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  1. I read the following line about inflation on the bbc yesterday

    'which has now remained above the 2% target by one percentage point or more for 13 months.'

    A very roundabout and indirect way of reporting how the bad the BoE's record is. Maybe Huw just got confused with the stupid official BBC fudge.

    Should have said 50% or more over target to give it proper impact. 1% sounds like they are somewhere close.

  2. I'm sorry but he is correct. Inflation wipes out the debts of borrowers, which is why I got the biggest loan I could and bought property as soon as the credit crunch hit. Anyone who is a saver in an inflation era is a sucker.

    Wage inflation. How are your pay rises?

  3. Don't worry, I've had worse happen to me.

    Is that the I'm alright Jack attitude the one that wants to see massive house price crash falls, that see families evicted for negative equity and not being able to pay the mortgage, so that someone can buy a house more cheaply?

    Let's face it, a lot of people pray forhouse price carnage on this site, and don't give a damn for the personal consequences

    That's a mis-representation. Most people on this site wish the stupid boom hadn't happened.

  4. I hope you get a pay freeze, lose your house and go bankrupt.

    Ok, I don't really, but you have an "I'm alright, Jack" attitude which is a bit repugnant. You will need prudence to be rewarded one day, and I'm sure you will sit on the other side of the fence.

  5. More nonsense espoused by some sheltered trendy lefty. As usual always telling us how to think, operate, behave.

    The left wing are a joke.

    Grow up and contribute something toward society.

    PS Remember others too have a point of view.

    I think we have an early runner for "T.W.A.T of the Year 2011".

  6. I am really sick an tired of the poorly educated, naive, simpleton viewed attitude toward the City.

    For near on 300 years the City has been, and continues to be, a huge nett importer for the invisible wealth of the UK.

    Mention City and the plebs immediately think of Banks. Do they not realise there are other services besides banks who operate in the square mile?

    Others on this blog refer to "entitlement". i.e. those that earn good money ought not to and should they have a view because they do they suffer from a disease called "entitlement". This left wing, idealistic approach to life is symptomatic of the parasites in our Nation who mistakingly believe the world owes them a living, a home, a job, benefits, healthcare etc.

    When I stated earlier I only spoke for myself some small minded, bitter, jealous, chippy little person questioned whether I was in fact one of the 5% who paid the top tier tax. It was beyond their comprehension that there are people, many people in fact, who pay top tier tax, do not cheat, do not avoid or evade taxes due. This pea brained leftie was unable to comprehend that I might take exception to losing near on 70% of my earnings before spending my money in a legal manner and in a way I see fit for my family.

    For those who dislike Switzerland, they are entitled to their views. It is quite obvious many have never been there and know little about the Country. Their poor judgement, narrow minded and provincial outlook from their little noddy box exposed them in their comments.

    The very same plebians are unable to absorb the fact that our healthcare is poor, our transport is shockingly bad, and take huge exception to those who point this out. If they travelled abroad and saw how things were done elsewhere they would bury their heads in shame. Sadly these little Englanders have only the odd trip abroad care of Ryan Air where they travel with fellow chavs to resorts abroad, which are are in all but name, compounds for like minded fish n' chip eating only proles. They return burnt blood red as experts from their destinations and immediately become pub bores.

    I enjoy this site very much because of the wide diversity of views. It is marred by the barrack room politians who believe only their left wing ideolgy is correct. These same idiots have never stood for any election for if they did they would not write the nonsense they do.

    I urge anyone, whatever their political colour to stand for election, Parish, District, County, Metropolitan. Change the system from within. Don't please espouse your drivel here becuae it is tedious and boring, hopeless and useless nonsense.

    For those who want to earn the money to educate their children and have a better quality of life try Singapore (under age 35), Hong Kong (under age 45), Geneva (under age 65). You will find you can keep more of your own money if nothing else.

    Have a nice day.

    Nice attitude. It goes some way to explaining why the better off are often despised in this country.

    Many people have a sense of entitlement, but it is people who think that their own wealth doesn't come at a cost to others that annoy me most, especially ones with such a vile, snearing attitude as you display here.

  7. IIRC the financial services industry pay a quarter of gov. revenues. And is a (the?) major exporter too. We are already in the brink, If Britain were to lose this industry, we would be in such a crisis, and for so long, that we would probably end up poorer than Spain. But it just occurred to me now that if just HSBC leaves Britain, the market reaction could be enough to trigger a cascade of "no-confidence".

    There are plenty of countries that do better than Britain without playing host to a global scamming parasite industry. The bankers should just ****** off. They do our country no good whatsoever.

  8. Gove's problem is one of image. His complexion is too shiny, like Camerons's. Hair too well placed/combed. He just looks like most people's idea of a toff.

    Erm, that's because he is a toff. Business owner for a "dad", private school, Oxford university. Yet another silver-spooner telling everyone else what's good for them when he hasn't got a bloody clue, much less a care.

