what is obvious to anyone who bothers to engage their brain.

    I think it's admirable trying to get people to see the truth, but the overwhelming majority really aren't interested unless they are directly affected. Look at the Iraq war march - biggest protest ever, but not even 10% of London bothered to turn up, and it was right on their doorstep.

  4. I think that the most economical speed is around 50mph. I am sure a petrol head can give a more precise figure.

    Air resistance is the biggest factor - so the slower the better. Drive at the lowest speed that your car can comfortably handle in 5th when cruising. Other than that, try not to use your brakes and try not to hammer the accelerator when you are pulling away.

  5. Agree, frankly the coverage of the VAT rise has been disgusting. Figures of £400-500 a year worse off for the average family. Total nonsense. Who spends £20k on top of Rent / Mortgage / Food / Public transport? The average man in the street?

    You would need to be earning about £70k gross to come anywhere near this. Eating out 7 nights a week, a fleet of cars, clothes etc.

    There needs to be a massive sacking of UK business journalists, especially at the Mail and the BBC. With even the most meagre analysis it is obvious the VAT rise will hit hardest those with the highest disposable incomes (after taking out food, Rent / Mortgages payments, newspapers & public transport).

    Absolutely disgraceful reporting of this.

    I agree that the 'average' family will not have anything like this kind of increase and the journalism is shit.

    However, people who spend a lot on VAT tat can most afford to reduce their consumption slightly. Having a couple less meals out a year isn't that much of a hardship. It's people who are so poor that they live week by week that will be hit the hardest. They might not buy much that attracts VAT, but making that stuff more expensive means when they do need a new pair of shoes or to replace their washing machine, they will have to do without some essentials to pay for the increase.

    I think your definition of what is being hardest hit needs some re-evaluation.

  6. When did I say all the unemplyed were lazy ?

    You didn't say they all were, but in this thread. You said ...

    They are lazy. End of story. And I have just had enough ot paying for their laziness. Just get them doing something. I honestly am not bothered too much about what it is. Just ******ing anything other than being a thief of oxygen !!

    and mentioned how lazy they are about 30 times after that.

    When did I say all the unemployed were stupid ?

    OK.. you didn't say stupid, you said not good enough. I apologise.

    Most people dont like it when you simply point out the reason for their lack of work is probably that they are just not good enough.

    When did you miss where I repeated numerous times that I have been unemployed myself before ?

    It's not possible to pinpoint the time of an event that hasn't occurred.

    Your debating tactic seems to consist of making stuff up and ignoring what anyone else says if you don't agree with it.

    Perhaps try listening to what I am saying rather than just deciding immediately you don't like any of it ?

    See above.

    Well quite. I am not one for having kids. So I choose not to. Now if everyone else, in fact even just a fair number, of people in this country followed my example ? Things would be far far far better. Would they not. :D

    If everyone else chose not to, there would be no people soon enough so there wouldn't be any problems for us to worry about.

    Whilst I happen to agree that the people of the world might benefit from a lower population, this doesn't really have anything to do with an individual's employment status.

  7. The US$ is TOAST.

    You sound like a lunatic. A higher proportion of international trade transacted in non-USD currencies will have no impact whatsoever on whether or not the USD will continue to exist. Which of course it will (and not only that, it will strengthen considerably as a currency over 2011).

    Hyperinflation it is then.

    This is a ridiculous assertion. There is absolutely no reason at all to think the US will undergo hyperinflation. None.

    Over the next couple of years, the US government will finalise and initiate a plan which creates a foreseeable peak in government debt as a proportion of GDP. (Just as the UK has done with debt to GDP due to peak in around 4 years time.)

    Over the following next decade or two, the US economy will grow and inflate its way to a level of government debt that is not considered a problem by investors. This could be achieved for example via the simple compounding over a couple of decades of nominal GDP growth averaging around 5%.

    There will not be deflation. There will not be hyperinflation. There will be Inflationary growth and the US will continue to be the wealthiest (ie highest GDP per capita) nation on the planet.

    The Internet has given voice to a lot of views, but the banal truth is that things will eventually get better. The world kept turning after the Great Depression after all. This recession has been nowhere near as bad as that one. In the future, I think economists will however draw parallels between these two episodes as the new data gets pulled into the old narratives. I'm afraid to say that I think the actions of Benanke will be judged in a good light. I think his actions will be shown to have favourably impacted unemployment and the magnitude of GDP contraction.

    The proof of this will come in the form of a v-shaped recovery, low peak unemployment eg 10% and a no- show gold spike. We already have strong growth, the stock market is itching to rally off of good jobs figures (which we'll finally see this year) and gold...well, get rid of it before everyone else decides to.

