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  1. Show me a socialist planet and we can see if you are right. People are born into a system and must live within in, whilst struggling to change it, if that is what they want. There is absolutely no point in disadvantaging your offspring in the meatime. Link for you
  2. That is assuming that the same amount of wealth would exist under a social economy as under a mixed economy. The free-marketeers have no problems claiming that their way produces more wealth, I don't see why socialists can't claim the same. Neither hypothesis has actually ever been tested, nor is it likely to be tested.
  3. This is a bit of a non-story - it doesn't say people are paying their mortgage/rent every month on the CC, just that they "had" used it. They may well have paid it off in full the following month. Unsecured consumer lending is pretty static, so I doubt this story is making much of an impact.
  4. It's not a bailout. It's a loan at slightly below market rates, with a bit of arbitrage for the lenders. It will all end in tears.
  5. Where is it written that socialists should be poor? They want people to be equal, not poverty stricken.
  6. I hope so. Or maybe their really is nothing more to tell us other than what is obvious to anyone who bothers to engage their brain. I think it's admirable trying to get people to see the truth, but the overwhelming majority really aren't interested unless they are directly affected. Look at the Iraq war march - biggest protest ever, but not even 10% of London bothered to turn up, and it was right on their doorstep.
  7. Air resistance is the biggest factor - so the slower the better. Drive at the lowest speed that your car can comfortably handle in 5th when cruising. Other than that, try not to use your brakes and try not to hammer the accelerator when you are pulling away.
  8. In my opinion, stocks have just had "The Great Crash and Great Depression", bounced from there, and are about to go into the "Oil price shock" - unless somebody can start making billions of barrels of bio oil from facilities based in the tropical oceans pretty damned quick.
  9. I agree that the 'average' family will not have anything like this kind of increase and the journalism is shit. However, people who spend a lot on VAT tat can most afford to reduce their consumption slightly. Having a couple less meals out a year isn't that much of a hardship. It's people who are so poor that they live week by week that will be hit the hardest. They might not buy much that attracts VAT, but making that stuff more expensive means when they do need a new pair of shoes or to replace their washing machine, they will have to do without some essentials to pay for the increase. I think your definition of what is being hardest hit needs some re-evaluation.
  10. Get a divorce, then you get rid of the pair of prats in one go
  11. You didn't say they all were, but in this thread. You said ... and mentioned how lazy they are about 30 times after that. OK.. you didn't say stupid, you said not good enough. I apologise. It's not possible to pinpoint the time of an event that hasn't occurred. See above. If everyone else chose not to, there would be no people soon enough so there wouldn't be any problems for us to worry about. Whilst I happen to agree that the people of the world might benefit from a lower population, this doesn't really have anything to do with an individual's employment status.
  12. That all sounds very nice. Where is the demand and energy to support the growth going to come from?
  13. Well, you started off accusing the unemployed of being lazy, then you went on to calling them stupid, now you are saying that your way is just another option. Maybe you are learning something after all. Hopefully one day, you will realise that success in this world means more than having a decent job.
  14. If the only way to protect yourself from the vagaries of the market is to remain single, save every penny you can, don't take on debt etc what the hell do you think the world would look like? You are holding yourself up as the model for protection against unemployment. Well when you have finally saved up enough to buy a house outright (the only way to protect yourself against homelessness and remove the ongoing costs of rent) and still have money in the bank to tide you over three years of unemployment, how old do you think you will be? Do you think the women available to you will still be of child-bearing age? Good luck with your master plan.
  15. That's not what he was saying though. He was saying if you have a family or mortgage, both of which things are completely normal things to do in our society, then it's your own fault if you're job disappears off to India and you can't find another one to support your family. The logical extension to this is that you nobody has a family and the human race disappears.
  16. If everyone followed your advice, then humans would be extinct. Do you want to talk about that?
  17. If you posed a question, rather than presented your opinions, it might be possible to answer it. Answer me a question..... is it possible to fit 3 litres of water into a pint pot?
  18. Zzzzzzzzzzz. Having the last word doesn't make you right.
  19. Fortunately, debates generally involve a limited time for speaking and questions, followed by of vote deciding the view of the House. They are not usually one person repeating the same thing over and over again and claiming himself the victor when everyone else has gone home.
  20. I donated all my Christmas money to charity. I suspect supporting Wikileaks, Democracy Now and Media Lens aren't what the Government had in mind, but hopefully will be far more useful.
  21. You say that there is worthwhile work for people if they could be bothered to go and do it, but when people point out reasons why this is impractical, you say it's their own fault for the choices they made. Was it the Rover workers fault that the government sold their company to a gang of crooks? Is it the factory workers fault that his boss shuts the factory down and moves production abroad? Of course not, but it's their own fault they can't get a decent job because they have a family and a mortgage and can't move house. It's astounding how incapable you are of joining the dots. And you would have thought with so many people taking issue with your reasoning, you might think that maybe there are some logical inconsistencies in your "argument". Anyone can win the X Factor, so anyone who wants to win and doesn't manage it just didn't try hard enough and it's their own fault. No one forced them to be born without any singing ability.
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