  9. This is a preposterous argument, I know it is because I used to make a similar one a few years back when I was making very good money. .

    They pay a lot of tax (as I did) because they(as I was) are so ridiculously overpaid. Banksters activities are a "skimming" exercise with no wealth creation whatsoever other than those that are lending to businesses.

    Because most of their business is skimming, it's in their interests to create as much fake wealth via debt creation as possible, this is why they've got so inventive at doing this over the last 20 years.

    Banks do an awful lot that is useful. None of the useful stuff actually requires rocket scientists earning 6 and 7 figure bonuses though - it's payment processing, savings and loans. Not CDO and MBS and commodity trading and the like.

  10. You hit the nail on the head. The people who want higher taxes seem to be people who, when various benefits like child allowances, working tax credit etc. are taken into account, are nett negative tax payers.

    The argument about bankers, hedgies etc. is a separate one from any argument about tax, tax rates or tax avoidance.

    Yeah, that sponger Warren Buffet needs to shut the ****** up.

  11. BBC making it clear to the public that their spending power was dropping and being pretty honest in the fact there wasn't much you could do about it !!

    The BBC interviewed some stooge who basically said that it's because the Chindians are eating more. Nothing to do with monetary policy and toilet paper currency, no siree bob!!

    The "experts" are all a bunch of frauds.

  12. And yet, the traditional definition of a regressive, or progressive tax is relative to income. In those terms, the VAT rise is clearly regressive (as you can see on page 9 of that presentation from the IFS) The hit to the poorest 10th represents about 2.5% of their income, versus a roughly 1% hit for the those at the top. In that old-fashioned sense, the tax change is regressive.

  13. Hmmm..... socialist leaders are quite clever........ they make their money by holding out a mirage of hope that all can achieve the same as Billy Bragg. The fundamental honest truth is, they can not....... if it were, it would have been done by now.

    You can replace the word socialist with pretty much any political ideology in your sentence - that's why people buy into them. If they had actually been implemented tho, their wouldn't be such a thing as leaders.

    I REALLY am not coming back now...

  14. Why are you asking me such a silly question?

    From what you write, you evidently believe in socialism as a solution for the human condition.

    I'm off out into the Oregon forests to chop firewood so I'm afraid we'll have to suspend the banter for now

    If you review what I have posted in this thread, it doesn't display a bias towards any particular socio-political model.

    If I defended a penniless capitalist rather than a wealthy socialist, would that make you happy?

    Don't bother answering, just think it through in your head, because I ain't coming back to this thread - call it a leftie cop-out if you like, I couldn't give a rats ass.

  15. LOL!

    Yup, you really are barking bonkers aren't you?

    Socialism hasn't been tried?????????????? LOL LOL LOL!

    Socialism always was a tool of the elite powers to suppress and subvert the natural order of things. It was designed from the outset by the rich and powerful to control the masses.

    The British Fabians set about creating their dream of an egalitarian utopia by engineering society without resorting to the violence and revolutions more commonly associated with socialism but the outcome was always planned to be the same, absolute totalitarian control over humanity.

    The Fabian society is named after the Roman general Quintus Fabius Maximus, who used a slow inexorable war of attrition to defeat the Carthaginians in the 2nd Punic Wars. The Fabian society designs the socialist policies which are used to slowly deconstruct society rather than using violence and revolution, however, the objectives are the same, the total destruction of society and the absolute subservience of mankind under totalitarian rule. Don't be fooled by the term 'social democracy'either because social democracy is merely a means to the same end.

    The heraldic shield of the Fabian Society is an image of a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing.

    Says it all really

    Just because people call themselves something, it doesn't mean that they are. I don't have the time or inclination to engage in other pointless forum "debate", so that's all I will say.

  16. I don't know about a socialist planet but there are plenty of examples of the destructive effects of socialism in all its various incarnations

    The Cultural Revolution in China, the Killing fields of Cambodia and the Kymer Rouge, National Socialism (Nazism) in Germany, Bolshevism in Soviet Russia, North Korea, etc etc etc

    None of which were socialists. They were murderous regimes who used socialist rhetoric, just like there are plenty of examples of evil regime who use free-market capitalist rhetoric. The elites have a different set of rules for themselves. Nothing idealogical about it, it's just a different system of control.

    You cannot understand the hypocrisy of what you have just written above and I rest my case about how daft socialists are.

    I completely understand. I think we should feed the hungry, and I donate money to certain charities, but I don't starve myself. Is this also hypocritical?

    You really need to read into the history of socialism to understand what a vile, repellent ideology it really is. Do a little research on the Fabian Society and the Frankfurt School of cultural Marxism. You'll start to get an idea about the true intentions of socialism. It is NOT a benign ideology. It is anti-humanist and frankly just pure evil.

    You really need to understand that socialism hasn't been tried. Just because I call myself a magician, it doesn't mean I can do magic.

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