    That all sounds very nice. Where is the demand and energy to support the growth going to come from?

  8. No I am just holding myself up as another option for living life. The majority tend to go down the route they are 'told' to. Most do this without a thought and just do it as 'everyone else is'. If mroe people, not all, but more people lived like myself then perhaps we wouldn't have so many people with massive debts, kids they could barely afford to keep and a country that is in a bit of a mess. More flexibility for a greater number of people is surely a good thing ?

    As for birds of child bearing age that is not something I plan so not bothered :D

    And anyway, if I was i doubt it would be a big deal. Blokes with houses paid for outright and no debts tend to be pretty attractive to the opposite sex.

    Well, you started off accusing the unemployed of being lazy, then you went on to calling them stupid, now you are saying that your way is just another option. Maybe you are learning something after all. Hopefully one day, you will realise that success in this world means more than having a decent job.

  9. Why would this result in nobody having a family ?

    It would result in less people having a family - not exactly a bad thing.

    If the only way to protect yourself from the vagaries of the market is to remain single, save every penny you can, don't take on debt etc what the hell do you think the world would look like? You are holding yourself up as the model for protection against unemployment. Well when you have finally saved up enough to buy a house outright (the only way to protect yourself against homelessness and remove the ongoing costs of rent) and still have money in the bank to tide you over three years of unemployment, how old do you think you will be? Do you think the women available to you will still be of child-bearing age?

    Good luck with your master plan.

  10. If more people kept their dicks in their slacks, we wouldn't be facing many problems we have right now!

    That's not what he was saying though. He was saying if you have a family or mortgage, both of which things are completely normal things to do in our society, then it's your own fault if you're job disappears off to India and you can't find another one to support your family. The logical extension to this is that you nobody has a family and the human race disappears.

  11. Ok then do you take responsibility that the fact you have chosen to have a wife,kids,mortgage* etc.. has impacted how much impact becoming long term unemplyed has had on your life ? Because that seems to be something that the vast majority on this thread do not want to admit to, in fact even talk about.

    If everyone followed your advice, then humans would be extinct. Do you want to talk about that?

  12. So I have repeated the same thing again. And yet to have an answer or even a vague admission that I may be onto something. Or in fact even a response to it.

    That tells me enough. And it is rather rude considering I have answered pretty much every point made to me - that when I ask for a response to this many who have instantly responded to anything else I have said - just go all quiet and hope it will go away.

    Speaks for itself.

    Anyone have the balls to admit that perhaps many of those who are 'really' trying hard to find work - are maybe not trying that hard at all.


    Right - I am off to get smashed. :D

    Zzzzzzzzzzz. Having the last word doesn't make you right.

  13. So - has anyone here actually spent more than 40 hours per week looking for work ? Or know anyone who has spent that much time looking for work...

    Considering how many different questions and points I have answered to probably 10-20 different people on this thread - have a look at how many of my points have just been completely ignored by those who simply don't want to face up to reality.....:rolleyes:

    Fortunately, debates generally involve a limited time for speaking and questions, followed by of vote deciding the view of the House. They are not usually one person repeating the same thing over and over again and claiming himself the victor when everyone else has gone home.

  14. Ah well that is excellent. You must have been a shoe in for the local debating team...:lol:

    Fortunately, debates generally involve a limited time for speaking and questions, followed by of vote deciding the view of the House. They are not usually one person repeating the same thing over and over again and claiming himself the victor when everyone else has gone home.

  15. Lack of reasoning ? There is not much reasoning to be done. I simply say a lot of people in the UK are lazy and don't want to do anything with their existance. The fact so many seem unable to accept this fact is quite astounding IMO.

    You say that there is worthwhile work for people if they could be bothered to go and do it, but when people point out reasons why this is impractical, you say it's their own fault for the choices they made. Was it the Rover workers fault that the government sold their company to a gang of crooks? Is it the factory workers fault that his boss shuts the factory down and moves production abroad? Of course not, but it's their own fault they can't get a decent job because they have a family and a mortgage and can't move house. It's astounding how incapable you are of joining the dots.

    Repetition ? Well when you are replying to about 20 different people on a similar subject over 43 pages then yes a wee bit of repetition is going to come along isn't it ?

    And you would have thought with so many people taking issue with your reasoning, you might think that maybe there are some logical inconsistencies in your "argument".

    Surely someone like yourself with such great a grasp of statistics and logic would be able to work that out...:D

    Anyone can win the X Factor, so anyone who wants to win and doesn't manage it just didn't try hard enough and it's their own fault. No one forced them to be born without any singing ability.

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