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  1. Should have said 50% or more over target to give it proper impact. 1% sounds like they are somewhere close.
  2. The broad money measure is falling. Even with Sterling depreciation, if you take out tax rises, CPI is 1.9%. This is not "proper" inflation a la 70s and 80s - this is people getting poorer and the government increasing the tax take.
  3. 118,500 - it is a loft conversion though 125,000 otherwise. North Gloucestershire
  4. Wage inflation. How are your pay rises?
  5. That's a mis-representation. Most people on this site wish the stupid boom hadn't happened.
  6. I hope you get a pay freeze, lose your house and go bankrupt. Ok, I don't really, but you have an "I'm alright, Jack" attitude which is a bit repugnant. You will need prudence to be rewarded one day, and I'm sure you will sit on the other side of the fence.
  7. Of course not, its a fantastic place for bankers... see the other thread on them leaving London
  8. I think this thread needs more apologists. Hug a Banker, they deserve your love.
  9. I think we have an early runner for "T.W.A.T of the Year 2011".
  10. Nice attitude. It goes some way to explaining why the better off are often despised in this country. Many people have a sense of entitlement, but it is people who think that their own wealth doesn't come at a cost to others that annoy me most, especially ones with such a vile, snearing attitude as you display here.
  11. There are plenty of countries that do better than Britain without playing host to a global scamming parasite industry. The bankers should just ****** off. They do our country no good whatsoever.
  12. Erm, that's because he is a toff. Business owner for a "dad", private school, Oxford university. Yet another silver-spooner telling everyone else what's good for them when he hasn't got a bloody clue, much less a care.
  13. Banks do an awful lot that is useful. None of the useful stuff actually requires rocket scientists earning 6 and 7 figure bonuses though - it's payment processing, savings and loans. Not CDO and MBS and commodity trading and the like.
  14. Yeah, that sponger Warren Buffet needs to shut the ****** up.
  15. When are the banksters going to realise that WE DON'T WANT YOU! JUST ****** OFF AND SCREW SOME OTHER POOR *******'S COUNTRY
  16. The BBC interviewed some stooge who basically said that it's because the Chindians are eating more. Nothing to do with monetary policy and toilet paper currency, no siree bob!! The "experts" are all a bunch of frauds.
  17. 925 million people are undernourished 1.6 billion are overweight I guess the market won't provide after all
  18. And yet, the traditional definition of a regressive, or progressive tax is relative to income. In those terms, the VAT rise is clearly regressive (as you can see on page 9 of that presentation from the IFS) The hit to the poorest 10th represents about 2.5% of their income, versus a roughly 1% hit for the those at the top. In that old-fashioned sense, the tax change is regressive.
  19. You can replace the word socialist with pretty much any political ideology in your sentence - that's why people buy into them. If they had actually been implemented tho, their wouldn't be such a thing as leaders. I REALLY am not coming back now...
  20. If you review what I have posted in this thread, it doesn't display a bias towards any particular socio-political model. If I defended a penniless capitalist rather than a wealthy socialist, would that make you happy? Don't bother answering, just think it through in your head, because I ain't coming back to this thread - call it a leftie cop-out if you like, I couldn't give a rats ass.
  21. What is a leftie, and why do you think that I am one.
  22. Just because people call themselves something, it doesn't mean that they are. I don't have the time or inclination to engage in other pointless forum "debate", so that's all I will say.
  23. None of which were socialists. They were murderous regimes who used socialist rhetoric, just like there are plenty of examples of evil regime who use free-market capitalist rhetoric. The elites have a different set of rules for themselves. Nothing idealogical about it, it's just a different system of control. I completely understand. I think we should feed the hungry, and I donate money to certain charities, but I don't starve myself. Is this also hypocritical? You really need to understand that socialism hasn't been tried. Just because I call myself a magician, it doesn't mean I can do magic.
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